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   Posted 2/9/2005 8:03 PM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
From this month's issue of. . .

For old-fashioned ladies and the modern-minded girls in their care

Issue 3.02: February 2005


'No Limit' Poker Game Includes Clothing
A fund-raiser involving strip poker goes horribly awry.

By Derr T. Richard

GALAX (Virginia), U.S.A. -- For the second time this school year, a few female students at Farwell University have acted out of character for this conservative, religiously-affiliated school. Yet once again, old-fashioned justice has been meted out.

It was supposed to be just a fund-raiser, but ended up raising more eyebrows than funds, as police raided a strip poker game at the Beta Rho Tau sorority.

"It is disappointing that the girls used such poor judgment," said housemother Ruth-Ida Plyler. "But it's fortunate the consequences weren't even worse."

The sorority intended to raise funds to repaint their campus house. They had pledged that one-tenth of the total collected would be contributed to the mission fund of the campus church. They planned and received approval for a Carnival Night.

The East Galax Rotary Club lent them a roulette wheel and other equipment such as ring toss. Several BRT sisters supplied cards and chips, and some brushed up on rules for blackjack and poker, so that they could serve as dealers. There would also be the shell game and "guess your weight." Participants would pay a flat fee for various activities and would compete for prizes that had been donated by local merchants.

Everything went smoothly until sorority members in the poker room decided to raise the stakes. To encourage more participation, they began to play for items of clothing as well as chips.

"Word somehow got out and the next thing you know, the police came and shut everything down," Ms. Plyler said. "Not because of the games themselves, which was just in fun and not for money and for a good cause, but because of the lewdness. I have to say I'm quite ashamed of some of my girls."

Dr. Oral Dickson, Dean of Students and Distinguished Professor of Creationism, was called to the scene while girls quickly covered up and police considered various morals charges.

"I discussed it with the officers and they agreed it would best be dealt with as just a campus matter," Dr. Dickson said. "You know, allowing the card playing and other games, without real gambling, of course, shows that we aren't as Victorian here as some people think. But we certainly do draw the line at public nudity. Miz Plyler and I talked it over and sorted out who all was responsible for this unfortunate misstep."

Punishments Meted Out

Dr. Dickson said that male students participating in the game were suspended from school. The whole Beta Rho Tau sorority was put on social probation for the remainder of the school year, while several individuals were punished further for their roles. (Social probation means the group cannot sponsor any events and individual members are barred from attending social functions elsewhere on campus.)

"I told Miz Plyler that a lot of them girls needed a good, old-fashioned spanking, and she of course agreed. I think she took care of that matter that very night, even before they counted the proceeds," Dr. Dickson noted. "You'd'a thought they'd learned from what happened to those other girls."

Last fall, five members of Sigma Epsilon Chi sorority at Farwell were spanked by their housemother after being caught playing basketball in the nude.

Sigma Epsilon Chi president Sally Benson, a senior from Sarasota, FL, echoed Dickson's assessment: "It was generally known on campus that we got paddled for taking our clothes off at an inappropriate time. I can't believe the Beta Rho Tau sisters didn't think about that before deciding to play strip poker."

Ms. Plyler said she had checked on the card games shortly before the strip poker began.

"Then I got called into the kitchen because of some supposed problem with the refreshments, but they just made that up to distract me. You better believe those girls got the same as the ones that'as taking their clothes off."

The housemother said she found several girls in various states of undress.

"I went running to the room just as the police arrived. One girl had taken her shirt off, but had everything else still on, including her bra, but another was down to bra and panties. Then there was two just in panties and one of them was fixin' to take hers off! Two others was buck naked!"

That brought an abrupt end to Carnival Night. Guests not in the poker room were asked to leave and did so promptly. After the police, the visitors who had played and the dean also left, the sisters' individual punishments began. The girls that participated directly in the strip poker game were among the dozen or so that went across their housemother's knee before the night was over.

