Mom learns about Spanking (F/ff)

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Mom learns about Spanking (F/ff)

Post by captdeck11 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:15 am

My introduction to spanking at age 17 was way odd and not very fair. My parents never spanked us or even threatened. I was a junior in high school and got home that late summer day and heard my sister, Gail, 16, crying loudly in her room.
She said, “Sally, I got spanked today and it still really hurts. I did something really stupid with Kim. We ran into a couple of her loser friends that were smoking and just goofing around, almost causing trouble. Kim didn’t want to be seen as a stuck-up queen, so we hung around with them for about 30 minutes and Kim stupidly smoked one cigarette and we made up an excuse and came back to her house. Her Mom noticed the smoke right away and I was guilty by association.”
Mrs. N. said, “I’m going to have to give Kim a really good paddling for this. Let me call your Mom first.”
Gail continued, “Kim was really upset and pleading, but before that long our Mom who had been planning on coming later anyway for her meeting was there and getting an overstated account of what happened. Mrs. N. said she was going to give Kim a really ‘nice’ spanking and offered to do me too. Mom allowed as to how she had never spanked us but had given it some thought. Mom said she would decide after Kim was done.”
Mrs. N. said, “Gail get ready.”
Gail continued, “Kim was already crying and slipping down her slacks. She paused and asked to keep her panties on as Mom and I were there. Mrs. N. sort of laughed and pointed thumbs down. In just moments, Kim was over her lap trying to keep her legs together. Then she picked up this nasty paddle and noted it had been almost 3 weeks since the last session.”
Mrs. N. then paused to give Mom details on what was next. She then suggested that Mom have me take off my slacks, so I would be ready if it was decided I was in for it.

Gail continued, “Big mistake. I screamed no. Mom had tears in her eyes already, but she gave me the same thumbs down motion Kim had received.”
Mrs. N. said, “Gail, cooperate or it will be worse.”
Gail continued, “Sally, it was already the scariest moment in my life so far at that point. Kim was in the dining room of her house and was nude from the waist down, tightly held by her Mom in a situation she clearly understood, and this nasty paddle was in her Mom’s hand for now. And here I was 6 feet away in my panties, petrified that I could very well be next.”
Mrs. N. had Kim detail her previous spanking about 3 weeks ago and this was her fifth session in about 8 weeks, along with detailing why she was getting it this time. Mrs. N. amplified the details Kim was missing and glossed over. Mrs. N. had gotten a phone call from a snoopy neighbor that knew Mrs. N. and Kim. This elderly lady, maybe 45, saw us at the park and instead of minding her own business had called Mrs. N. who promised her that at least Kim was in for it again. Kim shared that she had just turned 17 and was now of course way too old to get spanked. This got a laugh from her Mom and an observation that by now it would seem she should be getting it less often.
Gail continued, “I badly wanted to ask Mom to be sure I wouldn’t be next, but figured my only real chance was Mom deciding what Kim was about to get was too severe. The next step was Mrs. N. applying the paddle slowly to Kim’s bottom, each spank initially getting an ‘Ow’ or ‘Not so hard’. Kim was trying hard not to break down bawling but that wasn’t to be. I realized several spanks into the session that I wanted to know how many spanks Kim was getting in all. I snuck several looks at Mom, trying to gauge my chances. Mom looked pretty unhappy but there was also a resolve that didn’t raise my hopes. Finally, after what seemed like forever and once Kim’s entire bottom and upper thighs were quite red, Mrs. N. announced Kim was done and was sent to stand against the wall.
Mrs. N. said, “Let’s wait a couple minutes till it’s a little quieter and we’ll decide about Gail.”
Gail continued, “It was a really long about 10 minutes as I stood there hoping against hope and repeatably trying to pull down the edge of my panties so they would stay down.
Finally, Mrs. N. said, “Gail, what’s your thoughts on getting your first ever spanking? Can you think of a better time than now?”
Gail said, “Mrs. N., I really don’t want to be spanked. I didn’t smoke any cigarettes and am sorry Kim had to get it. I was trying to get us out of there as quickly as possible as I don’t like those boys at all. Please don’t spank me.”
Mrs. N. said, “Gail, you were hanging out for quite a while with that group of young hoodlums I sure your Mom doesn’t approve of. And getting your first ever spanking would likely be really good for you. Your Mom could likely use another tool to keep you inline.”
