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Just Friendly Neighbors - Part 2 (M/f)

Posted by JL on Saturday, 12 May 2001, at 10:43 a.m.

Over the next few days, Sue and Ray got together like before, only there was no mention of her spanking. If anything, they seemed a little closer. Occasionally Ray would ask to see her checkbook and Sue would comply, sometimes with a little blush. He always praised her afterwards. A few times, Sue even volunteered her checkbook asking Ray to check up on her. Things were going smoothly. Sue stayed on top of her checkbook and she didn't need another reminder.

Things slipped into an easy routine and the days stretched into weeks and the weeks seemed to pile up. One day Ray stopped by after dinner and chatted for a while. At one point Ray asked, "Sue, let's take a look at your bank statement."

"Sure," Sue replied. She walked to her desk and pulled out the bank file folder. She handed it to Ray and he glanced at the statement.

"Sue this is dated March 10. Today is April 25th."


"So, you should have gotten another statement by now."

"Well... I haven't, it's not in here."

"Sue, the bank is very regular with statements. Mine arrives almost on the same day each month. Yours comes on the 10th of each month and the last one should have been here a few weeks ago."

"Well... it didn't, they... must have made a mistake."

Ray looked around. He noticed a large pile of mail on the desk. "What's this?"

"Oh, just junk mail. I haven't had time to sort through it all."

Ray began shuffling through the pile. There was a lot of junk there. Tucked under one brochure was a thicker envelope, which he pulled out. It had the bank's logo on the back. He held it up so Sue could see it.

Sue felt her heart skip a beat and she opened her mouth, but no words came out. She felt the color drain from her face.

Ray looked her sternly in the eye, "You know our agreements."

Sue started to protest, but decided not to.

"You been doing very good with your checkbook... but that is only half the agreement. The other half is to reconcile the check register to the bank statement with in two weeks, correct?"

Sue was very embarrassed and could only nod.

"I want to hear you say it, Sue."

"Yes... I'm supposed to reconcile the statement. Ray... I'm... very sorry."

"I believe you, Sue. But not following through requires another consequence. I need to follow-through with my part of the agreement, which is to discipline you when you need it. And you need it now because you fell behind with keeping track of your finances."

Sue felt so embarrassed. She wanted to argue, but somewhere inside she felt like she understood a small part of what he said. She felt bad, not about the bank statement; she felt bad that she blew it again. Suddenly she felt like she had let Ray down. "I'm sorry Ray. I'll reconcile it right now."

"That's a good idea. And tomorrow night, come over after dinner for your punishment."

"Tomorrow? Can't we get this over with tonight?"

"Nope. I need to be somewhere this evening. Besides... it'll be good for you to think about this for a while." Ray headed home.

Sue couldn't believe it; she screwed up again. And now she was going to get it again. She tried to forget about it, but that only worked for a short time. Then she found herself thinking about her upcoming punishment, discipline, spanking. The words kept ricocheting around in her head.

That evening slowly dragged by. The following day did, too. By the time the evening rolled around, Sue felt totally wrung out. She had been through it all dozens of times. She felt sorry; boy did she feel sorry. The last hours were worse than anything. Sue got herself ready and walked over to Ray's. Now that she was getting closer, she forgot how anxious she wants to get this over with. Ray let her in the back door.

"You know why you are here, Sue?"

"Yes, Ray. I made a mistake and I'm here for... the... consequences."

"Good Sue, I'm glad you recognize that."

"Ray... I'm sorry. It's all I've been thinking of all day and I'm very sorry. I should have remembered, but I didn't. I know... I...deserve the... consequences."

"You know what the consequences are, don't you?"

Sue fidgeted, "Yes, I do. You are going to... discipline me... you are going to... to spank me."

"Yes, I'm going to spank you. To help you remember. And because this is the second punishment it will be harder."

"What?" Sue didn't have time to consider this as Ray led her into the den. The chair was in the center of the room just like before. Butterflies started doing serious flips in her stomach.

