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"Uncle Gary, I'm bored," Katie whines, "This is the last weekend of Christmas break and I have to go back to college on Monday. Can't we do something fun, tonight?"

Gary pauses from playing his guitar and looks at his adopted Niece. "Don't you like my music?"

"Well, yes, but it's not much to dance to and you're really the only one doing anything. I'm just sitting here and I feel like if I don't do something soon, I'm going to start finding things to get into and we both know where that'll lead."

Uncle Gary chuckles, "Yes, we do. The tenderness in your cheeks is probably just now going away from the last time you got yourself into trouble. Perhaps we should go do something. How about some dancing?"

"Yippee!" shouts Katie, as she jumps up and down, then races off to get dressed for her night out.

Katie and Gary go to Shaboom's, the local dance club. Often, they've gone there to pass the nights and dance, Gary with women his age and Katie with the younger studs, sometimes getting a little too "familiar" with some of the sleazier ones. When Katie gets too friendly with the less desirable young men, she gets spanked on the ride home after Uncle rescues her from someone who could possibly ruin her life. The spankings on the rides home have been going on for several months, with occasional spankings at Gary's house, for a more thorough, longer spanking, when needed.

Many of the spankings at home have been OTK and several over the end of the couch. Some with Katie across Gary's lap with pants and panties down around her ankles, his hand or hairbrush on Katie's ass, some with Katie stripped totally naked and draped over the couch, as Gary applied swat after swat with a paddle, making her cheeks burn and red, with the ache lasting into the next day or longer.

On the night in question, two other women meet up at Shaboom's with Katie. A blonde woman named Melody with ample breasts and bottom and an attitude to go along with them. Another, a petite brunette, Janet, with a smile that can melt steel and a figure made to match. The night goes on and Gary dances with all the women, but seems to have a unique connection with Janet, spinning her around the dance floor and putting on quite the show, attracting gazes from onlookers.

The night finishes with Melody inviting all back to her apartment to play cards and have Margaritas. The crowd accepts and Janet rides with Melody, as they came together. Katie rides with Gary as she wants to have some private time with him. The two drive to Melody's house and Katie begins to caress Gary, causing a rise in his Levis. Katie frees his manhood and begins kissing and sucking it as they drive down the road. While not a good idea, Gary can't resist, but tells Katie that she should stop (as if he's really serious). "What are ya gonna do if I don't, spank me?" Katie teasingly asks.

Taking the cue, Gary reaches under Katie's jeans and unbuckles them so they'll slide down enough to expose some flesh. As they drive down the road with Gary's prick in Katie's mouth, Gary reaches over and begins to rhythmically apply swats to Katie's ass cheeks, randomly choosing a cheek to hit. The sounds of the slaps resound in the vehicle and it's all Gary can do to keep the van in between the white lines and straight. All too soon, for both parties, they arrive at Melody's house and park. Knowing there are people in the apartment waiting for them, they both take a few extra strokes, then rearrange their clothing and enter Melody's apartment, where the two ladies are already preparing the card table and blending Margaritas.

The card party begins and all are having fun. They pair off to learn and play a game of Canasta and Janet ends up as Gary's partner. Katie just doesn't seem to be grasping the game, but Melody's very tolerant of her and even though they're losing, keeps a smile on her face. Gary, on the other hand, has a hard enough time concentrating on his cards as every time his partner smiles, he can't help but stare at her and smiles back. "God, she's beautiful", he thinks to himself while trying to win the card game. In the meantime, Katie's beginning to get fed up with the game. She can see she's just not getting it. "Fuck this game, I quit." she says. This gets Gary's attention away from checking out the flashing brown eyes across the table from him.

"Excuse me? What was that?" he asks Katie.

"I said I'm tired of this fucking game and I quit."

"That's no way to act or speak, especially since Melody's taking the time to teach us"

"Too fucking bad, I don't want to play anymore."

"Be nice and finish the game, then we can go, if you want."

"No, I want to go now, I don't want to finish this game."

Gary smiles sheepishly at his host and partner and leans over to Katie, whispering in her ear, "If you don't behave, I'll paddle your ass right here in front of your friends."

"Like hell you will" says Katie out loud.

"Will what?" asks Melody.

Gary replies, "Nothing, someone's being a bit cranky and could use a little lesson in manners. But that'll have to wait, it doesn't seem like she wants to listen, tonight. I'll deal with it later."

"No time like the present" suggests Melody.

