Wrong Room (F/M)

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Wrong Room (F/M)

Post by Otkfme2 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:10 am

Wrong Room (F/M)

During my college days, I was always in need of extra money to
help pay for my books and my tuition. So I would always
carefully read the college newspaper where they needed paid
volunteers for various studies. The ones that sounded
interesting and would fit in my schedule, I would give them a
call. The ad in the newspaper read, "Earn Money while you lose
weight. If you are overweight and would like to earn money for
losing weight, please give us a call. It may require you to
change your behavior and eating patterns. It is a two-month
study and you get regular weekly check-ups. Please call
XXX-XXX-XXXX for an appointment."

So I called them, and it sounded like this study would work for
me. Because of my studying and my lack of exercise, I had gained
about twenty pounds. I thought this study would be a good fit
for me, and I made an appointment. I was to report to room B146
in the Student Union building. I was also told the first
appointment would take about two hours.

When I arrived at the Student Union building, I found out that
the room was in the basement. After going down the stairs, I
wasn't sure if the room number was B146 or B 164. On room B164,
it had a sign saying it had to deal behavior modification
studies, so I entered the room. At a large, high wooden desk sat
the receptionist.

"May I help you?" She asked.

"My name is Clyde and I have an two-o'clock appointment." I

"I don't see you on the schedule, but that happens sometimes.
What study are you here for?" She asked.

"The one on weight loss. This is my first appointment." I said.

"Jackie is handling that study, and I'll see if she will be able
to work with you at this time. While you're waiting, please fill
out this paperwork." She said. Then the receptionist left the

The paperwork seemed okay at first, asking for my name, address,
birthday and so on, but then there were many pages asking me
about my history of being spanked and my thoughts on being
spanked. I thought this sounded strange, but if I could lose a
few pounds and get paid for it, so I completed the questionnaire.
After I was done, I put the questionnaire on the receptionist's
desk and read a magazine.

It was strange because all the magazines had to deal with
corporal punishment and discussions about the benefits derived
from it. Soon, the receptionist arrived at her desk.

"Jackie will be able to see you in a few minutes, after she has
read your questionnaire. Please keep reading the magazines and I
suggest you use the bathroom, if needed, before your appointment
with Jackie." The receptionist said. Then she left the room.

I went to the nearby restroom, not so much because I needed to,
but this way I would be more relaxed. Then I went back out to
the lobby and continued to read the magazines.

After a few minutes, a woman dressed in a short black skirt, a
white blouse, and a short black suit coat entered the reception
area. She looked like she was about twenty-five years old and
had a great smile.

"Is your name Clyde?" She asked.

"Yes it is!" I replied.

"My name is Jackie and I am in charge of the weight loss study.
Please follow me to my office so that I can discuss the study
with you." Jackie said. She had a large office and I took a
seat. "I wasn't expecting you, but that doesn't matter. I am
always looking for new people for this study. It involves losing
weight through mainly behavior modification. After you have
completed the program or lost your desired weight, you will be
paid. How many pounds do you hope to lose?"

"About twenty." I replied.

"And are you willing to come here on a weekly basis for a
check-up and added motivation?" Jackie asked.

"Yes! Especially if it means that I will be able to lose weight
and be paid for it." I said.

"Good! Before we can get started I need you to sign this last
piece of paperwork. It says that you won't be paid until the end
of the program and that you will accept any behavior
modifications needed to obtain this weight loss, even if it
involves corporal type punishment." Jackie said as she handed me
a clipboard with long legal paper on it.

I read the paper, and although I didn't really know what I was
signing, it sounded okay with me. After the paper was signed, I
handed it back to Jackie.

"The next thing is to take a few measurements, and I can tell you
more about this program while I measure you." Jackie said.

