Our First Meeting

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Our First Meeting

Post by sirsilas » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:24 am

Just a little tale of my first meet with a new Sub. Needless to say there were a few more :)

Meeting was to be at a well know London hostelry where we had a regular munch. Not a full session kind of thing just a few drinks a few friends and whatever developed, did!

She was from the East Anglia region and while not a stranger to London was not very familiar with the area.

One of our mutual friends collected her and brought her to the event. I was especially looking forward to this meet as I had been chatting with this lady for some time on-line and this was going to be a special evening.

I had booked a room at a nice place not too far away and she brought an overnight bag. Nobody knew anything about us at the time and the secrecy just added spice to the whole event.

Our friend came down the winding stairs and the blond beauty followed slowly as her heels were quite high and the stairs were steep.

She entered the room and I caught her eye, she smiled. Dressed is a very pretty blouse and tight pencil skirt she instantly was the centre of attention. The skirt formed her bottom beautifully and I found myself looking at it over and over all evening. We chatted on and off and mingled with other friends.

One or two of the guys including one very famous London Spanker commented to me that OOOOhhh how they would love to get to spank that tight pert little bum. I agreed wholeheartedly with them saying well we can but dream. Knowing that someone was not dreaming as we had the night fully planned.

At about 10:15 I said my goodbyes and left the bar stopping outside by the old medieval ship replica. I sent a text message, "time to go".

Ten minutes passed, then fifteen and no sign. Finally I was just about to give up when she came rushing out and across the courtyard. I'm so sorry Sir, the message just arrived. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting. She smiled. (text on our phones does not tell you when the message was sent!!!).

We made our way to the road and grabbed a taxi towards Broadgate and our residence for the evening. After checking in we made our way to the room and put her bag away after removing the chain and collar she had been instructed to buy.

I looked at her, then took a chair from the table and put it by the door. A full length mirror was on the wall on my right so she could watch her own performance. I sat.

Stand here I commanded, pointing to a spot about 3 feet in front of me.

She quickly took position and put her hands on her head revealing the curves of her gorgeous body to my gaze.

So you want to be collared do you? I asked. Yes Master, she replied.

Well you are starting well I said, keeping me waiting like that.
I am sorry Master she said. I was just teasing.

Well masters can tease too, I said, remove your blouse, I said curtly.

Slowly she unbuttoned the blouse, the silky material shimmering as the buttons released their tension. she took it off and looked at me smiling.

Put it on the chest of drawers over there, I said, pointing to the chest at the far end of the room. Fold it neatly then get back into position here.

My eyes were transfixed by the gyrations of her bottom as she walked away to the far end of the room then turning a little as she folded the garment and slowly walked back took her position, feet apart and hands on head.

I looked her up and down slowly again admiring her smooth white skin and the crisp new bra covering pert firm breasts. Not at all bad for an early 40's lady. Stunning, in fact.
Remove your skirt, I said.
Yes Master, she replied and took a breath in as she spun the skirt around by the waistband bringing the zip to the front. She unclipped it and lowered the zipper and gently pulled down the body hugging item.
Put it with the blouse girl, I said.
Yes Master, she replied, turning and mincing her way to the other end of the room her nice tight briefs hiding all but nothing at the same time. She did not wear tights or stockings, as instructed.
As she walked back she moved her hips in a very erotic was swaying from side to side emphasising her curves and semi naked body.