Ray sat down and motioned Sue over to him. She stood at his knees looking down, unable to look in his eyes. She couldn't believe she was in this situation again.

"Hands behind your neck, Sue." She complied as Ray talked calmly and soothingly. He explained why she was getting spanked. Sue felt tears beginning to form. He reached out and guided her to his side and then gently pulled her over his lap. Sue's anxiety heightened, remembering the last time she was in this position.

Ray started to rub her bottom as he continued to talk to her. She could barely register the words knowing what was to come.

"Last time was your first spanking, so I began over your skirt. This time I'm going to start by lifting your skirt and begin spanking over your panties."

Sue gasped; not even considering this possibility. Ray slowly lifted her skirt, settling it over her back. He began stroking her exposed bottom. Sue's pulse picked up significantly.

Ray raised his hand and brought it down sharply. SPANK. "Owww."
Another spank landed, "Owww." A third spank, "Owww, oh Ray, that stings..."

"You bet it stings, Sue. And it's going to sting a lot more before I'm through tonight." SPANK. "I want you to..." SPANK " remember to follow-through..."


Ray kept up a steady pattern, spanking her bottom with fairly hard slaps. Sue felt the stinging much more intensely than the last time. The heat was building faster and the sting was quickly overloading her senses. Each spank was followed by an 'Ouch" from Sue and a series of wiggles.

Ray stopped spanking for a moment and followed by stroking her hot bottom. Sue's breathing settled down as Ray rubbed the sting out. He talked slowly and calmly again. He told her he cared about her and wanted her to do better. Sue relaxed and again felt a sense of comfort being over his lap. It was scary thinking of being all on her own, but she felt like Ray was helping her. She knew she'd do better next time.

When Sue calmed down a bit, Ray began, "Sue are you going to pay more attention to your bank statement?"

"Yes, Ray... I will. I'm sorry for forgetting."

"I think you are sorry, but I want to make sure. I want this spanking to leave a lasting impression on you." Sue didn't think that would be a problem. Ray continued. "So, the next part of the spanking will be on your bare bottom."

"What?" Sue was horrified. "Oh no, Ray," she pleaded. "Please, please... not on the bare..."

"I'm sorry Sue, but this is the second punishment and needs to be stronger than the first. I'm going to take your panties down and spank your bare bottom."

Sue continued to plead. Ray listened, but was firm. "I know it's embarrassing to have me bare your bottom, but that is part of the punishment." With that said, Ray slid his hands to her waistband and slowly began lowering her panties. He took lots of time, as he knew this would be very potent for her.

And it was. Sue couldn't believe this was happening. She held her breath as she felt her panties drawn lower over her bottom. She became aware of the air against her tender skin. She felt so embarrassed, more so than when Ray had spanked her before. She felt like crying.

Gradually her pinkened cheeks were exposed to Ray's gaze. He'd given her a few dozen warm-up spanks, so there was a healthy pink color. He'd sure bring that pink up to a more solid red. Her panties cleared her hips and Ray pulled them down to mid-thigh, and something caught his eye. Turning his attention away from her beautiful bare bottom, Ray noticed something about her panties.

There was a wet spot on the inside of the crotch. He slid her panties off her legs and brought them closer to look at. The implications of this began filtering through his head as he took one finger and felt the dampness on the cotton. Rubbing his fingers together he confirmed his suspicions and a smile came over his face. Tossing the panties to the side, he placed his hands on her naked bottom for the first time and watched her flinch. Gently rubbing and exploring her naked skin, Ray wondered where this might lead and if Sue was aware of her own arousal.

Meanwhile, Sue's mind was swirling. Her emotions were crashing all over the place. Where she'd felt vulnerable during her last spanking, now it was amplified by 10 times, being bare bottom over his lap.

Ray tried to soothe some of her nervousness by rubbing, but realized she was probably overwhelmed. "Now, Sue, it's time to continue. I'm going to spank you until I feel you've learned your lesson."