"Melody, stay the fuck out of this, it doesn't involve you!" snaps Katie.

"Alright, enough." says Gary, "bad enough you pitch a fit about the game, but being snotty to our host is too much. March your ass over to the couch, young lady, I think maybe your friends deserve to see this, after all."

"NO! You aren't going to do that here!" protests Katie.

"Do what?" asks Janet.

"Seems like Katie's due for a bit of good old fashioned correction" responded Melody.

"Bingo" added Gary.

"Please, I'll be good" pleads Katie.

"Too late for that, young lady" replies Gary.

"It's not fair!" pouts Katie, "I'm not going anywhere."

Uncle Gary gets out of his chair, grabs Katie's ear and moves towards the couch. "Yes, and it's not fair that you throw a tantrum and ruin our host's card game. Melody, do you have anything I can borrow to help get the point across to her?"

"I have a paddle that I use on my husband when he gets too big for his britches."

"Ah, I suspected you might as quickly as you picked up on this. Can you go get it for me?"

"I'd be glad to."

As Melody disappears into her bedroom in search of the paddle, Katie continues to beg for forgiveness, all the way to the couch. After arriving at the couch and releasing Katie's ear, Gary suggests that Janet either turn her chair around or move to a different chair to watch.

"Watch what?" inquires Janet.

"Watch me give Katie a well deserved spanking, what did you think?"

"Oh my God, you're really going to spank her? Right here in front of us?" a suddenly aware and shocked Janet asks.

"Unfortunately, yes. If she'd have behaved a little better, I'd have waited until I got her home, now that she's embarrassed me and herself, we'll have to show her what total embarrassment is really like. Maybe then, she'll think twice about acting like a child when hanging out with adults. Choose which cheeks you'd rather watch, rosy or teary?"

"What do you mean?" asks Janet.

Gary smiles and realizes Janet's not as versed in spankings as Melody probably is, "Do you want to watch Katie's ass turn red or watch her reaction on her face?" Gary begins to wonder what it might be like to spank Janet, as well. He notes the contrast between the two, with Katie's full, round ass, plump and firm, able to take both hand as well as implement, and Janet's petite, but curvy bottom, which looks like he could cover both cheeks with one well placed swat. He also begins to wonder whether she's ever been spanked, if she couldn't pick up on the obvious clues that Melody so adeptly caught.

"Umm, rosy, I guess."

"Good. Then take a seat on the short couch over there and get ready for a show."

Melody returns to the room and hands a thin, whippy paddle to Gary. With a quarter inch thick leather attached to a wood handle, the paddle almost looks like a cross between a razor strop and a sorority paddle. "This should do the trick" adds Melody. "It doesn't pack a wallop, but the sting lasts for at least a day."

"Good, just what I was hoping for."

"Hey Melody, which do you choose, rosy or teary?" chimes in Janet.

Gary chuckles at Melody's semi-shocked look, and then tells her that he'd already asked Janet.

Melody replies that she always prefers to watch a nice white ass turn red and selects rosy. Janet concurs with her friend and they take a seat together on the short couch. Gary proceeds to lead an already teary-eyed Katie to the side where her friends can have the best view of her tush, then reaches up and undoes her jeans, whisking them down to her ankles despite her attempts to hold them up.

"Now, I think it's time you assume the position, young lady."

With tears beginning to form at the edges of her eyes, Katie goes to her knees and leans slightly over Gary's lap. He bends her fully over his lap and after some minor adjusting, begins to apply swats to Katie's panty clad bottom. Katie's groans begin as she protests that it isn't fair that she has to endure this with anyone present.

"You should have thought of that, before" replies Gary.

The swats continue and Katie begins apologizing for being a brat. Gary knows this is when he's beginning to get through to her and pauses to hook his thumbs in the waistband of Katie's panties.

"NO! NOT ON THE BARE!" protests Katie. "Please don't take my panties down!"

Gary thinks for a second, then removes his thumbs from the garment. "You know, you're right. I shouldn't take your panties down."

"Thank you, thank you." Katie answers.

"Melody, will you do the honors, for me?" asks Gary.

"NO!" cries Katie.

Gary applies several quick swats to Katie's cheeks. "Yes, you were rude to Melody, so she
should be able to participate in your punishment, now be quiet."

"Why Thank You, Gary." Melody replies, then gets up and reaches for Katie's panties, pulling them down and exposing the pink turning cheeks that Gary has been working on. She takes them down so they're bunched around Katie's ankles with her jeans. Melody also takes the opportunity to add a few swats of her own to Gary's handiwork, the softer, crisper crack of her female hand a distinctly different sound to the solid swats Gary applied. "There, missy, best to be nice to your host in the future."

