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This is my little spanking story. I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback here or send it to Thanks.


I'm a modest man. I've done nothing special in my life. I have never invented anything, or saved anyone. For most of my life, I have lived in a conservative way, never reaching out or rocking the boat, and at the ripe old age of 23, I'd decided that I'd had enough of that kind of existence. Now there are millionaires who envy my way of life. There are thousands of men who would love to be me, and just as many women who would love to be near me. No, I'm not a celebrity, nor am I outrageously wealthy. I'm just a man who reached out and plucked his dream from the ether, making it reality.

My name is Andrew. I'm 23, successfully self-employed and financially secure to a 'T'. I am also one greedy sex-o-holic and a life long spank-o. For as long as I can remember I've found the thought of being in control, being a Dom, nearly intoxicating in its sexual appeal. I don't mean like Connan or anything quite that dramatic, just a strong minded man who knows what he wants, and goes after it in a confident manner. So for as long as I can remember I've tried to emulate men who are like that, tried to become one of them. I've studied fictional story characters to actors and, more recently, other Doms. I'd often heard the saying, "Fake it till you make it," and I took that message to heart.

After nearly a decade of "faking it", I'd finally come into my own. I could look at something, anything, decide I wanted it, and then go after it with a tenacious confidence that got me what I wanted 9/10 times. Women, jobs, friends, hobbies, whatever I wanted I could take using pure will power confidence. Maybe I'd become a bit cocky, maybe I still am, but I'd decided that I'd played by societies rules long enough. It was time to start my own game, and there was only one game I wanted to play. I wanted subs. Plural, and not just two, but more like 5. I wanted them to be 24/7 live-in subs. I wanted it as a lifestyle, as a polar shift from the norm, and I was ready to go after it with everything I had.

At that time I was working for online investment companies, working e-security and providing general IT support for several large firms. I lived alone in my absurdly large bachelor pad of 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, one of which was a jumbo bathroom that I could never possibly need. (Why buy such a large house? The market was in the largest slump in the last 10 years and my business was booming, so I figured, why not?) I furnished the house nicely, and fell in love with the place. Now I was looking to fill the empty bedrooms, and I had a plan to do so.

Working in cyberspace had made me quite a few connections, so I called a guy, who knew a guy, who was and acquaintance of the kind of man I wanted to talk to. It took me a couple days to get the right number, and when I finally did get to talk to the guy, he pretty much blew me off. Not one to be deterred, I called in a favor, and the very next day, I was in to meet my prospective investor, Mac. Mac is what you call a porn king pin. He owns websites, several small to medium sized movie studios, his own record company and has more pornstars and camera men on staff than you can shake a stick at. Naturally he's an extremely successful, very busy guy, so I had to make my sales pitch stick. Luckily for me I'm a pretty smooth talker.

"Mac, you've got porn everywhere. It reaches to every corner of every fetish, utilizing almost every media in existence. You're net sales are envied by companies that employ twice as many people as you do, and I think I can make you a substantial chunk of change with my idea. I want to take two completely different fetishes and styles of adult entertainment, blend them together, and come up with something brand new and, hopefully, profitable. Strangely enough, I'll be mixing two of the largest fetishes in existence. The voyeur fetish, which is massively huge, and the spanking fetish, which, to the disappointment of thousands, your ventures have left largely untouched, aside from a few softcore BDSM flicks. They're well done, but there's a massive audience out there who wants it done harder and more realistically. So I offer you both."

"I own a house, its large enough to comfortably hold myself and 5 others, with some minor renovations. I want to bring in and hire 5 gorgeous women between the ages of 18 and 21 to live in my house with me. You'll have voyeur cams in every room, so it can function as a normal voyeur site, but here comes the big difference. Every chance I get, no matter how small it is, I'll throw one of those cute little girls over my knee and spank the shit out of her. Any questions so far."

Mac considered for a moment, then said, "I see a small problem with this. The voyeur community will love getting to see a hot young girl getting a spanking every now and then, but for the spank-o's, thats the main dish. They won't want to watch girls paint their nails for hours on end with a chance of not even getting to see a spanking. It doesn't fly."

"You're right," I say, "But I've already thought of a way to cure that little problem. It's a voyeur site, so a hired camera crew is out the window, but what if we taught the girls to film? They'd be a free crew, and voyeurs could even watch as the girls were filming. Then we post the videos and stills that the girls take on the website, along side the more voyeuristic things."

Mac was deep in thought, "How much would you charge, and what's on the site?" asked Mac.

"Glad you asked. The voyeur part of the site will be free."

"What?" exclaimed Mac, incredulous.

"Hear me out. We make the voyeur part free to watch, but we have forums that you have to pay $5.00 a month or $30.00 a year to be a member of. On the forums, fans get to choose punishment implements, the victim, scenario for roleplay, you name it, the fans have control. They vote and we obey. We also charge for something I'll call a highlight reel. The highlight reel is all the spankings for the day for $1.00 or all the spankings for a week for $5.00. We'll also merchandise, but very modestly. We can sell spanking implements used on the girls, the girls costumes, and auction off regular stuff from the house. What do you think?"