She returned to her position in fromt of me feet apart and hands on head. I made no secret of looking at every inch of her but not moving from the seat. she smiled down at me and was instantly scolded and told to look straight ahead.
Yes Master, Sorry Master she blurted.
I looked long and hard.
Take off your shoes I said then put them by the rest of your things. this time there was not quite so much swagger as the heels were off and we slowly came down to bare essentials. She slowly walked back still swaying and took up position in front of me, eyes straight ahead.
This was killing me dear reader, so I decided to get on with things. Take off your panties and put them with the rest, quickly girl I said before any hope of objection could be raised.
Y y yes Master she said, slipping her panties down revealing a shaved pussy and very shapely body. You would never know she was a mum!
She walked away and I watched as that gorgeous bottom moved and swayed as she walked, boy if those guys in the pub could see this.
Haha no bloody way, this was mine!!!
She folded the panties and walked back to her spot blushing a little as she approached but did not try to cover herself. She got back into position as before - but what was this a hint of stubble? I had said clean shaven!!
I stood up and approached her demanding to know what that was, reminding here forcefully that she was requied to be clean shaven. I ran my hand along her mons and could clearly feel the stubble.
I'm so sorry Sir, I did my best but its very hard to get it very smooth.
Rubbish I said! I shave every day and it stays smooth for a good length of time, so what is this??
Stubble Sir, I'm really sorry Sir.
I stared straight into her eyes, reached back and swiftly removed the bra.
You know what would happen if I found stubble didn't you girl.
Downcast, she mumbled, Yes Sir.
On the bed girl legs spread wide.
Yes Sir.
She sat on the side of the bed, lay back and spread her legs wide gripping and holding each with a hand. She looked at me, ready master, she said.
I walked towards her picking up a small riding crop and swished it through the air as I approached her. Her eyes were focused on the crop as I came to a standing point just in front of her. Six I believe we agreed, did we not girl?
Yes Master, she said.
I raised the crop and brought the little leather flap at its tip down on her sensitive area 6 times in pretty quick sucession. She jumped and gasped at each stroke and on one occasion was barely able to keep her position , letting go of her legs and putting her feet on the floor as if to get up. FOUR, I said loudly to remind her that there were two more to come. She squealed a little once or twice but took her punishment well. She then went on her knees and kissed my hadsaying I am sorry for disappointing you master.
I stood her up and sent her to fetch the collar and leash. She had bought one of these at the local pet store, this was our first meet, a real collar might follow later, if she proved suitable.
She was then ordered to her knees and on to all fours and was walked around the room and bathroom several times on the leash. On occasion the end of the leash was used to encourage her progress with a swift lick across her bottom.
I brought her to a halt beside the chair by the door and removed the leash. Odered her to kneel and told her to put her hands behind her back.
I sat on the chair and had her take position over her knee. At last I was going to wallop that gorgeous bottom that had been teasing me all evening. She made herself comfortable and arched her bottom up. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.
I started slowly and lightly, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek... slowly spanking each in turn. She moved slowly in rythm with the slaps letting the odd little squeak as the slap struck home. I gradulally increased the severity and pace over the next 10 to 15 minutes to the ever increasing sound of eek and oooww as the temperature in that cute bottom started to increase and the pain started to mount. Finally I ended the spanking with a volley of hard slaps covering the entire area and adding brilliantly to the colour or her bottom. she squealed a lot after each impact and by the time I finished she was breathing very heavily. She rolled off my lap onto the floor and rubbed her bottom before jumping up to her knees and taking my hand and kissing it all over. She looked up at me and smiled. Thank you master that was wonderful, she said.
Corner, I said curtly.
She jumped up and got in the corner smartly with hands on head and nose to the wall, displaying a nice pink rump to the room.
I left her there for 15 minutes or so while I watched something on tv and then called her over to the bed. I unbuckled my belt and instructed her to get on the bed on all fours. I instructed her to arch her bottom up, but to be honest she was already doing it as I said it. A touch of leather to brighten up that colour I think, I said smiling.
She looked back at me and smiled, yes please Master, she said.
Well, what could I do? I doubled the supple leather taking hold of the buckle end and began to lay on licks. I did not keep count just whipped and whipped until she was bright red all over her bottom and upper thighs and the odd heavier mark appeared. She had remained reasonably quiet throughout though her bottom did move around a lot as the pain grew more and more intense.
