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   Posted 3/9/2005 7:03 AM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
From this month's issue of. . .

For old-fashioned ladies and the modern-minded girls in their care

Issue 3.03: March 2005


A Rite of Passage
A bar owner blisters bottoms among college girls in Wisconsin -- and they keep coming back for more.

By Giselle Dearing

If you're like me, you believe that no girl is too old for spanking. My own university aged daughters are quite resentful when I order them over my knee, but I can tell you that they're back to behaving like little angels after we have a "chat" with my trusty ping pong racket. My girls still could benefit from a lesson that some young ladies at Wisconsin's Wonata Women's College have figured out on their own.

"Sign your name and get your bottom paddled" is not exactly the contract most girls would be interested in. However, in Wonata many can't wait to get rear ends warmed up.

The location was a nice looking tavern with the most interesting name, The Burning Bra. I noticed that almost all the clientele were women. Mentioning it to my waitress she smiled and said, "Well, this isn't a sports bar, and all the cheese heads are watching football are in every other place in town. But we are going to have some entertainment pretty soon. See that little blonde over there by the stage? I think she is going to 'sign the bar' tonight."

Quote said...
After Missy Longport took the young girl by the arm and placed her across her lap, they left nothing to the imagination as to what was about to happen.

Somewhat puzzled I decided to wait and see what was up. It wasn't a long time before the blonde spoke up and hollered, "I'm going to sign the bar," which led to a cheer followed by a round of applause. The owner, Missy "Mom" Longport, a tall woman of about 40 years of age, asked her if she was sure -- to which the college girl replied, "yes, let's do it." A sharpie was produced and the copper toped bar was written on. A piece of wax paper was placed over her signature and taped down, then the girl was escorted to the small stage in front of the window on which a tall and very solid stool was sitting. After Ms. Longport sat, getting comfortable, she took the young girl by the arm and placed her across her lap, leaving nothing to the imagination as to what was about to happen. They had the crowd's full attention.

A short scolding followed, about it being time to grow up and take responsibility for one's actions. Then a chant arose throughout the pub: "Spank her, spank her, spank her!" And that's exactly what she did, retrieving an implement that hung on the back of the stool that looked like the old paddle ball bat with six extra inches in length of the handle.

Waving the paddle in the air, then bringing it down with a loud crack, Ms. Longport made the little blonde squeal and kick her feet. But the second spank was already striking. And so the show continued with the young lady kicking and thrashing about as she got her Levi's paddled until she screeched like a banshee. It must have been two dozen hard swats with that paddle before she was let up. Tears in her eyes and sniveling like a child she was whisked off the stage into a sea of hugs.

A Spanking Tradition

Ms. Longport, the owner, was kind enough to explain the event to me. It started 30 years ago. "My father was lost in Viet Nam, so my mother bought uncle Vinnie's place when he retired. She put all of dad's insurance money into remodeling. And her biggest source of pride was the copper toped bar it shined like a new penny. Mom wanted a place for the girls in town to be able to come with out all the typical sports stuff where they could talk woman stuff and grow. Thus the name: The Burning Bra."

She sighed wistfully and continued. "Well, opening night a twenty-year-old had too much beer and scratched her name into the soft copper. My mother lost it and scolded her like a naughty teenager. One of the other customers offered Mom a hairbrush and before you knew it the girl was over Mom's lap and got the spanking of her life. Mom fully expected to get sued. However, the young lady came back two months later and thanked her for the spanking. She said it turned her life around. She had listened to her lecture and did grow up, and she was now taking responsibility for her actions."

The tradition "just kind of evolved" from several more names being carved in the bar, Ms. Longport added. "Each girl got a spanking, and as a result the girl became more responsible. Soon it became a right of passage: when a girl was ready to grow up and become a woman, she signed the bar, and Mom would blister her butt in atonement for her past foolishness. And she then started her adulthood with a clean slate, so to speak. Mom spanked almost everyone in this place. I took over for her when she retired last year. Now they sign with a marker and I have an engraver come and do it right the next day. What some kids will do to become immortal."

Ms. Longport shook her head and laughed. "A lot of these young ladies do need a good spanking and I look out after them when they're in here. So I guess they kind of look to me in a maternal way. More girls than you would guess have come to me after hours or before opening asking for a spanking. The spanking did them good but what they really needed was to sit on someone's lap and cry their sorrows and regrets away while someone who cared whispered kind and loving words in their ear."

A girl can't just walk into The Burning Bra and get a paddling, though. First she must sign the guestbook one year in advance and be mentored by "Mom" Longport and all the other ladies whose names are on the bar. A good part of the whole plan is to have lots of sisters taking interest and giving sound advice to help freshmen girls grow into young women when are ready to make good decisions. Like getting the spanking they will never forget!

If you ask me, more campus institutions should adopt The Burning Bra's practice of treating college women like the little misbehaving girls their behavior sometimes resembles. In that way, the bars will become a "home away from home," where a girl can receive the attention, guidance and friendly bottom swats that she needs.

GISELLE DEARING writes the "Community Events" column for the Wabash (Wisconsin) Pennysaver.

Disclaimer: Bared Affair is a spoof publication that contains F/f (or F/F) spanking fantasies and is purely for the enjoyment of its readership. It is published twelve times per year on, the Soc.Sexuality.Spanking newsgroup, the Spanking Pages MSN Group (, and on Bared Affair's web site (

Any resemblance with real people, living or dead, is unintentional or is solely meant as satire. Please do not believe anything you read on the Internet.

All material is Copyright 2005 by the authors, who retain full rights to the writing herein.
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Certified Spanko

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Honey I'm Home

Buy DVD for as low as $8!!

   Posted 3/9/2005 11:44 AM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.

This place could open a franchise, not only do you get food and alcoho, you get a floorshow as well.


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