Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House (FFF/M)

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Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House (FFF/M)

Post by Otkfme2 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:16 pm

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House (FFF/M)

When I was attending college, I liked to pull practical jokes on
people. I was able to handle spiders, ants, and other insects
with very few problems. When I attended my classes, I liked to
drop the ants and spiders on a person's clothes or on their desk.
Usually after a few minutes, the ants and spiders would make the
person jump out of their desk and disturb the class. It was even
more fun when I did it to the girls that were in class. They
would usually scream, and make a real big deal about finding the
ants and spiders. I thought that no one knew that I was the
person who was putting the ants and spiders on other students.

This is what happened to me on a Saturday. Every Saturday
morning, I would put on a t-shirt and shorts, and then jog around
the campus. I was able to stay in shape this way. So on one
Saturday morning when I was jogging, I noticed some girls jogging
along with me. I thought this was really nice, since on most
Saturdays, no one would jog with me. After a few minutes, the
girls got real close to me and boxed me in.

"Please follow us," one of the girls said. "Don't try to break
away, or we will use force to make you follow us."

I didn't want to cause an incident, so I followed their lead.
When we got to the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house, the girls lead
me inside. Now I knew I was in trouble. Earlier in the year, I
had startled Elizabeth, the president of the sorority, with a
snake. After about a week, she had me tracked down, and I was
spanked by the girls of the sorority house.

I was lead into a large room next to the kitchen. There was a
large white board for writing messages on, a table with various
spanking implements, and a wooden stock. Standing next to the
stocks was Elizabeth.

"Thank you for bringing Clyde to me to be punished." Elizabeth
said. "Please stay here until I have Clyde completely under my

Then she turned to me and said, "I thought you learned your
lesson when we spanked you after the snake incident, but
apparently, it didn't have much affect on you. After this
punishment, you probably will never bother students with your
ants and spiders, again. Please take off your t-shirt, and then
come over here so that I can put you in the stocks."

Next, she raised the stocks so that I could put in my head and
wrists. I had learned by my previous spanking by Elizabeth that
I had better follow her orders, so I quickly took off my shirt
and walked over to the stocks.

"Hurry up and place your wrists and head into the stocks, unless
you want help from my sorority sisters." Elizabeth said.

I didn't want to be forced into the stocks, so I humbly place
myself into the stocks. Elizabeth quickly closed the stocks, so
now my head and wrists were trapped in position. The stocks
weren't very tall, so I was in a bent over position. I was now
no longer to see what was happening behind me. Then Elizabeth
and the other girls proceeded to completely strip me. Off went
my running shorts, my jock strap, and my shoes and socks. I felt
so embarrassed like this, being completely naked in front of the
girls. Next, they spread apart my legs, and secured them with a
spreader bar. Now I was very aware that my balls and penis were
dangling between my legs and also completely exposed.

Then Elizabeth said, "I know a way to keep you aroused during
your ordeal." She then put her hands underneath her skirt and
removed her panties. She placed her panties on my head with the
crotch of her panties over my nose. I could now smell
Elizabeth's sweet female scent, and I felt my penis develop a
large erection.

I felt several pairs of hands on my penis and balls as I heard
one of the girls say, "Look at his nice erection. He sure
response well to your panties."

"Let's warm up his naughty ass before the others find him like
this." Elizabeth said. "Grab a paddle and let's spank him at
the same time."

Being in the stock, I was unable to see what was going on behind
me, but all at once I felt the sting of several paddles on my
naughty naked bottom. Now and then, I also felt a riding crop
being used to hit my exposed penis and balls. I felt completely
humiliated, felt the pain of the paddles, but also felt the
pleasure from the women tickling me and touching my penis and

"His poor ass is pink already. Let's stop spanking him for now
so that our other sorority sisters can spank and tease him."
Elizabeth said.

Then she wrote this on the whiteboard in front of me. "This is
Clyde. He has been causing havoc with our other sorority sisters
by putting spiders and ants on them. Feel free to spank and
tease him. Our main spanking ceremony will take place at 11:30
AM in the main living room."

Elizabeth and the girls then went into the kitchen to eat
breakfast. I tried to wiggle out of the stocks, but I was held
tightly in place. As the sorority girls slowly woke up and went
to breakfast, they would walk past me and make comments on my
situation. Some would pick up a paddle and give my poor
unprotected bottom a short spanking. Others would tease me about
my exposed erection, and tickle my body under my arms and on my
penis and balls. I felt so helpless like this.

After what seemed like many hours, Elizabeth appeared before me
and said, "It's time for your ceremonial spanking in front of the
whole sorority. Once I release you from the stocks, please
follow me into the main living area."

She released me from the stocks and still left her panties on my
head. "What about your panties?" I asked.

"They look good on you like that. Now follow me."

Once we entered the main living area, I noticed that all of the
women had formed a large circle. Also, each woman had a sorority
paddle in her hands. In the middle of the circle was a large
wooden chair. Elizabeth dragged me into the middle of the
circle, and she sat down on the chair. Two of the women came up
to me and forced me to kneel down in front of her.

"This is Clyde, who many of you have met before. He is the same
naughty boy who was responsible for the snake several months ago.
This time he has been putting spiders and ants down the blouses
of our sorority sisters. Now he is going to be punished for
doing that. I will first take Clyde over my knee for a spanking,
and once I have completed spanking him, he will stand up, and the
next sorority sister can sit down here and spank him. Once
everyone who wants to has spanked Clyde, then we will have him
crawl through our paddle lines."

All of the women cheered and made crude remarks to me.

"Form a line in back of my chair for those who would enjoy
spanking Clyde. And now we will start Clyde's punishment.
Clyde, please bend over my knees for your spanking."

I felt so humiliated to be spanked like this in front of all of
those women. When Elizabeth finished spanking me, I had to stand
up while the next woman sat down. Elizabeth stood next to me, to
make sure I bent over each woman's lap for a spanking. Sometimes
I would be further humiliated as the women would check out my
erect penis and balls.

By the time all of the women had spanked me, my ass was on fire.

"Now form your spanking lines and grab your paddles. Clyde will
now crawl on his hands and knees as you spank him."

Then Elizabeth forced me to my knees and I had to crawl between
the women. There was much laughter in the room as my spanking
went on and on. Once I had crawled back to the wooden chair,
Elizabeth said, "Clyde, stand up and put your hands on your head
so that we can examine your naughty naked ass." I next felt many
hands on my ass. The women made many comments on how red and hot
my ass was.

"Keep your hands on your head and face the sorority girls."
Elizabeth told me.

I felt so humiliated. "Hand me Clyde's clothes." Elizabeth
said. "Last time we kept your underwear after your spanking, but
that this time we will keep your shirt and jock strap. If we
catch you doing something naughty again, you will leave here
naked after your spanking. So you can get dressed now and then
you will be free to leave."

I put on my shoes, socks, and running shorts; and quickly left
the sorority house. I guess I need to change my behavior.

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Re: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House (FFF/M)

Post by DaddyMax1964 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:47 pm

the one thing that was missing is his tears

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Re: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House (FFF/M)

Post by markiee » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:24 pm

So many women are dominate today & I'm sure many spank their boyfriends & husbands.

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