Then Jackie got my exact weight, height, and many more
measurements across my chest, waist, and inseam. I told her I
wanted to lose twenty pounds and everything seemed to be going
well. We set a goal of losing at least two pounds a week, so my
particular study would last about ten weeks. Since my study
would last for over two months, I would be paid half at the end
of five weeks and the other half at the end of ten weeks. Then
Jackie modified my contract, and I had to sign it, again.

"Now follow me to the next phase of this study." Jackie said. I
followed her down the hallway to a room with a sign that read,
"Behavior Modification Room A". It also had a sign that you
could move from 'unoccupied' to 'occupied'. Jackie changed the
sign to 'occupied' as we entered the room. This was a large room
with wooden chairs, stools, and many strange looking
contraptions. On the walls were many paddles, riding crops,
whips, and other strange looking things.

"This is the room where your behavioral modification will take
place. I will administer whatever punishment is needed to attain
your desired weight loss. If you reach your goal on a weekly
basis, we will only talk and no modification will be needed. So
are you still willing to participate in this study?" Jackie

"I need the money and I need to lose the weight, so I guess I
will stay with the study." I said. "Does the behavior
modification involve spanking?" I asked.

"I had assumed by the questionnaire and the other papers you had
signed that you understood that this behavior modification will
involve corporal punishment, which includes spanking. By your
questionnaire, you said that you thought the spanking you
received when you were younger, helped you to become a better
person. Now these spankings should help you lose weight. So are
you willing to be spanked?" Jackie asked.

"I wasn't expecting this type of behavior modification, but if it
will help me lose weight and I will be paid for it, I guess I
will stay in the study." I hesitantly said.

"For your next appointment, please wear pants that have an
elastic waistband. Lounge pants work the best, and also wear an
oversized T-shirt. Underwear is optional. I will punish you if
you aren't wearing the correct clothing. If you want to bring a
bag with you punishment clothing in it, there is a changing room
down the hallway. Now I am going to sit on this bench, and I
want you to stand beside me. Then empty your pockets and take
off your jeans."

I felt embarrassed doing this, but soon I stood beside her in
only my shirt and white briefs.

"When we are in this room, you will address me as ma'am. So now
I want you to lie over my lap with your hands and arms on one
side of the bench and your legs are on the other side. This way
the bench will support most of your weight." Jackie said.

As I lay down across her lap and on the bench, she hiked up her
short black skirt. It looked like she was wearing pantyhose and
I was unable to see her panties. Jackie then said, "Your
spanking will always take place on the bare skin, so raise up so
that I can lower your underwear." When I raised up, I felt her
fingertips in the waistband of my underwear and I felt her
completely take them off of me. Then my penis dangled down
between her thighs as I lowered myself back down. Then to my
surprise, I felt her powerful thighs tramp my growing penis
between them. As she pulled back my shirt so nothing was in the
way of my naked backside, I was now very aware of her perfume and
could feel her nylon pantyhose against my naked skin.

"This will be your first spanking to show you what to expect if
you don't attain your weight loss. Depending on how well you are
doing, the spankings may be more severe than this. That is the
reason for the other equipment in this room. But I will only
choose the punishment that I feel will help you the most. Do you
understand, Clyde?" She asked

"Yes I do," I replied.


"That's 'Yes, ma'am." She quickly said.

"Yes, ma'am." I replied. I wasn't expecting my spanking to
start so soon. It took me by surprise.

"Also, when are not wearing underwear, it makes it easier and
quicker to spank you. Do you understand?" Jackie asked.


"Yes, ma'am."

Then my spanking started. SPANK! SPANK! "This study has helped
many students lose weight and sharpen their study skills. So it
should help you." SPANK! SPANK! "I will look forward to your
weekly check-ups and punishments." SPANK! SPANK! "And also
never be late for your appointment." SPANK! SPANK! "You will
get spanked even before we talk about your weight loss." SPANK!

Although the hand spanking stung my bare skin, it also made my
whole lower region feel warm and it gave me a different type of
sensation. I could also feel my penis growing harder and bigger.
But Jackie kept her thighs together so that I was held between
her legs.


