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Husband Spanks Naughty Wife

Posted by Susan on Wednesday, 9 May 2001, at 2:31 a.m.

We had only been married a few short weeks. My husband was a very kind man, and the thought of him punishing me for anything NEVER even crossed my mind. He had gone to work very early that morning, and I was supposed to get all the laundry done before he came home from work. As it happened, one of my best girlfriends called me and asked me to go shopping with her for a couple hours. Well, of course, a couple hours turned into 5 or 6 hours, and I was late getting back home. By this time, Rick had arrived home from work, and was sitting on the sofa waiting for me when I walked through the door. He didn't look angry, but told me to hurry up and get dinner started. We ate dinner and he questioned me about the lengthy time I had been gone and why I did not complete my chores as I was instructed to do when he had left in the morning. I apologized and told him it would never happen again, and that I would do the laundry first thing in the morning, but he informed me that I was going to be punished for not doing my chores, and then I was going to do the laundry THAT night before I could go to bed.

I didn't know exactly what he meant about punishing me, but I was very nervous as I cleaned up the dinner dishes, and when he called me into the bedroom my knees got weak with fear and anticipation. I figured if he was going to swat my butt a few times that I could handle that, so I politely obeyed when he ordered me to remove my skirt and lay down on the bed. Suddenly, he straddled me and grabbed my wrists. Taking two strips of rope, he tied my wrists to the bed posts of our king size poster bed. I didn't panic yet, I just figured I'd whimper a little and give him his pleasure in spanking my bare butt with his hand. When he spread my legs and began tying rope around my ankles I did panic, and asked him what he was doing. He said he was going to spank my bare ass so hard that I would not be able to sit for a week.
"Nooooooooooooo" I whimpered. "I'll be good, I promise....... I'll do the laundry tonight, please don't spank me!!" He lifted each leg spread-eagled up and over my head and tied my ankles way up over my head to the bed posts, so I was laying flat on my back, arms spread wide and legs folded up over my head, with my poor bare butt sticking up in the air, and my cheeks spread wide open. I was so embarassed I began crying. "Pleeeeeaaase Rick, ooooh pleeease, I'm s,s,soooorry..... oooooo, it huuurts to have my legs like this, pleeease baby, I won't do it again, I promise" "I know you won't do it again, because each time you think you want to disobey me, you'll remember how sore your ass will be when I get through with you!"

He got up off the bed, stood up, and started unbuckling his leather belt. I started begging even more. I had NEVER been spanked with a belt, and I wasn't about to let someone do it now. I am a full grown WOMAN for crying out loud!!!
"Rick, please, untie me NOW!!!" I yelled at him. He just grinned. "You are not in a position young lady to give ME orders", he said calmly. "Now, you're going to get even more for being smart with me!!!"

I tried to clench my butt cheeks together, but was helpless with my legs spread out wide over my head, and could only squirm my butt back and forth just the tiniest bit. I was helpless, and I knew it. "Oohhh Gawd RICK!!!! This is NOT funny..... DON'T do this, pleeeeease!" I was already starting to cry, and he hadn't even done anything yet.

He reached down and rubbed my squirming butt with his huge muscular hand,
SMACK! The belt came down hard across my cheeks. "OWWWWW....... NOOOOOOO
SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK..I screamed as the belt crashed against my upturned butt.NOOOOO PLEEEEEAAAASE..... OOOOWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
SMACK SMACK SMACK...... my butt was on fire. SMACK...... the belt came down right across my anus, and it felt like someone had taken a red hot poker and shoved it in there,I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but he continued to assault my poor ass. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!!
I wriggled and cried at the top of my lungs, begging him to stop . . . SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK..... I could feel the welts forming on my hot bottom.
As suddenly as he had started, he stopped, leaving me lying there, bawlin and squirming like a baby, as he moved away from me. I couldn't see what he was doing my eyes were swelled with tears. The next thing I felt was something very cold and wet being rubbed onto my aching bottom. He was rubbing lotion or something on my flaming butt. "I'm s,s,sooorrry" I cried. He just calmly rubbed my upturned butt with lotion, moving his big hand over each cheek, rubbing soft, then grabbing each cheek and kneading the welted flesh. I winced in pain and screamed when his hands clenched my butt cheeks.
"Now, you're going to learn what I enjoy" he said, and I could feel something pushing against my sphincter. "NOOOOOOOOO, I bawled through my tears. "Please Rick, It'll huuuurrrrt..... pleeeease nooooo". He shoved first one oiled finger into my anus, as I screamed even louder. Then he pulled it out again with a pop as my shincter unclenched, It seemed like I'd been splayed out like this for days as I felt his finger pressing against my butt again, in deepeer, then out again, then TWO fingers...."OOOOWWWWEEEEE....... NOOOOOOOO.... RICK.... PLEEEAASE DON'T!!!!" I was panting and writhing, but it did no good, I was at his mercy. He probed in and out with his two huge fingers, stretching my anus beyond limits, then stopped suddenly. "Now young lady, you had just better relax and take what I'm going to give to you, and it won't hurt quite so much"
SMACK SMACK SMACK...... the belt came down across my throbbing cheeks again and again, as he told me that I was going to do as HE told me from now on, and if I didn't I would be punished every time I was naughty. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. I screamed over and over each time the belt struck my lotion saturated ass, hoping that it would end soon. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. "And when I tell you to do ANYTHING, you'd better do it, or get the belt!" With this I could feel him crawling up on the bed between my outstretched legs, and felt him pushing against my sphincter again. This hurt REALLY bad. It wasn't his finger this time. OHMYGOD, HE'S going to FUCK MY ASS!!!" I felt the white hot pain as he forced his cock past my sphincter muscle, it felt like my butt was being split in two by his huge cock. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" SMACK SMACK. He slapped my ass cheeks again and again with his hand sending another torrent of tears and shudders through my body. I was crying so hard I was shaking and sobbing. I could feel his huge member pushin deeper and deeper into my rectum. When he had the full length in, I tried to relax as much as I could but it hurt so much. Slowly he inched his cock out and I began to relax, thinking that he was done punishing my burning ass, when he got it almost all the way out, he SHOVED it back in with one sudden motion. He began to pump furiously into my ass, slamming in and out until I felt like I would pass out. I felt him tense up and push even deeper as he came in my ass, filling my already stinging butt up with his cum. I was sobbing and bawling the entire time. He finished and pulled out. Untying the ropes that held me, he made me get up and go finish the laundry with no panties on, warning me of what would happen if I didn't get it done that night. Needless to say, even though I really couldn't sit for the next few days, whenever he told me to bend over for him, I did exactly as I was told!

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