Mom said, “I have rather mixed feelings Gail and am rather sad, but I do think you were partially responsible for getting Kim in trouble and this would be an excellent chance to make the strong point that tobacco is a major problem and hanging out with the wrong crowd is also. This is a really hard choice to make and either way I decide, I am going to have second thoughts by this weekend. I have been having a couple of big problems with both you and Sally. First, as a single parent, I need your help with chores and way too often my requests get blown off and not done and I hate how much nagging I’m doing. Second, in general, neither you or Sally are performing at your level of ability in so many of your classes. Third, I haven’t found any punishment method that works very well when you inevitably do something badly out of line, like today. Grounding you isn’t working. Sadly, I really think you need this. And having you spanked is going to lessen the chances that you will be gossiping about Kim being spanked. Sorry, but this has to happen.”
Gail said, “Mom, no. I will never make these mistakes again regardless of whether I get it. And can I at least keep my panties on?”
Gail continued, “Sally, that was really stupid. It likely didn’t matter, but I was conceding that I was going to be spanked.”
Mrs. N. said, “Gail, bare bottom spanking is the most effective and common way. But some other time, if your Mom wants me to give you other spankings, I can give you a spanking half over panties and half bare bottom and you will clearly understand why it’s normally done bare bottom. I’m going to strongly recommend it. And by the way, Mrs. P., I will be delighted to give Gail and her sister Sally spankings whenever you would like, along with how to spank practice lessons if you would like.”
Mom said, “For now, let’s just do Gail. I need to think the next part over more.”
Gail continued, “Before I knew it, I was over Mrs. N.’s lap with my left arm underneath, and my right arm twisted in the middle of back so I couldn’t really move. Down and off came my panties. I’m not sure why I remember this, but I could tell how happy Mrs. N. was and how strongly she told Mom she wouldn’t regret having me spanked.”
Mrs. N. said, “Gail, you are going to get a very nice proper spanking with my trusty paddle. Understand it is quite likely you could get some harder spankings in the future.”
Gail continued, “The next thing I knew the first spank landed loudly on my left cheek. I heard it first and then experienced the sting and pain. It wasn’t very long before I got it on my right cheek. I was already pretty loud. Then the third spank on the left side again and the pain went way up. Mrs. N. really took her time and I was crying really loud by the tenth spank. Mrs. N. told me I got 28 spanks in all and it was all I could handle. Then I was let up. I needed to do my corner time facing the wall, but I had to lean up against the couch for a few minutes before I could stand up. It was just awful. And Mrs. N. was not happy with me not cooperating enough.”
I didn’t know what to say but I stammered that I hoped neither of us ever needed to it again and Gail said our chances for that were nearly zero.
Gail said, “And then I had to walk the 12 blocks home as Mom needed to talk with Mrs. N. She and Mom are the main part of the women’s auxiliary rules and procedures subcommittee and an important meeting is coming up. My ears along with my bottom were burning all the way home but I’m pretty sure nothing I could have said would have mattered. I stopped in the bathroom first and also combed my hair and washed my really splotchy face. I struggled with whether to thank Mrs. N. or just leave quietly and politely. Offering obviously insincere thanks, which I really didn’t want to do anyway, might make it look like my spanking helped and saying nothing might look like another future session was indicated. I chose to say nothing. I was still quite a mess and it almost seemed like I was carrying a large sign all the way home saying I had just been spanked. I saw my classmate Amber outside and she gave me a knowing smile and said I would be doing better by tomorrow. From the way her hands went to her bottom and her demeanor, I was pretty sure she must understand being spanked. I hope she doesn’t say anything to anyone. Then to make matters even worse her Mom came out of the house and quickly surmised I had been spanked. I asked how she could tell and she said as a parent it is pretty easy and if there was any uncertainty, she could see there was no panty line under my shorts. And the top button of my shorts wasn’t fastened making for a less tight fit. She correctly guessed my panties were in my purse. She said that sometime she was hoping Amber and I could get it sometime at the same time, so Amber could better understand that spanking is pretty common. Amber’s face was about as red as my bottom. And to make it even worse, her Mom noted that she had been pretty busy lately and as a result in spite of her really good intensions, Amber was definitely overdue for her next spanking. My guess is Amber’s butt is as sore as mine right now. I was happy to be back on my way home.”
I stayed with Gail for the next half hour, not that there was much I could do to help, but it seemed like a good idea. Then we heard the garage door open and I left and turned on the living room TV.