"That should show you what to expect if you don't lose your
weight. You can stand up now, put on your clothes, and make
another appointment with the receptionist. I look forward to
your next session."

As I stood up, I rubbed my poor sore bare bottom and wasn't
concerned that my penis was standing straight out in front of
Jackie's face. My ass felt like it was on fire.

"It looks like you enjoyed the spanking." Jackie said, looking
at my hard penis.

"Sorry, Jackie. I guess I am embarrassed." I said.

But then to my surprise, she pulled me over the bench, again.


"Always refer to me as 'ma'am' when you are in this room!" She
said. "You stand get up, now."

I stood up and quickly put on my underwear and jeans. My tight
jeans made me acutely aware of my spanking.

"Be sure and thank me for spanking you before you leave." Jackie

So I said, "Thank you, ma'am, for spanking me. See you next
week." And I quickly left the punishment room and made an
appointment to see Jackie next week. Then I walked to my dorm
room and lay on my stomach on my bed and studied, thinking about
what had just happened to me. I still hadn't realized that I had
entered the wrong room.

Wrong Room, Part 2

The next day my ass was still tender when I sat down on the hard
wooden seats for my classes but no one seemed to notice. When I
got back to my dorm room, I was surprised when I had a phone
message from the weight loss study program. They were mad at me
because I never made it for my appointment, and three people had
set aside two hours each, for my appointment. Not only that, but
I had wasted taxpayer's money, and that I should call them and
set up another appointment. They left a phone number for me to

I was confused. I thought I had made it for my appointment. So
I called them back. Since it was now 3:30 PM, I set a new
appointment for tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock. They told me
again to report to room B146.

The following day I was on time for my appointment and this time
I found a room labeled B146. The room had no label on it, just a
room number.

"My name is Clyde." I said to the receptionist. "I am here for
my four o'clock appointment."

"So you are the student who missed his appointment. Fill out
this paperwork and I will inform the others that you have finally
arrived. You are the last client, so am going to lock the door."
First the receptionist locked the office door and then left the

After about five minutes and after I had completed the paperwork,
a woman who was dressed like a nurse said to me, "You must be
Clyde. Please follow me so that we can start your interview."

I followed her into a small examination room, and she said,
"Please sit down. Someone will be with you shortly."

About two minutes later, two women wearing white lab coats
entered the room. They asked me one question after another about
what happened to me. I tried to explain what happened, but they
kept asking me even more questions. Finally, I was very
frustrated and said; "I apologize for what happened. If my
apology is not enough for you, why don't you spank me."

Suddenly, they quit asking me questions and started to talk to
each other. After a few minutes one of the women said to me as
she handed me a gown, "Please put this gown on so that it opens
in the back. Also, please take off all of your clothes,
including your shoes and socks, so that we can examine you to see
if you qualify for the study. We will leave the room for a few
minutes so that you will have some privacy, and then we will deal
with you."

Now I wasn't sure what would happen to me, but I took off all of
my clothes and put on the gown. I felt very vulnerable being
naked under this very thin white gown. Then the two women came
into the room, again. One of them went over to the examination
table and pulled out a bottom shelf.

"We are going to take you up on your offer to spank you, then we
will examine you and see if you qualify for this study. So walk
over to the examination table, stand on the shelf, and bend over
the table." One of the women said. "Find something to hold on
to, and don't stand up until we tell you to."

Once I stood on the shelf, it was the perfect height to make my
ass stick out. I bent down and grabbed the sides of the table.
Since the gown opened in the back, I was aware that my naked ass
was sticking out through the parted gown. The only thing that
was saving my modesty was two small strings holding the gown
together. Then, to my surprise, I felt the strings being untied
by one of the women. The gown then fell from my shoulders, and
fell in a small clump around my hands. One of the women quickly
moved my hands and took away the gown. Now I was completely
naked and bent over the exam table. When I looked behind me,
each woman had a wooden ruler in her hand.

