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The Health Club Pt 5B

Posted by Rollin Hand on Friday, 4 June 1999, at 12:56 p.m.

The Health Club Pt 5B

The auction continued. From the room behind the stage John and Tracy could see the action on stage and the crowd's reaction. There was a palpable sexual tension in the air inspired by the various scenes of voluptuous chastisement that were being enacted for the benefit of the wealthy patrons who were shelling out thousands of dollars to see the attractive club members put to the lash and the paddle. In the crowd watching, furtive hands began to stray to the bodies of partners and dates gently patting, caressing and squeezing. Mingling with the patrons in evening wear, John noticed a number of young men and women in costume similair to what was being worn onstage in keeping with the theme of the evening. John also noted that he recognized some of them as club members.

The next scene featured Jim, a youngish looking man of 23, as a schoolboy in trouble. Playing the part of his strict teacher was Jennifer, a statuesque blond in a tight short srirt and a white ruffled blouse. With her blonde hair pulled back in a bun and wearing black hornrim glasses for effect, she was every inch the stern but beautiful schoolmistress of many a boy's fantasy. Jim's imagined offense was snapping rubber bands at girls in class and he was to be paddled for it. In truth Jim was very much taken with Jennifer and adored her much like a puppy adores his mistress. The attention from Jennifer, even for the purpose of such a shameful ritual, was worth it as far as Jim was concerned.

Vicky had Jen hold up the paddle for all to see.

"This is the terror of many a naughty schoolboy like our Jim here. It is 15" long in the business end, 3" wide and 3/8" thick. Notice the pattern of dime-sized holes to cut down on air resistance. Even a few licks on the bare behind with this implement will instill immediate contrition for misbehavior. So ladies and gentlemen, what am I bid at $400
per swat?"

Even at this price the bidding was heavy and eventually a youngish woman in a designer gown purchased Jim's punishment at the whopping sum of $6000--15 licks with the dreaded paddle.

"Allright then Jim, you bad boy," said Jen " you will pull down your pants and briefs this instant!"

Jim fumbled with his belt, and lowered his pants to his knees.

"The underpants too, Jim. You are to be taught a good lesson in proper behavior at this school," said Ms Jennifer, now clearly relishing her role.

Jim dropped his white jocky shorts to his knees.

"Now bend over and grip behind your knees, young man, while I teach you a lesson with this paddle that your mother obviously neglected."

Jim assumed the position, displaying his rear end for the painful kiss of the paddle.
CRACK!......."OWWW...." CRACK!...."OUCH!" WHACK!....."OWWW...."
Jennifer swung the paddle with a full arm swing connecting each time squarely across the crowns of Jim's rear cheeks.With each solid smack! his fanny would flatten momentarily only to spring back an instant later leaving a band of red where the paddle had struck.The pain was incredible. Jim tried desperately to stay in position, but at the fourth swat bolted straight upright and clutched his aching buttocks.

"Get right back down, young man!" said Jennifer. Reluctantly Jim did so.
Each crack of the paddle produced a wail from Jim. His buttocks turned a fiery red. Despite his best efforts, tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Please stop, please stop, I can't take any more!" Jim pleaded.
Jen bent over and whispered, " Are you going to be a baby or take your licks bravely?"
"I can't, I can't! It hurts too much" Jim blubbered, now completely humiliated at having broken down in tears in front of the object of his affections.

"You have six more coming...take them like a man", said Jen.
The excited crowd urged her on, and Jennifer did not let up to spare Jim's beet red hiney.

The last six swats were given full foprce, landing solidly across Jim's throughly reddened backside producing a loud crack! each time and pitious crying from Jim.

When Jennifer finally gave him permission to rise Jim shot upright and vigorously rubbed his rear cheeks oblivious to the display his nudity presented. After a moment, he managed to pull his pants up over his enflamed rear and was escorted from the stage by Jennifer.

Wow, that was the worst one yet, thought both Tracy and John. And Tracy was up next!

Tracy and Carol emerged onstage. The only prop was a solid-looking straight-backed chair. Carol, a well-built sandy haired blonde was the epitome of a 50's mom in a long print dress. She was holding a small novelty store paddle bearing the inscription " for the cute little dear with the bare behind". Tracy was certainly a "cute little dear" in her blouse and tight pedal pushers that emphasized the curves of her rounded fanny.