Mom came in, flipped off the TV, and said, “Sally, come with me. I need to talk with both Gail and you.”
I accurately thought this can’t be good.
Mom said, “Sally, as I’m sure you have found out, Gail got her very first ever spanking this afternoon and I was impressed. Mrs. N. is coming over tomorrow to give Gail a rather indicated minor touch up session and I’ve decided to give you an odd gift of your first ever spanking also. This isn’t for anything specific you have done, but I’ve decided that for now spanking may make sense some of the time and you need to understand it. I could either keep track of various minor problems and have you done fairly soon anyway or just get it out of the way right away so you are not having to worry about something scary and inevitable anyway. And yes, I do know this is a gift you would rather decline, but it will be rather good for you. I’m excited I am able to give you this behavior improving gift. I’m not sure how I can pay Mrs. N. back yet. And if I get any grief or much arguing about this, it will be a for cause spanking and at some time in the very near future you will get the gift intro spanking anyway.”
I said, “But why?”
Mom carefully explained about chores, school shortcomings, and behavior problems that she didn’t have an effective way of dealing with. I didn’t say anything but had to concede she had some actual points.
Mom allowed us to talk about these changes but it was mostly about understanding not arguing about being spanked. Having noted that Sally’s friend Kim was also 17 and in my grade in school, I wisely didn’t raise the futile I’m too old argument. Mom sort of caught on though and mentioned that future spanking plans weren’t even discussed yet. Mom said that me being 13 months older than Gail meant Gail would be subject to being spanked for longer than me. Mom said that was just how it was likely to work out and she would be careful that we each got the spankings that made sense.
I did not have a SWAN (sleep well at night) night. Before bed I spent about 30 minutes locked in the bathroom practicing trying not to look entirely embarrassed at having to slip off my slacks to wait for Gail to get it. Then after careful consideration on which pair of panties to wear tomorrow for my first ever spanking, I practiced turning, slipping them off mostly with one hand while keeping my left hand covering my front, and then covering my bottom as best I could with my right hand. Still super embarrassing, but the practice may have helped at least some. I was glad to have learned from Gail that I didn’t want to wear tight fitting slacks or panties.
The next morning was hard as we didn’t know what time Mrs. N. was coming. Mom cheerfully set us to various home clean up projects, assuring us that while cooperating wasn’t going to lessen our spankings, not cooperating would be a bad choice. Eventually around 10:30, a cheerful Mrs. N. arrived. She explained Gail was getting an extension session only with less than 10 spanks. Mrs. N. said her experience is that, when indicated, the next day session really increased the effectiveness of the initial spanking. Mrs. N. said Gail was definitely due this for not cooperating yesterday.
Mrs. N. standing had Gail pull down her slacks to her knees and then her panties and stand bent across her side tightly held. Then she picked up her about 15” long and one plus inch wide leather belt. She noted the belt was really effective. It didn’t take more than 3 minutes for Gail to get 7 hard spanks turning most of her butt rather red with stripes and having Gail crying really loudly. Mrs. N., not doing Gail any favors, then pulled Gail’s panties back up and then separately her slacks. Glancing at Mom, I saw tears in her eyes along with the same resolve, Gail had mentioned yesterday.
I was as afraid as I have ever been, but as summoned slowly walked over to Mrs. N. now sitting in a kitchen chair that had been moved just into the living room area. Damn, I noticed the windows were still open and the blinds also. Our house wasn’t that far from the sidewalk and luckily, we don’t have a lot of people walking by very often, but it would be pretty obvious what was happening for any that did. I don’t think my practice did me that much good but I did get good words for cooperating. I had already taken off my slacks at Mrs. N.’s initial request and had been feeling really self-conscious about standing there in only my panties from the waist down while Gail was being done. There were just a couple really awkward agony and fear increasing minutes waiting for it to get quieter. I didn’t know if I wanted the delay to last longer or to just get it over with. Not at all pleasant. Then Mrs. N. congratulated me on being about to get my first ever spanking and noted how honored she was to be the one providing it. I had to listen to a couple minutes of nonsense on how good this was going to be for my development. The only part I agreed with entirely was that I would never forget my first spanking. Then I had to slip off my panties and awkwardly climb over her lap and then be slightly repositioned to elevate my bottom just a little.
Soon the first spanks with her paddle were landing and they really hurt. Mrs. N. had me count each out loud and really took her time. Each square inch of my bottom and couple inches of upper thighs were covered and recovered and it hurt even more when the paddle revisited time and again. It was a long 10 minutes and 30 spanks. I was really glad my corner time was in a corner not visible from the street.