Mac stared at me hard for a minute, then said, "I still think you could make more money charging for the voyeurism, but mostly I think I'm glad you got me to sit down and listen to you before you went anywhere else. I think this could be big."

"I'm glad you like it."

"What about sex?" asked Mac. As more of a vanilla guy himself, it made sense that he would ask.

I smiled, "It won't be required (how could it be?), but I'll be going after them all just the same."

Mac guffawed, "Of course my models would be more than willing to have sex with you! I'm insulted you think they wouldn't. You're not a bad looking guy."

"Oh," I said with a slight frown, "That's the other thing. I don't want to use models or porn stars. I want to pick regular girls, from regular lives, right off the street."

"Now that," said Mac slowly, "May be a problem. There's no way you can find girls who would be willing to participate."

"You let me worry about that. If you approve it, I guarantee I can get 5 girls contracted in less than 6 weeks."

"6 weeks? I give you extra points for being such a cocky bastard. Tell you what. We'll make 6 weeks the opening date for the site, and even if you only have 3 girls, I'll still let you open shop and recruit the other 2 later, but 3 is the minimum."

I grinned at Mac across the table, "Sounds like we're in business."

"Lets make this official," said Mac, standing up. He stuck out his hand, which I firmly shook, and then we went out to lunch to discuss the more mundane details of having five gorgeous women living in a house with a sex-o-holic/spank-o.

Chapter 1: Meeting Amy. (Warning: Hairbrush and Humiliation. Hard Spanking and Sexual Content. This is the BDSM-esque girl)

Running ads. Truly, it is one of the few things I actually despise doing and will go to almost any length to avoid. However, under these peculiar circumstances I made an exception and ran a rather ambiguous ad, hoping to draw a large pool to choose from. 'Looking for single open-minded 18-21 year old women to participate in social experiment. Full time live-in study group.' Then gave my number and Mac's as a backup in case they couldn't get a hold of me, which was a definite possibility with all the renovations that had been going on in the house. Sound proofing, installing cameras, altering rooms and modifying the jumbo bathroom into what could only be described as a large open chambered public shower.

Anyways, I live just outside of a bustling metropolis, so I knew there would be quite a large response, but the numbers were still pretty overwhelming at first. I was dealing with literally dozens of candidates a day. True, some of them scared off pretty quickly but it was necessary to weed out those who really weren't possibilities in the first place. Mac and I dropped enough hints that most of the girls who made the final cut had a vague idea of what the job really was, even if they weren't quite sure what the details were.

Four weeks, countless hours on the phone, and an unimaginable amount of e-mails later I had finally come up with four solid candidates. I had each send me several profile shots, and all were extremely attractive. The only thing that really troubled me was the distinct lack of one last girl to fill out the roster. Sure there had been other attractive women who applied, but none that called out to me like these four had. So I opted to take Mac up on his offer and find a fifth later on.

I had, however, run into a problem with one of my solid four. A hot, soft spoken little 19 year old named Amy. She was 5'7", had ear length brunette hair, brown eyes, and was an athlete. She had the slim physique of a swimmer, muscular but still soft and supple, anyways, about a week before I had scheduled to meet all the girls together at my house for the first time Amy called to cancel. She sounded nervous about the whole thing, and sounded pretty certain about her cancellation, but I somehow convinced her to come meet me in private before calling it quits. I figured I had a much better chance of recruiting her if I soloed her out, so I prepared to put on my game face and set our meeting for the next day at 2:00.

I was sitting in my study, trying to pick a layout for the site when I heard my doorbell ring. One soft melodic *ding* with metallic undertones (something I find silly seeing as my doorbell is a speaker in a box). I looked at my watch. 1:55. 'Good' I thought, 'She's punctual. I hate it when women can't ever seem to be on time.'

I saved and closed what I was working on, then stood up and crossed to the hallway, taking a left towards the front door. My foot steps echoed softly off my polished, deep hued, hardwood hallway. I reached the door, glanced out the window to make sure it was her, then put my friendliest smile on before opening the door.

As I opened the door I could tell I had brought her out of some sort of deep contemplation. She really was thinking about this hard. I gave a mental shrug, and invited her inside. "Hello, please come in." Looking a bit nervous, she stepped inside and started to take off her shoes. "Oh don't bother with that, just wipe your feet good on the carpet and follow me," I said. I turned and walked to my study just a few feet down the hall on the right side. I entered first, passing between the large bookshelves on either side of the door. I walked behind the two chairs with matching ottomans and the love seat against the left wall, moving back to my computer desk in the back right corner of the room. I glanced at a straight backed wooden chair I had in the corner as I passed. It was a little gift from Mac, and it was a beautiful antique. More importantly, though, is it was the perfect chair to give a good spanking from.

I cleared my mind, and as I passed by I pointed at the love seat and said, "Please, make yourself comfortable while I finish up one last little thing. It shouldn't take more than a moment." Silently, she took my advice and sat down, looking decidedly awkward.