"Tracy has been bratty", Vicky began, "and we all know that in the 50's a teenager was bratty at the risk of a painful lesson over mom's knee. This little paddle Carol is holding was commonly sold in souvenier shops all over in the 50's and 60's and can be found to this day. It doesn't look like much but I'll bet Carol will be able to give Tracy here a lesson that it doesn't pay to sass mom. Each smack is only $50, so open your pocketbooks and lets start the bidding!"

In no time at all the bidding reached 35 spanks, but then a surprise bid of $5000 from an attractive 40ish lady accompanied by an older dark-haired gentleman stopped everyone else cold.

"My dear Marion," said Vicky, "I believe the honors are yours. Come on down."
"Carol, the floor is yours."
A mic was placed on stage so that dialogue could be heard.

"Tracy, get over here right now! I will not tolerate your brattiness any more!"

", lighten up willya?" said Tracy determined to get into the act and put on a good show. Even at 100 smacks the little paddle did not look formidable.

"Thats're going to get a good spanking with my paddle to teach you some respect for your elders", said Carol grasping Tracy by the wrist. She proceeded to sit and pulled Tracy to her front. Tracy protested loudly as Carol unsnapped her pedal pushers and lowered them to her knees revealing Tracy's cute hiney in white cotton panties.

"No, mom, no" wailed Tracy as Carol pulled her over her sturdy lap."I'm too old for a spanking!"

Inserting her fingers into the waistband of Tracy's panties she peeled them down to Tracy's knees.Tracy's bare bottom was now perched over Carol's right thigh, which she raised slightly, cocking it in optimum position for a sound spanking.

And sound it was. The little paddle cracked! and smacked! in a steady volley of unhurried spanks on Tracy's bare wriggling fanny. Crack! smack! smack! spank! went the little paddle. "ow...ouch!" went Tracy. Tracy now understood that the little paddle meant business as the relentless smacks began to build up the heat in her sit-spot. Smack! crack! smack! The count was reaching 50 and Tracy's nude sit-upons were a cherry red.

As Carol raised the paddle for the 50th lick, the winning bidder Marion said:
" Stop...stop!"
Carol halted in mid smack as Marion approached Vicky and whispered in her ear.
Vicky nodded and returned to the microphone.
"Our dear friend Marion says that she thinks Carol is doing an excellent job of disciplining Tracy....but she believes she can do better . She proposes to finish the job and will double her donation for the priviledge of doing so."

This proposal met with wild cheers. Vicky nodded to Carol who stood Tracy on her feet, rose, and handed the paddle to Marion. Tracy took this oppotunity to rub the sting out of her bottom.

Marion seated herself and wasted no time.

"Don't you dare rub young lady. Now you will see what a sound spanking really feels like!"

Grabbing Tracy's hand, Marion yanked her across her lap and raised the paddle. With an arm motion that had plenty of wrist snap in it Marion began to rain down crisp hard smacks of the paddle on Tracy's bare bottom. Tracy's anguished yelps leapt to a new level in response to the whack! smack! crack! of the paddle. There was no doubt that the audience was witnessing a very sound spanking on the bare behind of the "cute little dear".

Offstage, watching this spectacle, the knot in John's stomach began to grow. Letting the bidders get into the act was an ominous developement John thought. Tracy was emitting high pitched yelps with every brisk spank, while Marion scolded her imaginary charge.

"You naughty miss I'll show you what a spanking is You won't talk back to your mother after Aunty Marion is done with you! crack! smack! smack!
"Owwww......yeoww....ouch...!" wailed Tracy.

When the last smack had been administered to Tracy's wriggling fanny, Marion let Tracy up. She then stood and to the delight of the crowd, took a bow.
"Now thats how to spank a naughty girl!" she exclaimed to the laughter and hoots from the crowd, who were simultaneously observing Tracy's frantic" spanking dance" and attempt to rub her flaming fanny. Tracy gingerly pulled her pants back up and trying to be a good sport about it, gave a plucky wave as she departed the stage.The audiece applauded loudly.

