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Re: spanked by daddy

Posted by Shannon on Sunday, 20 May 2001, at 3:12 p.m., in response to spanked by daddy, posted by sally on Monday, 22 January 2001, at 9:02 a.m.


Yeah, I can guess what happened after he got home from work!!!!1 Hon, I know the feeling. When I younger, and when my grandmother raised
me or she let me live with her for one year because my mother was going to
school out of town from where we were actually living. So, I did go live with her and after staying there for a few weeks I had started wetting my panties and her bed. So, one morning as she woke me up to get ready for school, she noticed that my panties and the bed was wet. So, she made a remark stating that, "if I wet the bed again and my panties that I was going to get the paddle," or "I will paddle you." I was lucky. She only sent me a warning. But for some strange reason that excited me. Because, I've always had the fantasy of being paddled over the panties or a bare bottom paddling by my grandmother. I know it sounds strange but its true, and I also get the same feeling from her that she has always fantisized of paddling me too, and she has also wanted to spank me over my clothing too.

She has paddled me before but it didn't hurt. I was very little. My first paddling from her was when I was 3 or 5 years old. One night my grandmother was
babysitting me and all of my cousins because all of our parents went out to a dance, and as she cooking or baking we were making too much noise, and I think it was late like about 10 or 11 O'clock at night. I can remember this like it was yesterday. She kept telling us to be quiet but we didn't listen to her. We kept ignoring her. So, what she did was she got out all of her implements which was the a strap and 3 small wooden paddles that had a message on there, "Heat For The Seat." Then she called me to be the first one to get paddled, and she asked me if I was ready for my spanking?" And I said hesitating...."Yes." and being scared of that paddle, and also being afraid that it was going to hurt or sting but she suprised me! It didn't. I mean, at that age you're not understanding about spankings or wanting them for punishment in that matter but when she was spanking me it was kind of feeling good. She would do it softly or gently. Or, in a erotic way. Also at that age I wouldn't know or unerstand anything about sex and spanking either or understanding that being spanked makes me want to have sex afterwards.

But about her paddling me for wetting her bed that morning....I think that I honestly could have taken the spanking on the panties where it was dry(which was on my butt)or on my bare bottom and would have gone to school with a pink or red bottom then going to school with wet panties on.

But when she paddled me for the first time she told me to keep my hands in front of me, and don't try to fight the spanking but I did anyways. I think she only gave me 1 or 2 licks. It didn't hurt though. It was over a pare of panties and shorts. Then after she saw that I couldn't take the paddle then she grabbed the strap, and I took the whipping instead. But I think since then she has always wanted paddle me, and today I am 29 and I believe that she still does fantisize or still want to spank me with the paddle. But I say to myself....."In this day I am too old for a spanking from her at 29 but some others would disagree." I think if I ever deicde to let her do it she would want to spank me over the patneis and then my bare bottom. I don't think she would ever want to try or give me a hand-spanking. Because, I have always heard her discussing with others that in spanking if you use your are doing more harm then good in hurting yourself. Because, you are bruising and injuring your hand more than the other person's ass. So, that's why she has always preferred using the paddle. Because, you are not only protecting your is also leaving a good sting on your bottom better than your hand.

Well, I agree in most senses but I've always thought that the hand was the best implement to use in spanking. Well, for a man to use his "nice large hands." But not a lady to use her hands.

> has anyone ever gotten spanked by their daddy for peeing in their
> panties? I did when i was younger and now i think about it all the
> time. I used to wet my bed and when daddy came in to wake me up and
> saw that i had wet panties, he wouldturn me over his knee, pull my
> wet panties down and spank me. Then he made me wear my wet panties
> to school. Once I changed them and he found out when he got home from
> work and guess what happened?????

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