Aunt Martha (F/M)

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Aunt Martha (F/M)

Post by Otkfme2 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:13 pm

Aunt Martha (F/M)

I was 18 years old and still in High School when my parents went
on an extended vacation to Europe. Since school was still being
held, and this was my senior year, I was left behind and I was
told that I had to stay at Aunt Martha's house. My parents were
going to be gone for two months, so they gave Aunt Martha full
rights to discipline me any way she felt needed. My parents
hadn't spanked me since I was 15 years old, and lately, I had
been grounded for a week if I had done anything wrong, and I
expected the same from Aunt Martha. Aunt Martha was a former
school teacher, and I was well aware of the fact that she used to
paddle her students, but I certainly wasn't expecting a spanking
from Aunt Martha.

It all happened a week before the Senior Prom. I asked Sue, a
girl that I had a few dates with, to the Senior Prom. The tux
and limo had been rented, and I was all set for the prom. But my
curiousity got the best of me. Aunt Martha always dressed and
smelled wonderful. So one day I sneaked into her room while she
was at the grocery store. I found the drawer in the dresser that
contained her panties, and I was busy admiring them when I looked
up and saw Aunt Martha at the door.

"What do you think you are doing, young man", she said.

I was so surprised that she caught me, that I just stood there
and said nothing.

"Your grounded for TWO WEEKS, starting now", she said.

"But Senior Prom is this Friday, can't you delay my grounding for
a week", I wined.

"No, I will NOT do that, but if you accept a spanking from me
instead of the grounding, you would still be able to attend the
prom", Aunt Martha said.

"But I am 18 years old, and too old to be spanked. Can't you
just delay my grounding!", I pleaded.

"Its your choice, either be grounded and miss the prom, or the
spanking. So what will it be?", she demanded.

"I guess the spanking", I said.

"Good, so report back here to my room at 7pm.", she said.

This gave me about three hours to worry about the spanking I
would recieve from Aunt Martha. I was happy that I would still
be able to take Sue to the prom, but I wasn't looking forward to
my spanking. I had heard from my other relatives that Aunt
Martha was a really strict school taecher, and that she often
spanked her students.

So at 7pm, I knocked on the door to her room. She had placed the
chair from her desk in the middle of the room by the bed, and
placed some paddles and a cane on the bed. Now I knew I was
going to get a very good spanking.

"Remember, you choose to have this spanking", Aunt Martha said.
"and you will follow my every command. Either that, or you won't
be going to the prom. So take off your shirt, and lay it neatly
on the bed, and then come over to my side for a nice hand
spanking over my lap."

So I took off my shirt, and laid it on the bed while all the time
looking at the paddles and cane, wondering what I was going
recieve during my spanking. I next went over and stood next to
Aunt Martha.

"Now take down your jeans, and bend over my lap", she commanded.

So my jeans came down, and I went over her lap. I felt like I
was a naughty 6 year old boy, again, lying over my aunts lap,
with only my underpants on.

"I never want to see you in my room again", she said, "and
especially not going thru my panties. I am going to give you a
good spanking so that you will NEVER go into my room again.
First, you will recieve fifty spanks with my hand on your
underwear,then fifty on the bare. "

With that, I felt her hand fall on my upturned bottocks. It
stung more than what I thought it would. After about fifty, I
was told to raise up, and I felt her pull my underwear to my
knees. Now I was completely exposed and waiting to recieve a
handspanking on the bare. I could already feel a warm tingle
from the first fifty spanks, and was not looking forward to fifty
more. This time I could really feel the sting of her hand as I
laid over her lap. I was told to not move very much, or I would
be given more spanks. After these fifty were delivered, I was
really feeling sore, and I was told to stand up with my hands at
my sides, while she prepared the room for the continuation of my
spanking. I felt like a little boy, totally exposed, with a hot
red bottom, with my hands at my sides.

She moved the chair back to the desk and said, "For the next part
of your spanking, I want you to keep your legs straight and bend
over the bed for a good paddling. I also want you to count these
this time!"

So I bent over the bed, my naked sore buttocks high in the air,
and awaited my first swat of the paddle. It surprised me because
it hurt a lot worst than her hand, and I forgot to count.

"I didn't hear you, so here it comes again", Aunt Martha said.
"And be sure and say "Thank You", after each swat"


"One, thank you" I said. I couldn't believe what was happening
to me. Here I was a 18 year old boy, getting paddled on the bare
by my Aunt Martha, and thanking her for it.

This continued for about twenty swats from three different
paddles, and just when I thought she was finished with my
spanking, she said,"Stand up again, hands at your sides. You
will recieve the last part of your spanking bent over a chair,
with 10 strokes of the cane".

She put the chair back in the middle of the room, and signalled
me to bend over it. "Grip the seat of the chair with your
hands", she said, " And be sure not to move, or the stroke will
be repeated. Be sure and count these again, and this time say
"thank you, Aunt Martha, I will never go into your room again"
after every stroke".

I had never been caned before, and didn't know what to expect.
When the first stroke fell, it felt like a hundred bees had stung
me in the same spot, accross my naked buttocks. I could hardly
hold my position, and I forgot to count!

"I didn't hear you, again", Aunt Martha said. "and be sure and
say thank you! So get ready for number one again"


It hurt like crazy, but I still counted, thanked her, and said I
would never go into her room again. I was glad I was still going
to be able to go to the prom, but I felt like I wouldn't be able
to sit down for a week.


Now my whole bottom felt like it was on fire, and I still
remained in position and thanked Aunt Martha. Soon, I had only
one stroke left.

"This is going to be number ten, the hardest", Aunt Martha said.
"And after you recieve it and thank me for it, I want you to stay
in position"


"Ten, thank you, Aunt Martha. I wouldn't do into your room
again", I said. Next I felt her hands on my naked buttocks. She
was running her fingers on the marks left from the caning, and
admiring her work.

"I hope this will teach you a lesson, and NEVER come into my room
again without my permission, or else you will recieve another
spanking even worst than this", she said.

With that scolding, she let me up, and allowed me to leave her
room. I never wanted to be spanked by Aunt Martha again. I knew
that I better not get into trouble again for the next two months.

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