Sue tensed her whole body in anticipation. Ray brought up his hand and lowered it quickly. SLAP. Sue jerked, not so much from the pain, it wasn't that hard, but from the feel of his hand directly on her skin. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. Ray began a methodical series of spanks, watching her bottom bounce with each spank and the red skin that bloomed under his hand.

SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. Sue began to make small yelps with each spank and wiggled her bottom, too.

SLAP. "I want you..." SLAP... SLAP... "to remember..." SLAP... SLAP..." this feeling..." SLAP... SLAP... "for a... "SLAP..." long..." SLAP... "long..." SLAP... "time."

Sue couldn't respond, her bottom felt so hot and the stinging occupied her whole mind. She started to say 'Owww" after each spank.

Ray paused a few minutes to let her get her breath, but resumed spanking quickly and harder. SMACK.
"Owww... 0h, 0h... Ray... that's too hard... "SMACK... "0h, 0h... I can't take anymore, please... please..." SMACK.

"Ten more spanks, Sue, then we'll be done." SMACK.

"0h, 0h... Ray... oh, I can't..." Sue didn't think she could take any more spanks. Ray continued, spanking her harder than before. Sue began sobbing uncontrollably. SMACK. She felt like it would never end. SMACK.

Even though he was holding her firmly, Sue was twisting and tossing with each spank. SMACK.

Ray stopped and began stroking her now inflamed bottom. Sue continued sobbing and twisting her body. She was so caught up in it all that she hadn't noticed that Ray had stopped spanking.

Ray marveled at the sight before him. Sue's bottom was a bright red; it felt very warm to his touch. Seeing her bare for the first time was a thrill, as her bottom was firm and nicely shaped. Having completed the spanking, Ray allowed himself a few moments to admire her attractive bottom and the results of his attention to it. He felt his own arousal at the sight and remembered the dampness in her panties. Her movements on his lap felt good to his erection, so he just let her lay there recovering as he gently stroked her bottom, and enjoyed the aftermath of her spanking session.

Finally she calmed, her breathing more normal, her movements still. Ray helped her to sit on his lap and she hid her face in his neck while he held her and stroked her hair.

"It's okay, Sue, it's over now. You did well, you took your punishment well," he said.

Sue just she cried in his arms, unable to look at him or respond.

"All is forgiven and we start with a clean slate now," Ray said as he pulled back and lifted her chin to look in her eyes. They were red and teary. When he smiled at her Sue sniffled and smiled back.

"I'm... sorry, ... Ray. I' better."

"I know you will, Sue. That's why I'm helping you." He hugged her again and they stayed this way for some time. Sue felt calm, for some reason. Everything told her she should get out of there as quick as she could, but she didn't. She just wanted to be held.

Ray enjoyed this, too. Especially feeling the weight and heat of her bare bottom pressing into his lap. He wondered if she could feel his rising reaction. Neither of them said anything for a while. At last Ray helped her up and Sue headed for home.

Exhausted, she went to her bedroom and sprawled on the bed. She felt drained but oddly calm. She lay there for some time and just drifted in and out of various thoughts. Slowly, one feeling began to grow larger and more insistent. At first Sue just felt it as warmth, from her bottom, and slowly that warmth expanded and grew, moving between her legs. Without thinking Sue slipped one hand between her legs and suddenly stopped. Her fingers felt a lot of dampness coating her lips. This prompted a realization that jerked her out of her half-dream state; how can I be excited?

She didn't want to admit it, but it was kind of hard to ignore. Her pussy was coated with her slippery juices and her fingers instinctively began rubbing, spreading the moisture and feeling her aroused flesh. Her mind tried to resist, but the warmth inside kept building until her mind gave up. She began rubbing herself more strongly, spreading her lips and focusing on her aroused clit. A few strokes to her clit sent tingles and shocks throughout her body and she started to pant. A few more flicks of her finger against her throbbing clit and Sue felt an orgasm building. Frantically she began pumping her pelvis against her finger, against her clit, until she fell over into her climax, her pussy muscles contracting and squeezing while small moans escaped from her mouth.

