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Growing Pains 7: Spanked for bad grades

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Growing Pains 7: Spanked for bad grades

Postby NM Disciplinarian » Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:39 pm

This story is about the nonconsensual disciplinary spanking of a 15 year old girl named Cara. It is purely fictional and is set in the 70s in Calgary.

My first month of school was going very well. There was more work to do and more studying,
but it was beginning to pay off. I had a couple assignment and test results back already. I
managed a couple of marks in the 70's. Daddy was happy with that and gave me lots of
encouragement. My two new sisters both did better than me but I was real happy with the
results I got.

But there was one subject that I really didn't like so I didn't do too much work on it, and that
was Social Studies. It just was dumb. I skipped some classes and didn't do some of the
homework. So it didn't surprise me that I got a mark in the 50's. I wasn't worried either.

Marie looked worried when I showed her the assignment. She shook her head and said
"you are gonna be in trouble when Dad gets home".

"you think so," I said, beginning to be a little worried myself.

"You know how he is about schoolwork," she said ominously. "we all have to do well. Maybe
not straight A's but at lot better than that." my heart sank. she smiled and said "I don't mean
to scare you."

"Has he spanked you for bad marks?" I asked, nervously.

"Oh, HELL yea. a few times," she admitted. "and Ashley too".

"Oh, shit," I said. I shook my head.

Marie squeezed my shoulders. "Cara, you should have studied more or asked for Dad's help,"
she said, a bit reproachfully. Just then, the back door opened and there was daddy.

After we said hi, Marie and I looked at each other and then I looked back at daddy. "Daddy,"
I said nervously, "I need to talk to you." I looked down, fearing what might happen.

"Should we go into the den," he asked. I nodded and looked down. Marie squeezed my
shoulder as I went past her. It was certainly a reassuring gesture. Daddy closed the door behind
us and sat in his desk chair. I stood to his right, holding the damning assignment.

"Daddy," I said shakily, "I did bad on an assignment. See?"

he took the paper and looked it over, appraisingly. The wait was agony. I just stood there,
nervously rubbing and clutching my bottom. I thought I had better do that whilst there still was

"First of all," daddy said, "thank you for coming to me with this before I found out somehow on my
own. This could not have been easy for you." I smiled and nodded my head."are you nervous?" I
nodded again. It is useless to lie to daddy. He'll just figure it out anyway and then I'm in twice as
much trouble.

"I don't recall ever seeing you do any homework for this class. Did you," he asked. "No," I admitted.
"Well hardly any." "and you never asked me for help for this class, did you," Daddy continued. I
shook my head. Thankfully he did not ask me if I went to all the classes.

"No wonder you got such a bad mark then. Why have you been neglecting ths class," he asked.
"Because its DUMB!" I said, stomping one foot and pouting. Daddy paused for a moment, eyeing
me quizzically. "Cara," he said seriously, "we can't just do things we like doing or what we find
interesting. We have to do the drudgery as well. It is part and parcel of being a responsible
adult. And I only have a couple years to guide you into becoming one."

"You are doing a good job of that, daddy," I said, ostentatiously rubbing my bum and smiling.
We both laughed. "there is more to that than just spanking you but yes that is part of the job
of being a daddy," he said, smiling. "For the most part, you are a good and responsible girl.
Yes, there are times when you have done stupid things, and I have had to spank you for some
of them. But I do so so that you will learn to be better. Do you understand that," he said. I
nodded. "then please explain to me in your own words why you need to be punished," he

"Because I acted irresponsibly and irresponsible behaviour is bad because then people don't
know if they can trust you to do what you said you would," I said. "That is good enough for now,
daddy said, "now go get the wooden spoon for me."

I could barely contain my tears when I heard him say that. Why is it that even when you know its
coming and you know you deserve it it is still a shock to hear that you are about to be spanked?
I could barely contain my tears as I fetched it from top of the fridge. My two sisters hugged me
on the way there and back. I really love them. I love my daddy too but I wish I was too old for a

I handed him the wooden spoon. wordlessly I took my jeans and panties down to my knees and
lay across his lap. I put my palms onto the floor. The first spank is always the biggest shock,
amd the pain keeps building. By the third or fourth spank, i was crying fully and squirming as
best I could. But he stopped after "only" a dozen or so smacks. It hurt but the pain was over with
fairly quickly.

"Up you get and spend 5 minutes with your nose in the corner. Then come join us for supper,"
daddy said. he also explained that if this was a major assignment or final exam the spanking would
have been a lot worse. he also hugged me and told me that it was all over and forgiven.

Supper was sandwiches that my sisters had made. We all stood in the living room giggling about
how silly we probably looked. But somehow it felt good to know that they were trying to show
some solidarity with me.

Afterwards, daddy asked me if I would like to go for a walk. I explained that I had some homework
to do. he asked me what subject. "Social Studies," I said, blushing!
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