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Father/son spanking

Posted by Darleen on Monday, 12 April 1999, at 4:35 p.m., in response to Father/son spanking stories, posted by Brooke on Sunday, 11 April 1999, at 2:26 a.m.


I share your fascination with father/son spankings due to experiences I've had. I've been raised in a spanking family so I know how a bare bottomed spanking feels, and my folks weren't often modest about punishing in front of people.

I've always hated my own spankings, but somehow it is something else to watch others take spankings! So even though I've suffered the humiliation of being spanked in front of my aunt and uncle and cousin Rick, I've also had the opportunity to see Ricky get his buns tanned!

Mom is the main spanker in our house, but at Uncle Frank's place, he is the disciplinarian. Cousin Ricky can be okay but he's one year younger than I am and knows how to be a pest. Unfortunately for Ricky, his folks are strict as mine so any little transgression, like forgetting chores or being sassy, can turn into a bad spanking.

Once when he was ten he was mowing the lawn, looking cute in his t-shirt and tight shorts, and he ran over the hose and cut it up. We all saw him do it but when he came in and Uncle asked him about it, he got all red, looked at me, then lied.

Bad move, I thought to myself. My uncle is a rancher, a tall strong silent type who brooks (Brookes? :-0 ) no nonsense. As he was taking Ricky's shorts down, Ricky was whining "no please don't spank me in front of her", meaning me of course, and I almost felt sorry for him cuz I've made the same pleas many times.

But for some reason I really wanted to see Ricky spanked and I got my wish. He had no underpants on so when his shorts came down I got a quick glimpse of his little thing before Uncle folded the boy over his lap.

I was treated to a good view of Ricky's long hard hand spanking on his bare bottom. He tried to be brave, cuz I was there I bet, but after 20 really sharp spanks his butt was red and he was crying.

Another 20 fast spanks and he was waving his strawberry fanny all around and squealing like a little girl! Before it was over, his chubby behind was bright red and when his dad let him up he jumped around, bawling and holding his hot buns, giving me a great view of him naked.

I was only 11, just interested but not excited to see his cock and balls, for me it was just a thrill to see someone ELSE spanked for a change, and a bratty boy at that!

Next time was better. I was 14, he was 13 and we got in a fight which was all his fault. His dad called him on it and no matter how much he begged he was gonna get it. I was honestly mad at him right then, and nothing could make me happier than to see him punished.

Ricky's face was soooo red when he took his jeans off, this time he wore underpants and he looked so sorry standing there watching Uncle Frank take his belt off!

Just as I'd hoped, Uncle Frank yanked his son's underpants down and I saw his pecker, which was now surrounded by sparse hair! My own hair had come in a year ago and I felt lucky to see him naked at his stage.

Going over his dad's lap must have been terrible for the boy, as he was talking real fast begging to be spanked later. I just smiled when Ricky looked at me and then his dad belt whipped Ricky's bare bottom - which was more muscular and very white - until Ricky was bawling, begging and kicking over his dad's lap.

I couldn't believe how quickly Ricky's butt turned bright red and when his dad started whipping the belt across Ricky's thighs the boy acted like he was being branded, he just bellowed and bucked.

This time I was old enough to appreciate the rare site of a boy's bare bottom bouncing under the strap and I felt myself become woozy watching Ricky's strapping.

After the last SWACK of leather, Ricky did a hilarious spanking dance around the room, jeans at his ankles, head thrown back in agony, hands splayed across his welted bottom and his dick bouncing around right in front of me!

Well, Brooke, I hope this is what you had in mind and I'd love to hear your experinces or fantasies. Darleen

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