I sat down at my computer and booted up solitaire. Really I didn't have anything to do, I just wanted to watch her for a moment to see how nervous she really was and decide on a plan of attack. The first thing I noticed was the way she had dressed. In the profile picture she had sent me she was wearing very baggy and unflattering clothes. At first I thought it might have just been a bad choice in wardrobe, but now I realized she was simply insecure with her body, and that, believe me, was a total shame and completely unmerited.

I decided to overlook her clothes for the meantime and instead focused on her body language. In very short order she was getting fidgety so I figured I would go to her rescue before she had a nervous breakdown or something. I stood up and walked over to one of the chairs across from her. As I sat down I attempted to start a little small talk. "I hope you don't mind the decor, it is a bit bachelor-esque," I say with a little laugh. Absolute silence from Amy. I inwardly groaned and reminded myself to go slowly.

'Not much for small talk?' I thought to myself, 'Then I'll just get right to it.' "So, Amy, you're here for a job." Amy, still looking fidgety and nervous, shrugged and stayed silent. I tried another tactic. "Tell me what you know about the job so far."

Amy took a deep breath and started talking reluctantly, "I know it's for females only, it was described as a 'social experiment', and that the job is local. However I will need to move into the facility as it's a live-in study group."

"OK," I said, "You've described the ad I put out fairly well, but what do you know that someone who only read the ad wouldn't?"

A slightly pained expression entered her expression. "I know it involves several women living in a house with one man who is in charge and makes the rules."

I nodded my head, "What do you think about that?"

Amy laughed nervously and said, "Well, someones got to make the rules."

I looked at her seriously, catching her eye and not letting go. "I'll be honest. This is the house you would move in to, and I am the man that would live here with you and four other women. While living in this house, small cameras will watch our every move and it will be broadcast live over the Internet onto a subscription only website."

"You mean like a voyeur site?" asked Amy.

"Exactly," I said, "Now, while its true that I make the rules in this house, I also enforce those rules. The bending or breaking of any of those rules will result in a quick, efficient punishment." When I said the word punishment, I saw a light go on behind Amy's eyes. It was a strange mixture of what looked to be like yearning and fear.

Amy's voice could almost be described as squeaky as she asked, "What kind of rules?"

"Oh, nothing major," I said, "Mostly common sense type things." I held up my hand and started ticking off fingers as I listed things. "Be polite. Clean up after yourself. Do you chores. Don't argue." I put my hand back down. "That sort of thing."

Amy started to say something then stopped and cleared her throat, starting again she asked, "And, um, what about... you know."

I leaned forward in my chair and stared into Amy's eyes hard. I felt like a cobra hypnotizing a small child as I spoke, never breaking my gaze, holding Amy's rapt attention. "I think you might be asking about the punishment." I put emphasis on the word and saw as Amy's stomach visibly lurched. She remained silent so I urged her on. "Is that what you're asking?"

Amy could only swallow as I stared into her eyes, keeping her transfixed and in place. "Well?" I snapped, acting impatient, "Spit it out young lady." 'It's now or never', I thought to myself, steeling myself. "I am asking you a question. Answer me." Still silence answered me. "Young lady you have tried my last nerve. I think a good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking and hairbrushing should loosen your tongue quite a bit." Amy's eyes, which were already looking rather glazed, completely glassed over at my words.

Harrumphing in my pretend disgust, I stood up and pushed my chair out of the way, crossed to the wood-backed chair and dragged it back to the middle of the room. I then walked to my computer desk and opened the top drawer where I had stashed a brand new light weight oval shaped maple hairbrush for just such an occasion. It was sturdy but light, meaning I could use a lot of force and not have to worry about causing serious damage. Moving back to the wood-backed chair, I dropped the hairbrush on the ottoman next to me and moved to stand in front of Amy. Grabbing her upper arm gently but in a no-nonsense manner, I pulled her to her feet and half dragged half led her to the chair, where I immediately sat down and pulled her across my lap.

As she lay across my lap I took the opportunity to run my and over her bottom. Even underneath dark baggy jeans it was exquisite. Firm and supple with just enough bounce. I grinned to myself as I thought back to the super bouncy balls I would buy for a quarter when I was a kid. My favorite ones had always been red, and I was quite certain this one here was white. 'Aw, to bad,' I thought to myself and chuckled, 'If only there was a way to paint it a nice, shiny bright red.'

I raised my hand slowly and brought it hard on her right cheek, aiming more for a thud than a sting. Amy, who still seemed to be in shock over her current predicament, barely responded. A small exhalation of air and a little kick were all. I gave her three more hard swats, alternating cheeks, eliciting a gasp and squirm from Amy. One more hard solid *SMACK* in the dead center of her sit spot brought her right back to the real world. Her head jolted back and I heard her inhale sharply between her teeth, making a long hissing sound. Then I started the spanking in earnest. Firm smack after firm smack rebounded off her vulnerable cheeks, making her squirm across my lap.

I switched sides and changed up the tempo, but the force of the smacks remained a uniformly hard *SMACK* occasionally making her kick or cry out. All to soon I had her dancing all over the place, trying to give her burning ass some respite from the fiery sting of my palm. I gave her a particularly hard *SMACK* right over the middle of her backside and finally she broke, reaching back to cover up her poor bottom.