That evening we had a talk with Mom who said she really didn’t like the idea of us being spanked and hoped we wouldn’t need it but realistically that wasn’t likely. Mom said she was going to do everything she could so we would get as few spankings as possible but also all the spankings we needed. Mom said she was going to motivate us to do the various household projects we were not doing well with by a promise of a ‘nice’ spanking for not getting them done. She would post a project list for each of us along with a deadline. She would check off each properly completed project and we would get a yet to be calibrated spanking if the deadline passed without the projects completed. Mom noted the goal was to get none of these spankings and she would do her very best to alert us as needed as the deadlines got near. Mom said our lack of best efforts on many of our classes wouldn’t be as easy but the promise of a nice or even nasty spanking would ideally help. Mom said she would query each of our main teachers, English, math, science, and social studies the third week of each month for their judgement on our effort. If we got an excellent, good, or OK for that subject we were good. If we got a needs improvement and couldn’t show graded papers and tests with an overall score of at least B+, it would be level one. If we got a poor or worse, level two. If we got two or more needs improvement or one or more poor, we would be spanked. The harshness of any spankings would be a function of the overall score and we could get as many as two effort problems hard spankings each month. Mom noted improved effort should enable us to avoid all these spankings and effort was the key. Mom also noted that each of us would be scored independently and possibly one of us could really get it hard and often and the other infrequently or not at all, it was our choice. Mom said our other spankings would be for significantly bad behavior and repeated bad enough behavior and being teens, this was pretty likely to happen but on a sporadic basis. That said Mom said the promise and unpleasant realities of a spanking would cut down on the number of times we chose to do something really stupid. Mom said we could always ask her ahead of time about whether any specific or general problem was worthy of a spanking. Mom also noted that our choices of which kids to hang out with would naturally influence how many times we would need it.
Mom gave us a predictable this is going to be almost as hard for me as you talk. I’m pretty sure she meant it but it couldn’t be true. Mom noted that just being teens meant some level of making some bad choices by either or likely both of us and this meant being spanked was quite possible, way more probable than not, and spanking was going to be a reality. And if it meant only one of us got it every week for 10 weeks in a row and the other getting it only one or even zero times, so be it. Mom said she was pretty sure two Moms in addition to Mrs. N. would be helping provide some of the spankings so we would fully understand lots of other families regularly spank. Mom also said she desperately didn’t want to be a spanker but she was resolved to get the how to spank lessons if it looked like there was going to be a period of weekly spankings needed. Mom also said if we had a strong preference for her to be the spanker she would develop the skills.
Not a nice evening. It was pretty obvious Mom had put a lot of thought into this and we had no chance of talking her out of it. The first teacher surveys with possible spankings at stake were going to be in 3 weeks, so we had some time to start sucking up to our teachers trying to get on their good sides. My biggest problem was I had a real jerk for a history teacher that none of us liked and history was not a good subject for me anyway.
The first few months were much harder for Gail as she was going through one of the rebellious phases Mom was worried about. Not quite every week for Gail but close. I was doing fairly well but in the fourth week, I messed up on two household projects thinking I had two more days and missed Mom’s posted warning. Anyway, it was my fault and that Saturday I was over Mrs. N.’s lap for my first ever earned paddling. As I rated it, I got an at least beyond adequate spanking with about 35 spanks with the paddle, while Gail was waiting in her just barely acceptable to Mom very brief panties. I got a nice complement from Mrs. N. that I was much easier and more pleasant to spank than my sister. Mrs. N. said that with all the practice Gail was getting with being spanked, she thought Gail would be getting the hang of cooperation better. Mrs. N. noted that being 15 months older than Gail and about 10 pounds heavier, it was proper that I get several more spanks than Gail would have for the same cause. That session was pretty nasty, but I wasn’t fully done yet. I was let up, but I had to stay close by still nude from the waist down while Mrs. N. took her sweet time giving it to Gail even worse for more cause. Clearly as noted, Gail was harder to spank. When Gail was finally let back up, I had to get back in place for the part linked to two failures. This time was even harder as my bottom was already beyond sore. While Mrs. N. was busily chatting with Mom and waiting for it to be quieter again, I again got Mrs. N.’s approval for cooperation. I wondered if I would get gold stars in my spanking log and if so whether once I got 10 or 20 gold stars if they would be redeemed for a bonus spanking reward or some minor relief. My musing was then interrupted the first of 5 with that nasty belt I had watched Gail get and then 7 with the paddle. The belt was the absolute worst. Not a good morning.