"Ouch, I'm sorry." cries Katie.

"Very good, Melody. Thanks." Gary says.

He proceeds to really lay into Katie's now bare cheeks, the flesh popping and cracking with each swat of Gary's powerful hands. The pink begins to turn red and Katie's cries and pleas begin to fill the room. "I'm Sorry" and "I'll be good" fill the room to accompany the sound of palm meeting cheeks.

"That looks like it hurts." says Janet.

"It does, but she'll survive it." responds Melody.

"God, I hope so."

"I know she will."

"How so?"

"Why do you think I have a paddle?"

"I thought you said you used it on your husband?"

"Well, that was kind of a fib. It's actually the other way around."

"No! Melody, you mean....."

"Yep, Scott is the one that spanks me to make sure I don't get too big for my britches."


"Ladies, I hope you're paying attention" interjects Gary. "I would hate for Katie's spanking in front of her friends to be unproductive."

The two ladies immediately return their attention to Katie's reddening ass and Gary's adept technique. He pauses for a minute to let Katie rest and catch her breath. "Are you going to be nice to the host when we go to someone's house?" he asks.

With a pause and fresh air in her lungs, Katie regains a bit of composure. "Screw you, you bastard. I can't believe you did this in front of them."

"Tsk, tsk," replies Gary. "Looks like someone hasn't quite learned her lesson." While holding Katie in place, Gary reaches over and picks up the paddle. "I guess it's time to drive the point home." Gary taps the paddle on Katie's ass, rubbing up and down the full length of her cheeks between pats. "You want to tell me why we're doing this?"

"Because you're an asshole!"

CRACK! Gary brings the paddle down fast and hard on the center of Katie's cheeks.


"Wrong answer." Gary begins a solid streak of swats and smacks up and down Katie's cheeks, making sure he places several on her sit spot and the backs of her thighs. Katie's cries become louder and more earnest as the paddle begins laying red stripes all over her backside. She twists and turns, but Gary's arm deftly holds onto her waist, keeping her ass in prime striking position as she begins to cry, tears streaming down her other cheeks.

"I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry! Please, no more!"

"Now we're getting somewhere" replies Gary. The paddle finds its target again and again as Katie begins crying almost as loud as the sound of the swats. Between the promises of being good and the crack of the paddle, Katie's pleading takes on a serious tone. After she stops kicking and accepts her punishment, Gary finally puts the paddle down on the table.

Even though she couldn't see them, Katie's friends on the couch seemed affected by the spanking they had witnessed, as well. Janet was cringing, almost trying to sink deep into the couch, as if she were trying to escape the horrid paddle. She had a look of pity on her face for the fate suffered by her friend. While she didn't remember when, she realized she had taken hold of Melody's hand and they were both squeezing, perhaps in support for her friend. Now that it was over, she could breath again, not knowing how long she had been holding her breath, perhaps since the paddling had begun in earnest.

Melody was squeezing Janet's hand as well, but instead of cringing into the couch, she found that she was breathing hard, her nipples quite erect and all her senses were attune to the sounds, sights and events she had just seen. She realized she was also grasping the pillow from the couch quite tightly, as well, but knew her hands had to be occupied; otherwise she would have been madly caressing herself, as the spanking had gotten her quite aroused. Thank goodness that their little conversation had been overshadowed by Katie's punishment. She would have to make sure the paddle got used when her husband returned from his business trip.

Gary was caressing Katie's burning tush, calming the sobs that were subsiding now that the spanking had stopped. The fire in Katie's ass was evident by the redness that covered her from the top of her cheeks to her thighs. She would jump every now and then when Gary's soothing caresses would touch an exceptionally tender spot, but she knew the worst was over.

"You can get up now" said Gary.

Katie got up off his lap and gingerly sat next to him on the couch. "I'm sorry I was such a Brat." she said.

"I think you should apologize to our host, too."

"Melody, I'm sorry."

Between breaths, Melody replied "Apology accepted."

After applying lotion to ease the pain, Gary helped Katie pull up her panties and she winced as the jeans were pulled up over tender ass.

"Wow, that was intense." said Janet.

"I'll agree" said Melody, "you really know how to light a fire in a girl's ass, Gary."

"Why thank you, Melody" Gary replied, "Now, about that little fib you mentioned...."

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