When she reached back I grabbed her arm by the wrist and firmly locked it into the small of her back. I then proceeded to blister her ass with five of my best on each cheek, making her howl and kick like a little girl. "Young lady," I said, using my best disciplinarian voice, "You are never to reach back and cover up. Should it happen again, I will make sure you receive a lesson you'll feel for the next three weeks and remember for the rest of your life. Do you understand?"

*Sniff* "Yes sir," came Amy's pitiful reply.

I gave her several more solid spanks before addressing her again. "Amy, I am going to let you up, but when I do you are not to rub your bottom, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I hear her say, followed by a frenzy of sniffles.

"When I let you up, follow my directions completely, or there will be consequences."

*Sniff* "Yes sir. I understand sir. I could expect no less."

I was stunned with the alacrity with which she responded to my orders already. Either she'd been a sub before, or this was something she'd been thinking about for quite some time.

I released her arm and helped her stand up in front of me. She stood with her eyes down and her hands clasped before her. "Remove your pants." Amy's hands jumped to the task, and within seconds she was stepping out of her jeans. She was wearing dark blue boy short style panties. "Clasp your hands behind your head and step closer to me." She complied without a word. I looked up into her face as I reached out my hands to pull down her panties. Her face with a startling scarlet, and I could tell she was beyond humiliated at having her panties removed for her by a grown man so he could spank her already hot pink bare bottom.

I took my time, hooking a thumb in the front of her waist band and pulling it down to where, normally, you would see pubic hair. I looked up at her sharply, "You shave your pubic hair?" I asked her. Her face turned an even deeper shade of red as she gave a jerky nod. I rejoiced inside, a cute shaved girl was beyond hot in my eyes, way more than just icing on the cake.

I continued to pull down her panties, slowly peeling them down her hips. As I neared exposing her groin, she started to tremble. From excitement or fear I wasn't sure, but judging from the way she'd been acting, I was guessing it was a mixture of the two. As I finally bared her most private area, I realized that I'd judged her response correctly. I could already see she was soaking wet.

I peeled her panties the rest of the way down, caressing her thighs the whole time. I had her step out of them and tossed them to the side where her jeans were. I was ready to move on, "Pick up the hairbrush next to me." Amy jumped to obey, holding it between her hands in front of her. "Now drop onto you knees and tell me what a naughty little girl you've been and how you want me to spank you with that hairbrush until you're a bawling, apologetic, well spanked little girl."

Amy slowly lowered herself to her knees, and sat silently for a moment, then she started to do as I'd ordered, but with her own little twist. "Sir, I've been awful bad," she started out, "I've fantasized about getting spanked by strong men for as long as I can remember. Dreamed about having them use me as their own personal pleasure toy. When they fuck me in my imagination they pull my hair hard and call me disgusting names. I've thought about how I wished they would abuse me and make me hurt and beg and plead with them to stop, but then they keep on doing it anyways, and no matter how bad it hurts I love it and want more. I crave to be used in the most vile ways, made to do the most humiliating things and kept in a state of complete degradation and suffering."

"And," she continued, "I think that right now, I need the hardest hairbrush spanking of my life. I want you to spank be until my ass is raw from being spanked and my throat just as raw from crying." She looked up at me and stared in for my eyes for a moment as she said, "I think anything even a little bit less severe would disappoint me to the bottom of my soul." She looked back down. "So please sir," she offered the hairbrush to me now, "spank me with this hairbrush until this naughty little girl has learned her lesson and her ass is the deepest shade of red you can manage. Please." The last word came out as a whisper.

I took the hairbrush from her hand and examined it as I thought about the character of the girl in front of me. I had her pegged. She was the miss goody two shoes in school, never cutting loose or having fun. She was a control freak and everything always had to go her way, so to make sure it did she did it all herself. She had repressed most of her feelings for almost all of her life, especially love and lust. As I studied the brush in my hand I realized that right then Amy felt empty and her soul felt tortured. She had a deep wound, probably cause by repressing her own wants and needs, and what she really needed to do was let go of control. She needed someone else to take command of her and help her release all her pent up emotions. I'd heard of spankings giving emotional relief before, but this was something else.

That's when my desire to spank Amy transformed into a burning sensation of need to help her. I dropped the disciplinarian act. Reaching down and gently took hold of her chin, I tilted her head back to look me in the eye, but at first she wouldn't. "Amy," I said softly. She finally looked at me. I let a slight smile touch my lips and said, "You, young lady, are going to be one very sorry little girl."

I saw small tears come into the corners of her eyes. "I hope so," she whispered.

I leaned back in my chair and said, "I think it's about time you received a proper spanking. Get over my knee." Once again the compliant sub, she quickly did as ordered. As she draped herself across my lap I inhaled the scent of her. Vanilla mixed with her own organic pheromones. The smell was intoxicating.