"They'd slipped some of their clothes back on, but I had 'em uncover their little bottoms again -- for a much better reason this time. Having to give that many spankings woulda wore my hand plumb out, so I used a wooden frying-pan spatula from the kitchen. I knew it would pack a pretty good sting without causing real harm," Ms. Plyler said.

"After the girls that were playing, I give what-for to the two that lured me away, and then the others that were working that game, though not playing. They'as all lucky they didn't get arrested and get a record."

'All Heck Broke Loose'

Beta Rho Tau president Katelyn McConnell, a senior from Richmond, said she didn't know about the strip poker game until after the fact, "but I got spanked, too, since it happened 'on my watch.' I don't think Miz Plyler spanked me as hard as some of the other girls, though."

Twins Kerri and Kelli Jenson, sophomores from Bluefield, West Virginia, were both among those punished, one for playing strip poker, the other for being an accessory. They refused to say which was which, but thought they received identical spankings.

Junior Amber Lynn Thompson of Terre Haute, Indiana, was more open about her participation. "Yeah, I was playing. I was doing pretty good at first, but then I hit a streak of bad luck and before you know it, I had everything off but my shirt and bra and panties," she said.

"Then things went OK for a couple of rounds, but then three bad hands, and I'm left totally naked! It was about then the cops showed up and all heck broke loose. I grabbed my pants and shirt and covered myself as much as I could right where I was sitting. When I got a chance I snuck into the hall and put them on without my underthings.

"I can't tell you how ticked Dean Dickson and Miz Plyler were! She sure spanked me good and hard!"

Tiffany Ann Dunston, a sophomore from Cumberland, Maryland, said she thought at first the game was harmless fun. "It just seemed like a good way to make it more interesting, but I understand things differently now that Miz Plyler 'explained' them to me."

Parents also were notified, and some of the girls said they were called home the following weekend to be spanked again by their moms.

One of the mothers, Katherine Steelman of Smyrna, Georgia, said, "I guess this goes to show that even in a Christian school, girls will still be girls sometimes. I'm sure they all learned from this." Mrs. Steelman would not say whether her daughter Bobbi Jean, a junior, actually played strip poker or just contributed to the situation, but confirmed that "she got the spanking she deserved."

The office of the school's founder, television evangelist Jimmy Farwell, issued a statement saying Rev. Farwell was "shocked at the girls' behavior, but certain it was an isolated incident." The statement said he was "confident it won't be repeated, especially in light of how it was handled."

Sorority President McConnell said that despite being cut short, the fund-raiser was moderately successful. "The final tally for the evening was almost $3,000." Then she paused and added, with a wry smile, "And ten or twelve sore behinds."

DERR T. RICHARD is an American correspondent who roams the world to research stories of interest to our readers. He is a noted author and a co-moderator of the Spanking Pages MSN Group.

Disclaimer: Bared Affair is a spoof publication that contains F/f (or F/F) spanking fantasies and is purely for the enjoyment of its readership. It is published twelve times per year on, the Soc.Sexuality.Spanking newsgroup, the Spanking Pages MSN Group (, and on Bared Affair's web site (

Any resemblance with real people, living or dead, is unintentional or is solely meant as satire. Please do not believe anything you read on the Internet.

All material is Copyright 2004, 2005 by the authors, who retain full rights to the writing herein.
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   Posted 2/10/2005 2:56 AM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.

Seems like they are kind of slow to get the message at this college.


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   Posted 2/20/2005 4:24 PM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
It's gratifying to see there have been so many views. I hope there are many of you who enjoy stories about sorority girls being spanked as much as I do.

Another boring romantic, that's me. 

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   Posted 2/21/2005 4:08 AM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
GALAX (Virginia), U.S.A. -- For the second time this school year, a few female students at Farwell University have acted out of character for this conservative, religiously-affiliated school

The 2nd time in 1 year??? LOL
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   Posted 2/24/2005 9:29 AM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
Are you suggesting that maybe it's not so out-of-character after all??  lol LOL! 

Another boring romantic, that's me. 

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