One dozen more girl, real blistering shots! You will count these.
Yes Sir, she said softly.
I proceeded to lay on the 12 in blocks of 4, each block impacted quickly raising broad marks and illiciting gasps and squeaks from the girl. After each block I stopped for a couple of moments to allow the strokes to burn in and allow her to catch her breath.
I thhen sent her to the corner again but on the way I had her look at her bum in the mirror. OOOhh Master, that is beautiful, she said and smiled at me. She was loving this.
While she was in the corner I thought about how i would top that for her. Now hotel rooms are a far cry from being as well equipped as your average dungeon so I had to get a little creative.
We had discussed her love of the idea of being flogged at the whipping post, but hmm, seem to be a bit short on those here. I decided that the door to a small cupboard might be of help. I opened it and used folded newspaper to wedge it open. We had brough some nice bondage rope so the could be used for binding purposes and we had a little multistrand whip, not quite a flogger but close, plus I also had be belt. Having set things up I sat down on the bed and thought through how this was to work. After a few minutes I thought, yep I have it.
I called her out of the corner and on to her knees on front of me. I spoke slowly and deliberately, "you have been found guilty of being a amoral kinky girl and the judge has decided that you will have 30 lashes. You will stand and be bound.
She stood up and I bound her left wrist. I threw the other end of the rope over the top of the door and tied her other wrist so she was standing on on the floor but arms well above her body. I put a towel over the door handle and catch to prevent injury.
I moved her around a bit to enable me to get the best swing and to check the bindings and wedges were secure.
I took the whip and applied the first lash to her shoulder area bringing an instant gasp from the naked beauty. The second was a touch below this and the third a little below that continuing all the way down to a point around the base of her rib cage, then back up.
It was amazing how quickly the whip repainted her back from creamy white to streaked and then to red as it travelled up and down.
I then focused on her buttocks and sliced the whip into the cheeks with considerable vigour creating stripes over the top of the redness of her spanked bum, it looked fabulous if I do say so myself.
I then returned to her back and added some more strokes until I reached 30 overall.
She gasped, squeaked and yelped loudly as some of the more painful strokes landed, especially on her bottom which was still quite sensitive.
I gave her a few moments to relax before turning her around, for the last 10 madam, we will use tour breasts for some target practice. She looked at me with a rather fearful gaze, looked down and then back to me and smiled, Ohhh yes master, she said.
Her arms were crossed above her which had the effect of pulling her up a little higher. The focal point of the rope was about 18 inches in along the door meaning her arms and shoulders were also pulled back, presenting her breasts nicely.
I picked up the whip and landed the first lash on her right tit, she queaked and her leg came up making her unstable for a moment. On regaining her poins i laid on the second and third lash a little harder across both tits but the tips of the lash clipping her left nipple making her squeal. I moved to the other side to inflict the same stroke on the right nipple but missed with one of the strokes, catching her breast instead. Again she squealed.
I then stood directly in front of her and placed the last 5 lashes, one the left then the right alternatively making her move involuntarily trying to avoid the pain. She squealed a lot again and was breathing heavily after each lash.
Punishment Complete, I announced.
Oh Thank you Master she said with a broad smile, that was wonderful.
I took her down and brought her to the mirror again. She squeaked with delight at the marks on her body and without warning planted a big kiss on me. I slapped her sore bottom twice, Not without permission girl, know your place.
Yes Master, she smiled.
I went and lay down on the bed while she admired herself in the mirror.

Ohh that was fantastic Sir she said walking across the room. May I lie beside you. You may I said but only for a cuddle, your place is on the floor at the end of masters bed, I said. Yes Sir, thank you she said with delight.
we watched some tv and she took her position at the end of the bed on the floor for sleep, we lightly hog tied her for her sleep to ensure she did not abscond in the night. She had a sheet for covering (but i put a douvet on her after an hour or so).

We woke early for work, I released her and asked how she slept. The best ever, Master, she said.
Now it was my turn to be shocked.....

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Re: Our First Meeting

Post by corppun78 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:42 pm

Wonderful story.

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