I next felt hands on my totally exposed naked ass. "Your ass
cheeks do look pink." One woman said. "It does looks like Clyde
was recently spanked, so maybe he told us the truth. But let's
start his spanking."


Then I felt the sting of the rulers on my bare bottom. And
although I was unable to help myself, I also felt my penis
stiffen and grow bigger. I know that the women were noticing my
erection because they were also spanking me on the insides of my


"Open your legs some more so that we can reach your more tender
parts." One of the women said.

I spread my legs apart as far as I could while still standing on
the shelf. Then I felt one of the rulers flick me between my
legs. This just made me more aware of my erection, and made me
aware that my penis and balls were now dangling unprotected,
between my legs.


My spanking continued on and on. I could now feel the heat from
my spanking fill my whole lower region, and my ass had a tingling


"His ass is now bright red. Let's stop for now and examine him."
One of the women said. "You can now stand up and turn around
and face us."

My ass felt like it was on fire, so I forgot about my modesty and
turned around while rubbing my sore bottom.

"We are both nurses and lab assistants, so you don't have to
cover up you male anatomy." One of the women said. Both women
were wearing white lab coats and short black dresses. "My name
is Jill and this is Nancy. We don't know if you qualify for this
study until we measure you, get your weight, and ask you some
questions. So first get on the scale."

It was quite embarrassing for me because I was totally naked and
Jill and Nancy were about my same age. After they took my
weight, both of them started to take my measurements. Their
hands and fingers seemed to be everywhere at the same time and
they wanted to measure me every way possible. Their hands were
in between my legs, and at the same time measuring around my

Jill and Nancy discussed my measurements between themselves, and
then Jill said, "We want to make sure you tell us the truth while
you answer our questions. So first, Nancy will sit down and I
want her to go over her lap so she can give you a further hand
spanking, if she doesn't like your answers. After Nancy has
questioned you, you will next go over my lap for a spanking. So
hurry up and go over Nancy's lap."

Nancy sat down, and hiked up her skirt. Then over I went and I
could feel my penis dangling between her nice soft thighs. But
then she squeezed her thighs together, and I felt totally
trapped. Next, to embarrass me even more, Nancy reached between
my legs and said, "Please spread your legs apart for your
spanking." Although Nancy's perfume smelled real good and her
skin felt soft, I still felt totally exposed and vulnerable.


"Who did you see in room 164?" Nancy asked.



"Are you going to see her, again?"

"Yes, next week." I replied.


"How long will her study last?" Nancy asked.

"I hope to lose twenty pounds during a ten week period. Jackie
said I would be spanked for every time I didn't reach my goal for
the week." I said.


"I'm going to let Jill spank you. Please stand up and then go
over Jill's lap."

They traded places and soon I was over Jill's lap. Jill trapped
my erect penis between her legs and I spread my legs apart on my
own without being told to do so.

"Clyde, you spread your legs without me asking you. That is a
good sign that you are willing to change your behavior." Jill
said. Jill was taller than Nancy, so I had a larger area to lay


"You can't participate in two studies at once, but would you be
willing to be spanked by Jackie, Nancy, and myself, if you don't
reach you goal every week?" Jill asked.

I didn't answer immediately, because I wanted to think it over.


"Please answer the question, Clyde." Jill said.

"I guess so." I replied.


"Using both of the programs, you should attain you weight loss.
Are you willing to be spanked by us when ever we feel that it
would help you?"


I had no other choice but to say, "Yes."


"Nancy and I will talk to Jackie to set something up before your
next appointment with her. I think this could be beneficial to
all of us." Jill said.


"Stand up and get dressed. I look forward to our next meeting on
changing your behavior." Jill said.

Nancy handed me my clothes and I quickly dressed and left the
room. I now had a very sore ass and I wanted to make sure I lost
some weight that week.

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