When she had settled herself on my lap I took a moment to rub her slightly pink backside. I then pick up the brush and gave her a few little pats with it. After a moments pause to collect my thoughts, I gave her the first hard smack from the hairbrush of many she would get today. I placed it in the middle of her sit spot, fast and stinging. Amy gasped and I felt her hand grab my left ankle, squeezing for dear life. I didn't wait for her to recover though, as soon as the first hit I was back in the air with the second, and when the second landed I was already thinking about where I would put the fifth.

As I worked the hairbrush up and down Amy's back side her sniffing became more and more emphatic. Soon I was hearing an occasional sob, and not long into the spanking at all I was getting full blown heart wrenching sobs.

The hairbrush hammered up and down, at least a swat a second, scorching her entire backside, from the tops of her cheeks to the middle of her thighs. I started landing them a little harder on her sit spot, and a little more frequently. Soon enough Amy's little hand came flying back to cover her fiery ass. I was expecting it though, well, more like planning on it really. I didn't want to risk hitting her hand with a full hard swing when she reached back to cover up, so I had baited her, and now, as I grabbed her arm and pinned it to her lower back once again, I had no more inhibitions about spanking her as hard and fast as she wanted.

I'd been spanking her for about three minutes at this point, and her ass was the most stunning shade of candy apple red, though slightly darker along her sit spot. Her bawling had not eased one bit and she was really kicking now. In fact her feet sometimes went far enough up that I actually had to pull some swings to not hit them. I decided I'd do something about it before I accidentally injured her. Stopping my spanking for a moment, I lifted my right leg free and used it to pin Amy's two flailing legs in place. Now with her arm pinned, legs subdued and bottom bared, she was well and truly helpless, exactly the way she wanted it. I continued tanning her hide with hard fast *SMACKS*.

We were now 5 minutes into this hairbrush spanking, and I was ready to up the intensity even more. She wanted the hardest hairbrush spanking of her life, and she was going to get it. I started using full arm strokes, raising the hairbrush all the way above my head and bring it back down, still at a blistering speed. Amy's bawling reached new heights as I spanked her as hard and fast as I could. I wasn't pulling the swats at all, I used everything I had, and even though it was a very light weight brush, I was beginning to see signs that I needed to end this soon.

7 minutes in and I was ready to wrap this up for good. I stopped to catch my breath for a moment, then delivered five brutal *SMACKS* to the sit spot of each cheek and 5 more *SMACKS* right in the middle.

Amy was sobbing hysterically, it would take a long time to calm her down. Luckily I didn't want her calm just yet. I let go of her arm and released her legs, putting her back in the OTK position. I reached down and pulled her legs apart with my hands, then I reached my hand between to the damp warmth between her legs. The closer my hand got to Amy's hairless pussy, the more and more I was convinced I was reaching into a sauna.
When my cool fingers made contact with her smooth skin her entire body jumped and shuddered. She was literally drenched. I ran the tip of my middle finger up and down her moist slit, teasing her. I then slipped that finger between her pussy lips, rubbing up and down slowly, the top never quite reaching the clit and never quite touching her entrance as I skipped over it time and again. Amy's hips bucked and pushed back, trying to swallow my fingers.

Finally I stopped teasing her and put my index and middle fingers on the entrance to her love canal. Ever so slowly I sank my fingers into her, causing her to gasp and hold her breath, cutting off her sobs momentarily. Then the wracking heaves took over again and I slowly started to move my fingers around in side of her, sliding them in and out. After a few moments I upped my tempo, slowly finger fucking her, making her writhe on my lap and push back at my fingers even more.

Faster and faster I started moving my fingers, twisting and turning them, drilling her sopping wet pussy open with my two digits, driving her wild and making her want more. As my fingering neared its fevered frenzy I felt Amy tense up and get ready to cum. I reached down and grabbed her by her hair, pulling it back hard, then I turned my right hand palm down and, using my finger tips, massaged her g-spot strongly and slowly. As she was on the verge of orgasm, I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Cum for me my little slave. Cum for your Master."

To this day I have never heard a silent orgasm be that loud. Amy's entire body went stiff as a board, her every muscle flexed to the point of cramping. The pressure she put on my fingers in her pussy threatened to cut off circulation as I continued to massage her g-spot through her orgasm. I don't know how long it lasted, it could have been seconds or minutes, time was irrelevant at that point. She just came and came and came until she collapsed across my lap. Every muscle gone completely limp, her entire body completely wasted.

I let her lay there a moment, then managed to work myself into a position where I could pick her up in the classic princess pose. With her in my arms I walked over to the love seat and sat down gently, letting her down slowly onto my lap. I looked down at her after I'd settled in. She looked so beautiful in my arms, half naked, brutally spanked, exhausted from orgasm, completely vulnerable and, most of all, mine to cherish and protect. I lowered my lips down to her and kissed her softly. She stirred slightly as I broke it off, then opened her eyes. After looking at me for a minute she surprised me by reaching up and grabbing the back of my head, pushing my lips into hers in a hard long passionate kiss that I reluctantly broke off.

I nibbled on her bottom lip, making her moan, and I felt her melt into my arms, completely at ease. And just when I thought she'd finally drifted off to sleep, she softly mumbled my name. "Andrew," she said, her voice hoarse and her eyes still closed.

