Frustrated Medical Assistants

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Frustrated Medical Assistants

Post by paddlemebare » Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:59 am

Frustrated Medical Assistants

Yes, I am one of those older men with low testosterone levels and I go to one of those men’s clinics that are really designed to take advantage of one’s desire for maleness. The Doctors and PA’s are all men, and the medical assistants are generally younger, attractive gals as is the receptionist. The walls are decorated with sports memorabilia and snacks of Slim Jims, nuts and soda complete the desire to give the clinic a “man-cave” feel.
The Medical Assistants have to get tired of seeing an endless parade of bare hairy butts into which they weekly stick a needle. I didn’t know how frustrated until one Thursday night when Meredith and Jessie let their frustrations out on my bottom.
I lead a busy life as a professional and the ability to control my schedule is limited; but, admittedly my weekly appointment with the clinic is among my lowest priorities. Sometimes I come in early, sometimes a day or two late; but, I have come to expect an accommodating and cheerful staff, despite my clear lack of courtesy. I never imagined just how frustrated the receptionist and the medical assistant were with my behavior.
So, it was late Thursday and I was actually a day late for my noontime Wednesday injection. I was greeted as usually by Meredith, a sweet, lithe, blonde with breasts that were apparently perfect – they looked like they would be exactly a single mouthful; nothing would go to waste. She checked me in with a smile and got me weighed and situated in one of the rooms. Then in came Jessie, truly a goddess. Perhaps 23 years old, a vision of the perfect female form, with a voice so soft and tender that it could melt any heart. She took my vital signs, told me they were fine and that Paul, the PA would be in.
Paul comes in like any other day, but appears a bit hurried. We go through the traditional questions and in about 2 minutes he tells me that he has to run, but he will send Jessie in with my injection. So, there I wait. I was reading e-mail on my phone and didn’t notice that it was taking a bit longer for Jessie to come on in.
Soon, Jessie arrives and says “left side today”. I turn around and lower my pants and briefs, baring my left side, and bend over the exam table. Now, I am expecting the usually alcohol prep and “a little sting”. To my surprise, I got a big sting, as Jessie slapped my bareass check. “What the hell?” “Don’t you swear, Meredith and I have had enough of your attitude.” Then, through the door, in walks Meredith, as I turn to face Jessie, so startled that my briefs and pants fall to the floor.
“You are such a pain in the ass patient, Mike. You never keep your appointments and you never have to account for your lack of courtesy, until today.” Meredith says, arms crossed, in the doorway. “But…” “No buts, the only butt that will be heard from this evening is yours. Paul had to leave, we locked the doors and now its time for you to be treated like the spoiled child you are.”, Jessie chimed in. “Really, I will get you two fired.” “Oh, really, we know you are on various spanking sites, we know your handle ‘paddlemebare’; and, once we saw that you keep your ass and junk smooth, we knew it was you – you really should be careful how much you post about yourself – so, you are going to get properly disciplined before your injection – or, we will tell your vanilla wife.” I wasn’t sure which one said it, as I was in a state of disbelief. My pants and briefs on the floor; along with my mouth.
Clearly, these two had me by the short-hairs – if I had any short-hairs. But, being a spanko, this was starting to sound like a dream come true. And, as I stood there, my 7” cock was at least paying attention – and standing at it too. Whap! Jessica, full force slapped my cock. “This isn’t going to be some lame erotic spanking. When you leave here, you will want to go to another clinic. You’re going to be hiding that ass of yours from your wife for a week.” Meredith then ordered me, “Take off your shoes and socks and step out of those pants and briefs; you won’t be needing them for the next hour.”
I did as I was told while Jessie yanked off my shirt. Naked, before these two girls, I tried to cover up and had my hands slapped away. They told me to put my hands on my head and then proceeded to examine me. Jessie, grabbed my balls and squeezed them so hard and fast, I thought I would vomit. She just laughed at my discomfort. Meredith told her that was enough for now and pushed me over the examine table. She grabbed a couple rolls of 4” bandages and the two of them each tied a wrist to the front of the table. Next, my ankles were secured. There I was, naked, bound, legs apart, balls and cock visible between my legs. Then, Jessica leaves the room only to return with a bag, and lays out beside me a paddle, a hairbrush, and deftly removes my leather belt from my pants. She also lays out two freshly cut switches. Then, just for good measure, she pulls out a dildo with a strap on harness – as my eyes get wide in fear, she just laughed. “This will be after your real injection…if you are too naughty.”