Being a reasonably well-behaved kid and decent student along with the recent very clear education on how important getting Mom’s projects completed, I thought I wouldn’t get it again for quite a while. However, my dreadful history teacher that none of us could stand whatsoever marked me down on Mom’s email survey for not enough effort. That time, Amber and her Mom came over and I got it from her Mom. Different, plenty unpleasant and painful enough but not quite as hard. It was awful finding out as promised, I could get it from at least two different spanking enthusiasts. A spanking for Gail or I along with one for Amber was something that Amber’s Mom had been hoping for since just after Gail’s first session. I then had to watch Amber get it too. I felt sorry for Amber. It was nice to know we weren’t the only ones spanked and be able to confide in Amber. But having to listen to Mom tell us repeatedly being spanked isn’t that unusual and both ladies were delighted to spank us whenever Mom saw fit, grew old fast. Then the next month the same score from the history teacher and an even worse session from Mrs. N. Finally, the third month and the same score from the same teacher. Mom, like most parents, is usually of the teachers can’t be wrong type and if he or she says there is a problem, there is a problem. After a lot of persuasion and agreeing to first get my third academic effort spanking first, this one with about half the spanks with the belt, Mom agreed to go talk to the history guy. I was quite likely in for a bonus spanking if Mom saw it substantially the same way as history guy. Incredibly lucky, Mom came home saying the history guy was a bitter, tired, and two years from retirement just putting in his time, dreadful excuse of a human being and likely a worse teacher. Most importantly, Mom said this guy didn’t think any of the kids in my history class were meeting Mom’s standards for effort. Mom said she couldn’t undo any of my poor effort spankings, she apologized and said some future unspecified spankings relief was in order.
It was a long school year and following summer, especially for Gail. Mom made a point of reminding us of the one-year spanking anniversary, as would be expected over at Mrs. N.’s house on a Saturday when Mrs. N. was doing both my classmate Kim (now a senior), Teri, her 16-year-old sister, and Gail. As usual, I had to tag along and watch. Watching was supposed to motivate me to avoid earning spankings. Pretty typical, super unpleasant session for all three. I was super curious. Two days later when I was home alone, I carefully got the spanking log book out of Mom’s bedroom. Obviously, risking being spanked for snooping, I carefully totaled the last 12 months. I got 9 total spankings. Gail got 20 total spankings. I also got 6 additional joint spankings, two with Gail and 4 with Kim for seemingly much less provocation and about half as many spanks. I am pretty sure I didn’t really deserve most of the joint sessions and I think these were mostly so the ratio of spankings I got to those Gail got wasn’t quite as lopsided. These were given bent over a davenport next to who was also being spanked. The other information in the book was about a one or two sentence observation on why the spankings were being given. It was pretty clear well over half of my spankings were for minor reasons. It didn’t really say it but the sense was sort of a spanking every so often is good for me and may prevent harder spankings. My read was that I would continue to get it but anything I could do to help Gail get spanked less often would help my cause also. I carefully put the book back exactly in place and got away with it. I was also careful to share any of the data. It did show that after about 5 months the frequency of Gail getting had finally started going down. I was surprised to find 3 periods of about 3 weeks with neither of us getting it. I had about a year left of knowing I could get it as I would be starting my freshman year of college then and Gail had two years left.
A couple final observations. Gail got at least her share of academic effort spankings and I accidentally discovered Mom had not acted on all of the reports as Gail was getting spanked plenty already. I also figured out that at least some of the academic effort reports for Gail were partially because some of the teachers were comparing how Gail was doing to how I was doing instead of her fellow classmates. Mom figured some of this out as Gail realistically wasn’t as good a student. The other observation was that Mom had confided in another classmate’s Mom how super proud she was that she had a perfect attendance record in watching every single one of our spankings. Mom had seen her absolute unwillingness to be a spanker as a big shortcoming and watching us get spanked, absolutely always based entirely on her decision was the most difficult part of raising us. Mom would have trouble thinking of anything she liked less than watching us get spanked. I do have to give Mom credit for helping us avoid being spanked as much as possible. Life at our house did get better once the posted household projects was started as we got nagged much less and did figure out how to comply to avoid avoidable spankings.

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