"Yes Amy?"

Amy sighed and snuggled deeper into my protective embrace. "I'll take the job."

Chapter 2: Meet the Girls. Katie, Tiffany, and Jessica.

"Damn," I muttered to myself, as I lounged back in the leather chair at my computer desk. It had been a little more than a week since my meeting with Amy, and what a week it had been! The day after our meeting, Amy signed her contract, packed up her stuff, quit her job on the spot and moved in. It was sudden, to be sure, but most definitely more pleasant than not. I looked down at my groin and sighed. 'Wonder if anyone has ever been fucked useless before?' I thought idly to myself.

I'd never had so much sex in my entire life as I had in that first week with Amy. The girl was an insatiable beast! Nearly every time we were in the same room, she would come onto me and, more often than not, I would end up spanking, torturing and/or fucking her until she had difficulty remembering her own name. I had a new respect for stud horses. Well, at the very least the week had taught me nearly all of Amy's likes and dislikes, it had given her time to acclimate to her new home, and it had given me an idea of what was to come with 5 girls living in the house.

I groaned, wondering if I'd be up to the task, then snorted laughter at my own unintended double entendre. Feigning an air of misery I sighed, because whether or not I was really ready didn't matter much anymore. The wheels were in motion and, like I said, it had been a little more than a week since my meeting with Amy, which meant my meeting with the other girls was scheduled for that day.

I cursed my uncontrollable lust and desire, because with Amy in the house I'd only gotten a pitiful amount of work done, and I was completely unprepared for this meeting. *Ding* my doorbell chimed. "I'll get it," yelled Amy to me, which caused me to scoff good-naturedly . Since she moved in I could hardly answer my own phone, let alone answer the door. I heard her feet shuffling across the hardwood floor of the hallway, heading towards the door. I could faintly hear her open the door and welcome someone inside. "Hello, my name's Amy. You must be Tiffany, nice to meet you. Please wipe your feet and follow me this way."

You know it sounds crazy, but ever since I first spanked Amy, it seemed like she'd been coming out of a shell or something, because she was completely different person now compared to when I had first talked to her on the phone. Now she laughed and smiled constantly, and when she got excited, her eyes let me know about it. I thought I was horny, but looking into Amy's eyes was like looking into a bottomless pit of burning desire.

I let my thoughts trail off as I heard the two walk by, their disembodied shadows drifting by the door of my study with the sound of shoes on wood. 'Well,' I thought to myself, 'that's the last of them.' I'd already heard two similar greetings today, and now the last girl, Tiffany, had finally showed up. I looked at my watch. 20 minutes late. I was incredulous. 20 minutes late for a job interview? Totally inexcusable! I'd have to remember it for her first session if she took the job.

"Sorry I'm late," I heard her say to Amy, "I had trouble finding the place." I snorted. A bad liar to? Perfect. Standing up, I reached high in the air, stretching my arms and back. I'd been sitting there trying to think of a way to approach them and introduce myself without scaring them off immediately. 'Oh well,' I thought, 'I'm a pretty hellatious public speaker. I'll just have to wing it and hope for the best.'

Amy was supposed to come get me as soon as all the girls were settled in, so I just stood stretching slowly and breathing deeply, trying to relax as much as possible mentally and physically. Soon enough I heard footsteps coming back in my direction. They stopped right outside my door, followed by a tentative knock.

"Come in." The door opened and Amy quickly stepped inside, quietly shutting the door behind her. I'd finally gotten her to loosen up about the way she dressed. She was barefoot wearing a cute knee length plaid pleated skirt and a white t-shirt. While it was fairly conservative, she looked very school girl, which I found incredibly sexy.

"They're ready for you."

"Good work," I said, walking towards her. So far I'd managed to keep my hands to myself, but now the temptation was just to much. When I got close enough I reached up with my right hand and grabbed her by the throat, something she'd told me was one of her biggest turn-ons. Not being choked per se, but being firmly handled by a strong guy using her neck as leverage. I kept walking, forcing her backwards until she hit the wall. Keeping a firm hold on her throat, I pressed my body tightly against hers, trapping her between myself and the wall with very little wiggle room. I put my lips on hers and forcefully kissed her, drawing her tongue into my mouth and pushing mine into hers. As we passionately kissed, I started slowly pressing my thigh up between her legs. Not needing any further instruction, she quickly spread her thighs, allowing me full access to her hot, moist crotch.

Breaking the kiss, I pushed my thigh up and started to rub against her. Slowly she let her head loll to one side in ecstasy. Leaning my head forward, I nibbled on her earlobe, then whispered, "I'll just have to reward my good little girl later, won't I?" Before getting her, and myself, too excited to stop I let go and backed up a step. Amy let out a long low moan as she leaned back against the wall, then, collecting herself, she stepped away from it and tried to make herself more presentable. For the most part she succeeded, but anyone who knew her pretty well knew her flushed complexion meant that she would probably be needing to change her panties shortly.

