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R/L My wife andher Sister

Posted by Greg on Friday, 27 August 1999, at 8:17 p.m.

This happened two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon. All names have been
changed.....just because.

My wife and I were visiting her parents. When my Sister-in-law,
Kathy,came into the house. Kathy is 31, with a great body, and was
wearing a tanktop and tight jean cutoffs. She sat down in the chair
near the tv. My father-in-law was sitting in his lay-z-boy in the
corner, and my wife and mother-in-law were on the couch. I was sitted
on the floor in front of the tv. As we talked idel chit chat the topic
turned to my wife and Kathy's child hood. Kathy is the oldest and my
wife Lisa is the youngest. The middle sister is Freda. The we started
talking about how Kathy got a spanking because she had a jump rope and
Freda wanted it. Apprently Freda started pulling on the rope and Kathy
wouldn't letgo. So She got a spanking. I turned to smile at my wife,
because she knoes of my fetish for spanking.
Lisa laughed and said that if she would have been in Kathy's place
she would have pulled on the rope and let go when Freda pulled harder.
My father-in-law then said, "IS that what you do!? Why I outta whup
your butt!" Lisa protested and was saying no dad you don't understand.
My father-in-law was teasing of course. And Kathy was saying "Hey girl
your not to old to get a whipping." Lisa is 25. Lisa kept protesting
and Kathy kept tellin her she wasen't to old for a spanking. Finally I
turned to Kathy and said, "And neither are you." Kathy looked at me and
said "Ya I know." in a matter-of-fact voice. My father-in-law then
spoke up and said, "Neither one of you girls are too old for a
spanking. And if you need it I'll give it to ya just like when you
were kids.
Well I know my father-in-law. He was being serious. Everyone was
silent untill Kathy said, "I will if Lisa will." I couldn't belive
what I was hearing. Kathy looked at Lisa. I turned my head to look at
my wife. She saw my sly smile. She knew waht I was thinking. It would
be vary interesting to see how this played out. Lisa sighed and said,
"okay." I turned to Kathy. She was looking at her dad. "Pop" was
watching tv. He muted the sound and said, "Kathy go in my room and get
my belt." Kathy stood up and said, "Yes sir."
A minuet later she returned carrying a long worn leather belt. She
walked over to "pop" and presented the belt to him without saying a
word. I got up and sat down at the cahir beside my father-in-law.
He turned off the tv and took it from her. "Come on.", he said. Lisa
nevoursly stood up and Kathy walked behind Pop. he pointed with the
belt for the two girls to stand in front of the tv facing it. Lisa
stood on the left and Kathy on the right. Lisa is 5'4". Kathy is 6'.
They both stood their for a second fidgetting. "Bendover!",he said.
Both girls bent forward. Lisa has let me spank her various times before.
She bentover placing her hands on her knees for support. Kathy bentover
and touched her toes. I guess because she was the oldest he choose her
first. Both of their bottems stuck out and were tight do to the tight
jeans they were wearing. Lisa had on jean shorts too and a t-shirt.

Pop brought that strap down hard a there was a resounding CRACK that
startled even me. Kathy let out a very vocal OW! Pop then began
strapping her quick and hard. Kathy yelled OW! OUCH! OWIIIEEE! After
what seemed like to me as well as her and eternity but was probably
only a minuet and a half. He stopped. You could her her crying softly.
Not enough to make her wail but it brought tears to her eyes and caused
her to sniffel a breathe hard.

Then Pop stepped back and began strapping Lisa's bottem. He was hard
on her. Lisa was more vocal (as she is when I spank her) and was
screaming loudly in pain. I suddenly felt sorry for her. He gave her
equill punishment langth. After it was done he ordered both girls to
stand. The did and kathy and Lisa both wipped tears from thier eyes.

Then to all our supprise he orded them to pull down thier pants.
They hesitated then both of them started to undo the snaps. They
lowered their jeans and throught their white cotten panties I could see
two bright red bottems with angrey red strap marks. For a moment we
thought he was going to strap them bare bottem. But he told them to
bend back over.

They did and this time Pop started with Lisa. She had just gotten
spanked and now it was on vurtually unprotected skin. Lisa howled
loudly and cried out loud this time. She even stood and covered her
bottem. Pop warned her not to do that agin. She bent back over and he
must have continued to strap her for two minuets stright. She was
crying loudly now. Then he stepped up and spanked Kathy. Kathy
screamed as loudly as Lisa. And I watched her bottem get
redder and redder. She was crying like a baby. Pop told told them
to stand. They did and turned to face us.

Tears streamed down their faces which were beat red and flushed.
Pop told them to stand in the corner with pants down. They were
permitted to keep their pantys up. They walked to the corners crying
and sniffiling. I had never actually seen our heard of the corner time
out side of stories on the web. He left them there for about thirty
minuets. Thats how long them to stop crying. After that he told them
to pull up their pants and rejoin the family. They did and both walked
over to Pop. Kathy thanked him. Then hugged and kissed him. Lisa said
thank you and hugged him. Both girls gingerly sat down. After about 10
minuets We left.

Lisa and I talked about what had happened. She said her dad never
spanked her like that. She had told me of some of her childhood
spankings. This was worse. A couple of days later, Lisa told me that
she and Kathy ahd talked. Apperantly Kathy had been spanked like that
before.....and worse. I wonder if I can get her to tell me some of her

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