Slowly she calmed down and drifted off to a content and peaceful sleep.

Sue woke the next day, slowly and leisurely. Turning over, a small sting from her bottom reminded her of the previous evening's spanking, which then reminded her of the pleasure she felt before she fell asleep. Waking more fully, her mind started to churn and the questions began forming rapid-fire. The storm of her conflicting feelings was looming ahead and there wasn't much she could do to avoid it.

There were large amounts of embarrassment and humiliation; some pain in her bottom; but more pain from feeling... what? She felt failure... letting Ray down, maybe letting herself down. But at the same time, there was an underlying fear, of vulnerability, like her protective barriers were slipping. And she was confused about that, because partly that felt scary and terrible and horrible. And partly that felt good, like a huge relief.

And then there was Ray and a constant feeling that he cared for her. She even felt it when he spanked her, or maybe because he cared enough to spank her. That was certainly a jumbled-up feeling. How could she feel cared for when someone - a man - was spanking her bare bottom?

And as if that weren't enough, there was the arousal. As much as she wanted to deny it, some part of her wouldn't. Maybe it was just a buildup from lack of interest. She hadn't had a partner in years since the divorce. And short of a few masturbation sessions in the bathtub, she hadn't had much time either. That could be it, just a little pent-up feelings.

These thoughts, feelings, and rationalizations bounced around her head all day. Just when she felt she had nailed one down, another came flying in and she was off in another direction; embarrassment, arousal, shame, caring, vulnerability, tears. This time, she couldn't just ignore it and focus on something else. It kept interrupting everything else.

By the end of work, she felt exhausted and just as confused as when the day started. On impulse she decided to stay at the office after hours to do a little research. When everyone in her area had left she turned to her computer and hit the Internet connection. Nervously she went to her favorite search engine and typed: 'spanking.'

An hour later she turned her computer off and sat back in her chair. She was flushed, she felt warm, and her mind was swirling again. But now it was swirling from what she had read and seen. She couldn't believe it, there was a whole world of spanking out there. She had just skimmed the surface but had read about punishment spanking, erotic spanking, domestic discipline, and on and on. Sue set there for a while trying to digest it all and finally it began to dawn on her. She realized that her reactions to being spanked were not so different from many other people. And with that thought, she felt a little sigh of relief and a general quieting of the storm inside.

Over the next few days, Sue settled back into her regular routine. She made extra sure to keep up with her checkbook and went out of her way to talk to Ray. Like after of her first spanking, Ray acted like nothing unusual had happened and didn't hold her mistake against her. He looked at her checkbook a few times and when the bank statement came, she showed him when she completed it. He praised her and they got along very well. There was a closeness there which had probably always been there, but now seemed more pronounced.

Every few days when she had some extra time, Sue would head back to the Internet to learn more about spanking. It amazed her that there was this whole subculture out there that she didn't know anything about. Surfing continued to expand her understanding of her reactions. It also expanded her pent-up arousal. Since her last spanking, Sue had been pleasuring herself almost nightly. She couldn't remember the last time she had been so horny. Sometimes she would lounge in the bath. Other times in bed before sleep. Every once in a while she lay over a few pillows with her bottom up, one hand rubbing her bottom while the other rubbed between her legs. She didn't quite understand it all, but it didn't seem to matter so much as she gave in to her instincts.

The following week Ray brought up their agreement. It had been two months since they began. He asked if she wanted to continue. Sue blushed and nodded.

"I think this is helping you, do you?" asked Ray.

Sue looked in his eyes and nodded, "Yes, I do. Thank you. I appreciate how you've been helping me."

He smiled and they talked about other things.

A few days later Ray answered his door to find Sue there. "Hey, Ray. Sorry to bother you, but I locked myself out of the house. Can I get the spare key?"