"Wow.." Tracy said to John backstage, "she really spanked me good. I think I'll be standing for a while.Uh oh! Looks like you're on".
At that moment Chrissy was beckoning to John with a crooked finger.

At the mic Vicky said:

"I would now like to introduce John, a very naughty lad."

John could not help but blush as he walked onto the stage amid cheers and catcalls. He felt very embarassed to be wearing the juvenile sailor suit with white knee socks accentuating the short pants that were way too snug.

"Would you get aload of those cute buns in that little sailor suit" said one very attractive 40ish tall and sveldt platinum haired lady to her younger companion."I like to get his tushie bare-bottomed over my knee".
"Then go for it", said her equally lovely friend."I'd like to help"

Chrissy followed John onto the stage, tapping a large oval-shaped wooden hairbrush against her palm.

"And here is the lovely Chrissy, his governess. John has been very remiss in his studies and there is about to be a reckoning at the hands of Chrissy and her sturdy hairbrush. As you know the hairbrush is a ladies' instrument of correction and no self respecting Victorian governess would be without one. John is about to find out that, wielded by a determined feminine hand , it can really light a fire in a naughty seat. Ladies, this is your chance to see a cute but very naughty boy get a good sound bare-bottomed spanking. I know you have husbands that you can easily imagine in John's position so use your imagination and lets start the bidding. $75 per spank,
ladies. Come on , I know you want to see John get his cute buns tanned, but good. Turn around, John, and let the girls inspect the merchandise .

As John attempted to smile Chrissy spun him around so the crowd could see him from the rear. There were whistles and hoots as the women admired John's tush, packed into the juvenile too tight short pants. The bidding was competitive. It was one society matron versus another for the priviledge of a front row seat at John' s bottom warming.

At 80 smacks, $6000, the platinum haired woman and her younger companion placed the final bid.

"Congratulations to Yvonne, everyone . Yvonne, come on down to see this lad get his just desserts.And, Chrissy,.....give---him---a---good---one!"

"That I will,ma'am", laughed Chrissy.

"Now, John, you know you have neglected your studies and youve been very disobedient. I think you know what happens to bad boys who don't obey. They get good spankings on their bare bottoms!"

With that Chrissy sat in the chair and pulled John between her knees.

"We'll just have these little pants right down!" said Chrissy undoing snaps and tugging the pants down to John's knees, baring his bottom. Chrissy upended John across her lap. To John's horror he felt his penis getting hard as a result of the contact with Chrissy's thighs even through the billowy skirt.

Smack! whack! smack! whack! Chrissy brought the brush down forcefully .Left cheek,right cheek, smack! smack! "This should teach you to mind me, young man!"
said Chrissy briskly smacking John's upturned fanny. "I'll have no more disobedience and more diligence in your studies." smack! crack! spank!

"Yeoww....owww.....owwww...." John could not believe the atrocious sting imparted by the hairbrush. As Chrissy continued to spank he kicked his legs which were fettered only at the knees. It looked to all to be the actions of a ten year old, kicking and squirming over the lap of his gorgeous young governess, who was determined to teach him a stern lesson in deportment. The hair brush continued to rise and fall, connecting with resounding smacks against John's burning buttocks. After 40 searing spanks, Chrissy halted at a signal from Vicky.

Yvonne strode to the podium.

"I will go one better than Marion", said the stately platinum blonde. "Laura and I will donate $15000 to finish John's spanking ourselves....." she paused for effect" private!"

"Well I think that's fair," said Vicky. "We all got to see Chrissy give John a good tanning, so lets leave him now to the tender mercies of Yvonne and Laura. What do you say?

The audience applauded with assent.

"Vicky dear, do you have a bedroom we can use?" asked Yvonne.

"Use any room you wish Yvonne. My house is at your disposal"

As this exchange was going on Chrissy set John on his feet and whispered, " Be a good sport like Tracy was, John. By the way, you were so cute, kicking and wiggling like that when I spanked you, and I know you were excited too", she said giving his turgid cock a discreet squeeze. Snapping his pants she said, "Go on now, just play along," as she lightly smacked him on the rear causing him to wince.

Yvonne turned to John.