Smiling, I opened the door. "After you," I said, following her out as she left. I tried not to be nervous as I walked down the hall to the living room. I looked around the hallway where there were obvious signs of construction still going on. The renovation were almost complete, but there was still a little left to be done before the house was equipped to deal with 5 women. As we got nearer I stared at the closed door to the living room, knowing that the next few minutes would make, or break, my future. I just hoped I was as smooth a talker as I thought I was.

As we reached the door, Amy opened it and motioned for me to go in front of her. Nodding my thanks, I entered the room and got my first look at the girls I hoped to make my own. They were all sitting on the large pit couch that took up almost a quarter of the good sized room, which meant that a dozen people could probably sit on it comfortably.

"Ladies," said Amy, drawing their attention to herself "This is Andrew. He's 23 and the owner of this house. If you take the job, he will be your boss."

"So this is the guy, huh?" said the girl farthest to my left, as all eyes shifted to me. I looked her up and down. Coming up to about my nose, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, great full figure with a large bust and great ass. 'That one's Tiffany. The only 21 year old here.'

"I'm not too impressed," said a different girl to the right. I noticed her shoulder length fiery red hair first, 'That's Katie.' She was short and rather slim of figure, with a fiery temper that I had noticed even over the phone. What she lacked in curves she made up for with her blazing green eyes and attitude. 'She'll probably cause me a lot of trouble.'

The last girl nodded, "I've worked for guys a lot scarier him." She was sitting right in the middle, another red head, only with much longer hair. It came down to about the middle of her back and she had another pair of startlingly vivid green eyes. 'Last but not least, Jessica. My weakness for redheads is really going to get me in trouble on this one,' I thought to myself, but as I studied her, I knew it would be worth it. She was the tallest, almost eye level to me, and an absolute firecracker with a sly tongue that had made itself known the first time I talked to her. She had extremely fair skin and was freckled all over her face and as far down her chest as her shirt allowed me to see. I couldn't wait to pinpoint exactly where, or if, those stopped. She was built very similar to Amy, less muscular, but still fantastic to look at.

'I'm getting way ahead of myself,' I chided myself, 'First I've got to get them to sign on.' I crossed my arms and leaned back against the wall behind me, trying to act nonchalant, "That's not a very good way to greet a prospective boss."

Jessica giggled, "Well, this isn't exactly a normal interview, is it?"

"I guess you could say that." Jessica had been a little more forward than the others when I told her she would be living in a house with a man, so she'd been privy to a couple of details the other girls hadn't. Of course, she didn't know the whole story yet, but by the look she kept giving me, I'm sure she had a pretty good guess. "Tell me what you ladies know about this job, and I'll try to fill in the details as we go."

"Well," started Tiffany slowly, "We know we'll have to move into is this house. I think."

"Correct. Keep going."

"We know we'll be living here with a man," chimed in Katie, "I assume that's you?"

"Also correct. What else?"

It was Jessica's turn, "We know we have to follow the rules, or else." She bit her bottom lip and gave me a very appraising look.

'Yeah,' I thought to myself, 'She definitely knows.'

The other two girls looked at each other, then Jessica. "What's that supposed to mean?" demanded Katie. "Or else what?"

"We'll get to the rules in a minute. What else do you know about the job?"

Tiffany shrugged, "Not much, the ad was pretty vague, and the only solid detail you've given us is the date of this meeting."

I nodded, "Then I guess there's nothing else but to tell you." I shifted my position and pointed at one of the cameras in the corner of the room. "That is a camera," I declared, "And this," I said, sweeping my arms around me before returning them to my chest, "Is a voyeur house."

"You mean people are watching us right now?" asked a horrified Katie.

"No no, the site won't be up for another couple weeks."

"But that means that the job is being voyeur girls, right?" pressed Katie.

A confused Tiffany spoke up, "I don't get it, what's a voyeur house?"

I hadn't anticipated any of the girls not knowing what voyeurism was. "Simply put, as you live in the house, those cameras will send live footage to the Internet where it can be watched over a website that I own."

"Oh," she said, still clearly not getting it, "So why do people watch?"

As I was about to answer when Katie spoke up angrily, "Because they're perverts! Don't you get it? The camera's are EVERYWHERE! The bathrooms, the showers, the bedrooms. They watch every little thing we do."

Seeing no other option, I tried to spin it in a good direction, "Absolutely. The point of a voyeur house is to put several extremely hot girls into a house and watch what happens. Essentially it's reality T.V. with a kinky twist."

"Oh," Tiffany said, "Well that's not so bad. I don't mind if people see my body," then she smirked at me, "I put a lot of work in at the gym to make my body look the way it does. What's the use if no one sees it but me?"

'If only more of the world's women thought like you,' I thought yearningly.

"Wait," said Katie, a little less outraged now and sounding more thoughtful, "There are like a zillion voyeur sites out there. I mean, sure we're all good looking, but so are they. And I seriously doubt adding one guy to the mix is going to change much."

"Now that," I said confidently, "Is where I think you're dead wrong." 'Let's see if fortune favors the bold,' I thought to myself wryly.

"You're right in that me living here is the main difference. The attraction won't be that I live here, not at all. It will be my job while I live here." I scanned the girls, making eye contact with each. "You already know that I'll be the boss. I make the rules, I call the shots. The big difference here, though, is that if you break the rules, you don't get fired."

