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Post by silvas2 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:02 am

After a long discussion with my husband John over the weekend I have just drafted and now sent the following to Mr Wilson, the Director of the Company for whom John works/worked.

Dear Mr Wilson,

Thank you for listening to me on the phone today.
I suggested the proposal below as my offer to you and not as a result of any coercion by you.

When you asked my husband, John Silvas, to stay late on Friday you drew his attention to fraudulent entries on his expenses claims, dating back over several months. You stated you would have to reluctantly 'let him go'. John is very distressed and remorseful about this situation.

I explained to you on the phone that I was equally to blame as it was my excessive spending that has made our financial situation so tight, and indeed I supplied some of my fuel receipts for him to use in his claims, stating that I believed the checking of numbers and dates would not be that thorough.

Although I could not remember meeting you, you pointed out that we were both at the staff Xmas party, and that you had been aware of various qualities about my appearance, in your words, especially my rear view..

I followed up your observations and freely agreed that if we could find a way of sharing the disciplinary action required for John's dishonesty, then John's half would be reduced to a written misconduct letter and that I would receive a somewhat unconventional alternative punishment for my half of the misdemeanor.

You asked me to declare in writing my offer and to state categorically that it is my suggestion and not a result of pressure or blackmail on your behalf. I now do so.

On Wed 7 Nov at 1pm you will meet with John and give him his misconduct letter.

Assuming this goes ahead John will collect me from home and then bring me to your house for a 7pm appointment.

From 7-9pm I will be at your disposal. I acknowledge that it is likely that I will be stripped naked, my body will be exposed and used for your pleasure and my humiliation, I could possibly be bound and tied.
I made you aware that we have a cane. I have agreed that John will be bringing that cane and give it to you.I am expecting you to use it on my bottom with a severity and frequency that you decide is appropriate.

John will be made to watch all that happens but he will not be allowed to speak or interfere.
You believe my distress will add to his remorse.

When you have finished with me, by debt will be paid in full and Johns job will be secure.

Please advise if you are prepared to accept this proposal.

Yours sincerely,


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Re: Consequences1

Post by sirsilas » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:49 pm

Sounds fair to me, you do the crime you take the time

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Re: Consequences1

Post by corppun78 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:51 pm

I would certainly be agreeable to those terms if I was Mr Wilson.

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