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Posted by Perry Symon Fowler on Sunday, 28 January 2001, at 12:20 a.m.

Perry Symon Fowler

This is a true story.
Only the facts have been changed.


12 June, 1997: Kylie Robertson got into an argument with her mother, Jennifer. Sent to her room, Kylie was told to stand in the corner with her panties down and her bare bottom on display. "Just you wait 'til your father gets home, young lady", Mrs Robinson told her wayward young daughter, then went downstairs to phone her husband.

Frank Robertson came home from the hardware store around 5.30, and following a short conversation with Mrs R, went upstairs to give Kylie a long hard spanking. Hearing her father ascending the stairs, she started crying because she knew exactly how much it was going to hurt. She begged her Daddy to let her off with a warning. Frank ignored her pleas and preceded to take the woeful, sobbing girl over his knee.

Scolding her without mercy, he warned her not to struggle or her punishment would be much the worse. He spanked her naughty little bottom for a good ten minutes, smacking each cheek in swift succession until they were hot and red and shiny. Frank's hand was extremely hard: Kylie screamed so loud the entire neighbourhood could hear her. As spankings were a regular event in the Robertson household, the neighbours were accustomed to Kylie's shill, piercing cries. She was spanked on average once every six weeks.


7.15 PM, 21 April, 1996: Kerrie Halligan came home late for dinner. Her parents were very angry, and decided that she needed a good, hard spanking to teach her a lesson. Her father Bruce took her into the living room, where she was told to bend over the sofa and raise her tartan skirt. Kerrie begged him to spank her in her bedroom, because she knew that one of her friends might drop 'round for a visit.

Bruce was totally unsympathetic, he folded his muscular arms and said: "You should have thought of that before, little girl", or something to that effect. Kerrie burst into tears and said "It's not fair, Daddy, I'm too big for a spanking". Nonetheless, she bent over the sofa and raised her hemline to reveal her pink cotton panties.

Bruce got the paddle off the mantle-piece and told her to lower her underpants. Kerrie groaned helplessly; she HATED being made to bare her bottom. Sobbing in quiet humilation, she slipped her panties down to her mid-thighs, presenting her firm, round bottom-cheeks for punishment. She begged Bruce not to use the paddle: "Please Daddy, no, not the paddle, it hurts too much, spank me with your hand, please -".

Bruce didn't listen. Warning her to keep her knees straight and her bottom raised, he brought the paddle down on her soft, tender girl-flesh. He spanked her extremely hard for close on twelve minutes, concentrating on the area overlapping the thigh. Kerrie shrieked and danced from foot to foot, but she didn't dare try to 'escape'. Frank gave her an exceptionally thorough spanking; she couldn't sit down for three days and her bottom-cheeks were bruised and blistered for two weeks afterwards.


Friday, 8 September 2000: a girl named Allie Symons sneaked out meet some friends after being grounded by her parents. Her father Jim was extremely angry when he found out, and decided to spank her in the living room. Allie begged him not to punish her, but it was no use, Jim had made up his mind. Allie was required her take down her jeans and panties, something she always found terribly embarrassing. She cried and said it wasn't fair, but she had to bear her bottom all the same.

Jim said "you're getting exactly what you deserve young lady" or something like that, then he stretched her over his knee and gave her a damn good spanking. It was very long and hard and it hurt like the devil. Allie screamed and cried and kicked her little feet. Jim spanked her for nearly ten minutes, until her bottom was hot and pink and very, very sore. Then he made her stand in the corner with her freshly-smacked bottom on display for about an hour.


11 May, 1998: Sharon Sinclair was given a spanking by her father Harold following a failing grade in Maths. Sent to the rumpus room to prepare for her spanking, Sharon was required to take off her shorts and drag the spanking chair into the middle of the room. She had to be kneeling beside the chair in her socks and panties by the time Harold arrived to take her over his knee. Sharon hated being treated like a naughty little girl, considering herself too old for a spanking, and always tried to suggest alternative forms of punishment.

Unfortunately, Harold Sinclair possessed a strong belief in traditional discipline, and ordered Sharon to bare her bottom without further argument. Weeping in abject shame, she took down her white cotton panties and climbed over his lap where she lay with her bottom clenching in anticipation. Harold scolded her roundly for a couple of minutes, then subjected her to a lengthy bare-bottom spanking, clapping her cheeks and upper-thighs bright red.

Sharon screamed and cried in agony, promising to study much harder in future. Harold spanked her for ten minutes, then made her stand in the corner with her hot, red bottom on exhibition, telling her she was grounded until her grades improved.

The next day, Sharon was sent to school with a letter addressed to her teacher, explaining that she'd been punished with a good, old-fashioned spanking and ensuring her future good conduct. Although Sharon's grades were exemplary from that time on, she was spanked at least once a month over the next two years.


9 July 1997: Lucy Bartlet was spanked by her step-father, Ted, after leaving her bike in the driveway for the third time in a week. Following a bald-faced scolding in the living room, Ted told her to wait for him upstairs, he'd be along in five minutes to smack her bottom. Lucy ran up to her bedroom in tears; her step-daddy always insisted in spanking her in her underwear.

Entering her bedroom, she peeled off her clothes and stripped down to her white cotton vest and panties. She then sat down on the bed, weeping in utter humiliation. A few minutes later, Ted walked into the room carrying a large, wooden hairbrush. Lucy immediately burst into pleas of mercy: "No, Daddy, no, please, not the hairbrush" - and so on. Ted ignored her tears completely. He sat down on the bed and took the naughty little girl straight across his knee. He started off with a rather thorough hand-spanking over her panties, scolding her angrily and warning her to keep still on his lap.

Five minutes later, he pulled Lucy's underpants down to her ankles, revealing her red-hot bottom in all its simmering glory. Picking up the hairbrush, he finished off with a nice, long paddling, tanning her naked buttocks for close on twelve minutes. Once it was over, he told Lucy to go downstairs and get her pushbike out of the driveway. She was never so careless again.
Perry Symon Fowler

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