"Sure, let me get it." Ray got the key and gave it to her.

"I'll be right back," Sue smiled.

Ray watched her walk to her house, mesmerized with her hips. He felt his attraction to her and had an idea.

When she returned he asked her to sit down. "I have an idea, Sue, but it's up to you..."


"Well, you're doing so well with your checkbook and follow-through, I'm thinking about expanding the agreement."

"To what?" Sue said feeling herself getting nervous.

"Well, I don't mind you having an extra key here, but you misplace your keys or lock yourself out of the house quite a bit."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"And it's not a very good model for the girls. How many times do they forget stuff and then you have to find it for them?"

Sue thought about it and saw the connection.

"So, I'm thinking of adding the spare key to the agreement. The idea is to work at remembering your keys and where they are. If you need the spare, of course you can use it. But, each time you use this spare there will be consequences. Just like with the checkbook."

Sue thought for a minute, feeling her cheeks flush. "I guess... I guess so, Ray. I feel silly forgetting my keys all the time and I hate bothering you for the spare."

"It's no bother, Sue." And his smile warmed her. " So, we're agreed. Checkbook and keys. Both are part of our agreement."

Sue nodded and immediately looked around for her keys, finding them on the table. They both laughed and Sue headed home.

The next few weeks were filled with the stuff of her daily life. But even in these busy times, Sue still felt the intensity of her emotions about being spanked. It had been about a month since her last spanking. She was proud that she hadn't made any more mistakes, but there was also a growing sense of something else. At first she couldn't identify it, but slowly it became clearer. It especially became clearer at night, lying in bed, over two pillows, her bare bottom exposed. She was thinking about being over Ray's lap. Sometimes she rubbed herself to a climax and fell asleep. Other times she would just rub her bottom and think about her last spanking. She was amazed at how aroused she could get by just rubbing her bottom. Warmth would build, connecting to her other aroused areas. It wasn't the same as with her pussy or breasts, but it was definitely arousing.

As the days went by, she felt this tension building in her. In the past it was relieved when she masturbated, but now that didn't seem to help as much. She found herself thinking of how to get Ray to spank her again, only to recoil from the thought. On the one hand she was beginning to admit to herself, at least at moments, that she wanted to be spanked. But on the other hand, she didn't want to break their agreement. She felt she'd be letting Ray down if she did.

Back and forth, back and forth, and the tension seem to get larger and larger inside her.

One day while driving home from work, Sue felt something snap inside. Without thinking about it, she pulled up in the driveway and walked over to Ray's. He answered the door.

"Hi, Ray, I'm sorry... but, I left my keys in the house. Can I get the spare?"

"Sure. Come on in. I'll be right back."

Sue fidgeted while waiting.

Handing her the key Ray said, "You've done pretty well for a few weeks, but you know there's a punishment for this."

Sue nodded, unable to look him in the eye.

"When you bring the key back, will take care of it then." Sue nodded and turned for the door.

Ray watched her walk away, staring at her retreating form. He wondered if she knew what effect she had on him. When she got to her door, he noticed something odd. She reached in her purse and pulled her key ring out, using it to unlock the door.

Ray sat down for a moment absorbing this information. Either she had forgotten she had her keys, or... and then Ray smiled. He remembered feeling that wet spot on her panties during her last spanking. "This could be very interesting", he said out loud.

A few minutes later Sue returned with the spare key. She handed it to him saying, "I'm sorry I forgot my keys, Ray." She couldn't look at him; she kept her eyes down and shifted nervously on her feet. She felt her face flushing and kept her hands behind her back.

"You know the consequence."

Sue nodded, "Yes, I do. You're going to spank me."

"Let's do it then." They walked into the den. Ray sat down, Sue stood in front of him. Her feelings began to grow, her pulse quickened. She knew she purposefully put herself here; now she wasn't so sure it was a good idea. But, she could also feel a small ball of excitement starting deep inside.