Then, over my eyes is wrapped some gauze. Only to be followed by another series of hand slaps on my bared ass. First five on one cheek; then ten on the other; then they switched as the hands felt different. The rain of slaps continued until I was clearly prepped in their mind for what they called, “my prescription”.
Now, I was getting a scolding; better than any I had gotten growing up. A lecture about courtesy and how much extra work I made for them. How, my lack of responsibility resulted in others having to make appointments inconvenient to them, since I was scheduled when they had wanted to come in. To hear them, every patient and staff member should be paddling my ass.
Then, I felt the stingy slaps of a ping-pong paddle – well, this wasn’t so bad. And, being fairly stoic when I am spanked anyways; they grew more angry. There was a pause and then Meredith said, “and, now we will see how that baby smooth ass of yours takes my mom’s old hairbrush”. Thud!, Thud!, Crack!, Thud! – I screamed, “holy shit, take at easy”. They both laughed and I learned my outburst would cost me 10 with each switch when all was done. Every few seconds, another couple swats with the hairbrush. They would rub my butt a bit; and then more swats.
“Jessica, spread his ass cheeks so I can get his butt hole.” I felt my cheeks pulled apart and then the hairbrush assailed that tenderest of flesh. “That’s getting him moving, keep it up.” I though my crack was on fire; and, it probably looked like it too. I was nearly sobbing and the girls removed my blindfold. With the use of a hand mirror and the window on the wall; they let me see the state of affairs. My ass was crimson red, with some blood picks. Surely they were done.
Next, I saw Meredith reach for my belt. She straddled herself across my back. “Let’s try a new angle.” The belt laid down hard the length of my cheeks with the end striking the sit spot. I bucked upward as she laid the belt into my sore sorry butt checks, with the occasional flick onto my balls. “That’s it, ride him girl; let’s see what kind of bronc he can be.” Jessie’s country background was suddenly starting to show.
“Well, before he gets too sore.” I felt a dart enter my left ass check. “I told you it was the left side today” Jessie said with a laugh. Meredith then laid several more licks with the belt over that spot.
“Now, since you keep fucking us with you lack of accountability; its time to fuck you. Jessie had slide off her scrubs and panties and put the strap-on. Meredith lubed it up and then reached down across my back and spread my cheeks wide. I felt a finger slide into my tight asshole; lubing it gently. My anal virginity was about to be taken from me by force. And, then I felt the pressure being applied steadily against my hole. “He is really tight – do something to loosen him up.” Meredith then let go of my ass cheeks and slide to the part of the exam table that was above my head. She slipped out of her scrubs and panties, placing a leg on either side of my head. She slide closer and lifted my head, placing it squarely in the middle of her pussy. “Lick it boy, lick it good, or just wait for your switching”.
As I start to tongue Meredith’s outer lips; I feel the dildo slide pass my first muscular ring. “Oh, ow….that hurts.” “Oh, stop being a baby, this is a small dildo” And, with that, Jessica showed no mercy and plowed the small dildo into my until then virgin ass. Rhythmically, she went in and out, reaching down and again sadistically squeezing my tender balls. “If you dare to cum, you are going to get the hairbrush again. You tell me before you are about to cum, so I can pause.” “Yessss. But, please.” This went on for several minutes and then the girls regrouped.
I watched out of the corner of my eye, as they each grabbed one of the switches cut from the aspen outside the doors of the clinic. Jessica to my left, Meredith to the right. “Alright, are you going to be a “no call, no show” ever again naughty Mikey.” "No, I promise” “You better remember that promise or we will remind you of it.” “Yes, Meredith, I understand.”
“Now, we are each going to give you 10 welts across your ass with these switches. You count them, or we start again from 0. After each one, you must thank us by name for that switching. Until you thank us, you won’t get the next – wait too long and we start again.” And so it went. “One, thank you Meredith”; “One thank you Jessica”. By five I was screaming after each stroke, crying and sobbing. By eight, I thought I would pass out. After ten…the girls untied me and told me to stay still.
Soon I felt lotion being spread over my ass and in my crack. Jessica’s hand reached up and massaged my balls. Meredith had me sit up and my bottom was so tender. But, she spread my legs and buried her face in my groin. Taking my shaft deeply and bringing it quickly back to life. Jessica pushed me back and straddled my face with her sweet pussy. Soon I cummed like a geyser; and, yet the girls continued. I tried to withdraw – being so sensitive after having cum; but, they simply paused and switched places. Jessica now sucking me and then straddling me and riding my cock, while my tender ass was pushed mercilessly down against the exam table, until I nearly convulsed as I came yet again.
The girls helped me dress and then took me to the door. Jessica put in my pocket an appointment card. Thursday, 4:45PM. “Remember, don’t be late.”

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