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Re: Embarrassing Spankings

Posted by smuccatelli on Saturday, 12 May 2001, at 5:02 a.m., in response to Embarrassing Spankings, posted by LTR on Wednesday, 9 May 2001, at 9:58 p.m.

“Alternate Use for a Hairbrush”

Now that I'm an adult, I look back with nostalgic pleasure on my humiliating childhood punishments, of which I received my share. One of the most memorable occurred in Los Angeles when I was nine or ten.
My mother and I were staying at a motel in Hollywood. The day before, I had gotten into some trouble with the manager and he had banned me from the pool area. Later that night, I took one of my mother's lipsticks and sneaked into the pool and scrawled “FUCK YOU!” across the bottom.
The next morning, Mom went out for a swim while I was still sleeping. Just as she went out, another early swimmer had gone into the office to report the obscene graffiti in the pool. The manager, Mr. Steinberg, and his wife came out and saw it and immediately suspected me. They confronted my mother, who denied that I had anything to do with it. They all trooped back to our room and woke me up and asked me if I had done it. Naturally, I stammered out a denial. Mom looked at me suspiciously and went to her vanity case and found that one of her lipsticks was missing. Since it was the same color as the stuff on the pool, she knew I was lying. Angrily, she accused me again, and I finally admitted it.
Mr. Steinberg yelled at her about what a little brat I was, then said he was kicking us out and we were no longer welcome in his motel. My mother coldly acknowledged my wrongdoing and said we would leave immediately but that she had something to do first.
She said that she was going to teach me a lesson that I would never forget and she wanted them to stay and see it for themselves. She asked them to sit down and then went and got her hairbrush from the dressing table. It was a large, long-handled type with a big oval head and she smacked it menacingly against the palm of her hand as she advanced on me.
Clad only in my underwear, I was dragged out of bed as I begged her not to spank me. She sat on the bed and announced that she was going to blister my butt. While I was still protesting, she yanked my underpants down to my knees and pulled me across her lap. Then, holding me down with her free hand and with the Steinbergs watching smugly, she walloped my bare bottom with her hairbrush!
She spanked my bare buttocks thoroughly, first smacking the left, then the right. Slowly and deliberately, she paddled my butt, smacking each cheek solidly with the brush. I was squirming and crying loudly, trying to escape the burning pain.
I screamed “Mama! Mama! Please don't!” “I'm sorry!” I wailed, over and over.
In between swats, when I struggled too much, she stopped briefly. Relieved, I tearfully started to apologize, promising fervently to “be good.”
“Damn right you will!” she said, grimly. She began anew, spanking me with hard, deliberate smacks on each sore, red buttock.
“No, Mama! Please! MAMA!” I screamed as she continued to paddle me. I had never been spanked this long or this hard before and soon I couldn't even beg anymore, I just broke down and bawled like a baby.
Because she was wearing a swimsuit and, as my underpants were down around my knees, my penis was rubbing against her bare thighs as I lay squirming in her lap.
Initially, all I could feel was the searing pain of my spanking, but I became conscious of my little cock. My dick was now clamped firmly between her legs, where it had slipped during my struggles, and it was getting hard. The pain seemed to lessen, even as she continued to spank me, and I became more aware of other sensations, such as my stiff, little prick rubbing against her warm thighs.
I also noticed the vengeful intensity with which the Steinbergs were enjoying my shameful punishment. They were watching me get my bare bottom spanked like a naughty little boy! They saw my bare butt and probably my dick as well when Mom pulled down my underpants! And now they were witnessing the most humiliating punishment a boy could endure: his mama taking his pants down and thoroughly and deliberately paddling his childishly bared behind right in front of two total strangers!
Although I can't say I derived any pleasure from my spanking at the time, in retrospect, it was extremely erotic. The warm glow from my stinging, red buttocks and my hard little dick captured between my mother's smooth thighs are now fond memories. Both the pain in my butt and the total humiliation of having my bottom bared and then publicly spanked were exquisite.
I was too busy crying and sobbing to appreciate it then, however. Mom continued to spank me and I was squirming, kicking, and carrying on loudly. She had my hands pinned together behind my back so I couldn't interfere with the spanking. I was sprawled across her lap, with my underpants around my knees, private parts exposed to everyone, crying, begging for mercy and getting my blushingly bare bottom royally reddened by Mom's smacking, cracking hairbrush!
Finally, it was over. After she released me, I just lay limply over her lap, sobbing. She stood me up and marched me over to the corner, making me stand there with my underpants down and my red bottom exposed while she apologized to the Steinbergs.
I was acutely aware of my humiliating position and embarrassed by my erection as I stood there, still sniffling. The Steinbergs were quite satisfied, congratulating Mom on administering a sound, richly deserved spanking, and said that if she paid for cleaning the pool, we wouldn't have to leave.
After they left, Mom came over to me and turned me around, saying that I shouldn't have lied to her and that was why she had spanked me on my bare bottom in front of the Steinbergs. I stammered out “I'm s-sorry, Mom” through my tears, then I buried my face in her chest and cried helplessly. She put her arms around me and hugged me tightly and whispered “It's all right. It's all right.” and cried too.
I didn't realize how much I enjoyed my spanking until much later; the incredible humiliation of having my pants pulled down in front of an audience, getting my shamefully bared bottom spanked like a naughty child, crying and begging for mercy. To this day, I get an erection just thinking about it!
Mom was right. She taught me a lesson I never forgot!

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