"Come with me young man. Lets see if we can't instill some manners in you by way of your bare behind and this hairbrush!"

Taking the hairbrush she pinched John by the earlobe and tugged him along after her much to the delight of the cheers and applause of the guests.

"That's right you bad boy" said Laura walking along John's left side and urging him along with swats to his rear tightly encased in the juvenile costume. "Just wait til we get you alone. This hiney is mine!"

Laughter and catcalls followed the trio out of the hall and upstairs to a silent corridor. Laura found an empty bedroom and Yvonne tugged John inside.Finding a stool by the vanity, Laura pulled it to the center of the room . Yvonne released John's earlobe and
sat down.

"Now, young man we are going to finish your spanking. But first Laura," she said addressing the younger woman, "I think we should get more comfortable."

"I definitely agree", said Laura, smiling.

To John's utter amazement, both women unzipped their dresses and took them off, revealing their splendid figures in nothing but bras, panties and stockings held up by garterbelts. John's prick began to harden again as he feasted his eyes on the vision of loveliness presented by these two women.

"Now, my naughty lad, we are, as it were, unemcumbered. All the better to give those cute buns of yours the smacking they deserve. Come over here.Pull down those pants and get across my knee!"

"Oh, what have we here?" said Yvonne as John's thickening cock was exposed as he took his pants down. "I have a place for this. Get yourself right over my lap this instant!"

John meekly complied and felt his now rigid penis clamped being clamped between Yvonnes smooth thighs.The sensation was exquisite.

"Give me your hands" commanded Yvonne and pinned his hands in a steely grip in the small of his back.

"My, my, a cheeky little lad with his bare little fanny turned up for a good spanking from Aunty Yvonne. What do you think Laura?" she said.

"I think you should spank him .......hard", Laura replied, giggling.

And for the next 5 minutes the only sounds in the room were the pistol-crack sounds of the hard wooden hairbrush on bare bottom and John's cries of pain. Yvonne administered each solid smack with a pause in between so that John could feel the full effect of one before the next was delivered. Laura quietly intoned each sizzling spank.
Crack!"owww.." "47" Crack! "ouch...ohh", "48" smack! "Ow!" "49"
For John , the sting in his buttocks was competing with the pleasurable sensations from his penis trapped between Yvonne's thighs. As Yvonne stepped up the tempo of the spanking John actually found himself lifting his hips to meet the hairbrush in order to increase the delicious friction on his hard shaft.In response Yvonne spanked harder and faster. Finally, John could stand it no more. Poised on an agonizing precipice between pleasure and pain he came in great milky gobs, all over Yvonne's lap.
As John came and came the final smacks were delivered. Crack! "79" Smack! "and..80".

Yvonne did not seem disturbed at this developement. She allowed John to rise and motioned for Laura to bring her a towel.

"Well, young man I see this experience was not totally unpleasant. Remove the rest of your clothes. We may have use for you later."

To Laura she said, "now for you my dear...we have some unfinished business. Do you recall what I told you last night?"

" s-said I had a spanking coming for forgetting to pack your necklace", said Laura demurely.

"Indeed I did. Place yourself across my!!"

John's eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the sight of Laura submissively laying herself over Yvonne's knees. Arcing her well formed derriere, she allowed Yvonne to lower her panties to her knees. At that point it finally hit him---who were these people? John had seen some strange things since joining the health club, but, wow,now this!

And it got wilder. First Yvonne gave Laura a blistering spanking with the back of the brush, causing Luara to buck and wiggle and plead for mercy. Yvonne relented only when Laura's fanny had been smacked to a firey red. Yvonne stood Laura on her feet and the two kissed passionately. Stripping out of their bras and panties the two women took John with them into the large 4 poster bed in the center of the room. For the next hour the three licked, sucked and fucked in an almost trancelike state of delirious pleasure. Yvonne and Laura knelt side by side while John took turns taking each of them from behind. John tongued Yvonne's clit while Laura took John into her mouth. Yvonne rode John while John buried his tongue in Laura's pussy as she sat on his face.

The two women finally collapsed in each other's arms on the bed, and John quietly retrieved his clothes. I've got to find Tracy, he thought, and we should get out of here.

NEXT........the conclusion and aftermath.

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