Ray smiled at her and she smiled back. "This is not as bad a mistake as forgetting the bank statement, so it won't be as hard." Sue sighed with relief.

"Over my lap." Ray guided her into place. She settled herself in and felt her anticipation rising. Without a word, Ray lifted her skirt and barely pausing, he reached for her panties and began lowering them over her hips.

Sue gasped as her bottom was bared. Curious, Ray checked her panties and saw a similar damp spot as before. But, this time it was before he had even spanked her. She had obviously been anticipating this. His smile broadened.

Ray rubbed her clenching cheeks and felt his erection rising. "I'm going to spank your bare bottom for forgetting your keys."

"I'm... I'm sorry."

"I want you to do better at remembering your keys."

"I will, Ray. I promise..."

Ray began spanking gently and lightly, giving her some warm-ups to begin with. He watched her reactions more closely now, certain that she had purposefully arranged this spanking.

Sue felt herself relaxing, but couldn't believe it. One part of her was screaming that she was being spanked on her bare bottom. And another part of her was sighing, 'ahhh... I'm being spanked on my bare bottom.' The first spanks were not hard and she felt a slow warmth rising in her bottom.

Ray increased the intensity and pace, but kept the spanks mild to medium. Sue occasionally let out a little 'Oww...' when he hit a sensitive spot, but nothing too intense. He paused and spent a lot of time stroking her cheeks and listening to her breathing. Ray could feel her bottom rotating with his hand.

He returned to spanking, this time with medium intensity, but consistently. Her bottom was turning an even shade of light red. He stopped to rub again. Sue's breathing was faster, now closer to a pant. She was making larger movements with her hips, which also pressed against his lap.

Again Ray raised his hand to continue spanking; this time a little harder. Sue winced, but didn't cry out. Ray gave her a good two dozen smacks and stopped to rub the sting out again. When she had settled down he pulled her up to stand in front of him.

"Now, I want you to stand in that corner and think about why you got spanked." Sue nodded and went to the corner. Her bottom was hot and stinging, but not near as bad as last time. It was more like a gentle glow. And as she stood there she felt a little bad that she let Ray down by forgetting her key. She also felt some warmth building between her legs.

He called her back to him. She stood in front of him; he reached forward to draw her next to his knees. Sue felt odd. Here she was in a skirt with no panties, right in front of Ray, with her bottom stinging and her arousal rising. She was starting to feel overwhelmed with all the different sensations.

Ray locked eyes with hers and began, "That was a mild punishment for it mild mistake. Do you think you'll remember your keys now?"

Sue nodded, "Yes, Ray, I will."

"Good. Now we need to talk about something else."

This caught Sue off guard, "What?"

Ray was direct, "You lied to me."

"What..." Sue was genuinely flustered. And suddenly all her previous feelings disappeared.

Ray continued, "You lied to me when you said you forgot your keys."

Sue couldn't believe his words, "But, I... I..."

Ray shook his head slowly, "No use denying it. I watched you walk home and use your own keys to get in." He looked directly at her; she couldn't look away. Tears started forming in her eyes.

"You lied to me and that is much worse than forgetting your keys, or not entering a check amount, or misplacing a bank statement."

All of a sudden, Sue felt the enormity of what she had done.

"This can't work if you lie to me, Sue."

She began to feel tears brimming over her eyes, running down her cheeks. "Ray..." she stammered, "Ray... I'm so, so sorry." She could barely get the words out.

"I believe lying is a major mistake, Sue. We didn't specifically talk about this in our agreement, but lying to me requires a harsher punishment. Sue began to tremble; everything seemed to be going wrong.

"Because we didn't agree to it before, I'll give you a choice right now. You can take whatever harsher punishment I decide now, or you can walk out that door. Know this though..."

Sue's heart felt like it would burst out of her chest.

"If you stay, the punishment will be harsher than anything before. If you choose to walk out the door, I can't help you with our agreement anymore. I need to be able to trust you, Sue. So, it's your choice."

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