I checked to see how each responded. Katie with suspicion, Tiffany with interest and Jessica with excitement.

"In fact there is virtually no chance of being fired short of going to jail. In this house, living under this roof, you will be paid well. You will be clothed and fed free of cost. You will be given gifts and all insurance benefits will be covered. However, make no mistake, I have a 0 tolerance policy for misbehavior."

Now Tiffany and Katie looked confused, but Jessica, who looked more excited than ever, started mussing out loud, the whole time looking me right in the eyes with a very seductive look on her face, "Oh dear. You won't stand for us ladies to be bad, but you won't fire us either. However will we be punished?" She put a lot of weight on that last word, and the other two girls noticed.

"Do you mean...?" Katie trailed off in disbelief.

"Correct. This house enforces strict corporal punishment against those who break the rules," I tried to sound relaxed about it, but my heart had started to hammer with nervousness.

Katie started to look horrified, but Tiffany got that confused look of hers and asked the inevitable question, "Corporal punishment?"

"It means," said Jessica in a smoky voice, looking at me with open hunger in her eyes, "If we're bad, he spanks our naughty asses until we're very sorry little girls. Isn't that right?"

I cleared my throat and crossed my legs, trying not to let the effect she was having on me show, but Jessica looked down at my groin and stared hard, making my growing manhood twitch in response. "Yeah, pretty much," I said, sounding much calmer than I felt.

Tiffany was thoughtful for a moment, pursing her full lips back and forth, then shrugged and said, "Well that's not so bad. All we have to do is follow the rules and we won't be punished."

"Not exactly," said Katie, who no longer wore a horrified expression. Instead she was right back to her calculating way thinking. "The website appeals to two separate audiences. The voyeur audience, which is what the cameras are for, and the spanking audience."

"You mean people want to see us get spanked?" asked a shocked Tiffany.

"Better believe it," said Jessica.

"Anyways," continued Katie, "I would say that one spanking a day would be the bare minimum for a site like this."

"So you mean I can live in this house, have room and board paid for, you'll buy my food and get me free clothes and in exchange you want me to get my butt spanked in front of thousands of people?" asked a still shocked Tiffany

"Where do I sign," asked Jessica.

"Yeah," agreed Tiffany, "This is to good to be true. Even if it's minimum wage, I'm still getting paid to do nothing and I have nothing to pay for except what I want."

Katie stared at the other two in open-mouthed amazement. "You're joking, right? You realize you're going to be spanked in front of thousands of people and you still want to do this?"

"Are you kidding?" asked Tiffany, "I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. I'd never be able to at myself in the mirror again."

"Actually," said Jessica, "I'm looking forward to it."

I watched the entire thing unfold, and it looked like I had mostly succeeded, but now I had to push Katie. I walked forward to stand in front of her and she stared up at me apprehensively. "It seems like the others are up for it. Now it's your turn. What's your answer?"

I could almost see the gears cranking away in her head, looking for a solution. Finally I saw her take a deep breath and sigh it out, steeling her resolve. Painfully slowly, she nodded. Relief spread through my body and mind, I finally had my girls. I had expected her to hurl questions around and make accusations, and, honestly, the fact that she would just nod her head confused me, but right then I was much too elated to care about the circumstances. I'd just have to remember to ask her later.

I backed away from Katie and addressed them all, "Alright ladies, as it seems I'm your new boss, here's your first assignment. Pack your stuff, quit your job, and get ready, because you move-in one week from today."

Chapter 3: Moving Day (Amy - Contains Spanking and Sexual Content, specifically a long anal scene)

Groaning, I laid down on my love seat, closed my eyes and rubbed my temples, fed up with the week long headache I'd been nursing. As I opened my eyes I caught a glimpse of Amy walking past the door of my study and groaned again at the ache in my other head. Since I'd informed Mac about the moving-in plans he'd somehow come up with a seemingly impossible list of things to get done first. With all the last minute remodeling, running around, and instructing contractors as to what went where, it was all I could do to sit down and relax, let alone get some time in with Amy. It was a nightmare! It seemed like I was needed everywhere at once, and when I couldn't do it people played it off like I was just ignoring them. The urge to punch someone right between the eyes was a hard temptation to resist.

The only thing that kept me sane the entire week was getting to see the girls everyday. Mac had one of his film crews in the house teaching the girls the more subtle points of filming. When they were around I would devour them with my eyes, soaking in every last detail I could. A particular scent, the way a neckline curved, the magically musical sound of a laugh. I wanted them then and there, and it was all I could do to keep from dragging one to a closet and having my way with her.

Anyways, the good news was that we had two exceptional cameramen, er, women, in the house. Katie, who apparently had done some filming at one point in time, and Tiffany, who's eye for aesthetics made her a natural for the job. I was assured by the professional crew that by the end of the week they would be more than ready for the job.

Confident that I wouldn't be needed in that area, I had spent my time talking to potential sponsors and had done a pretty good job. Of course it's hard to sell the idea of putting your merchandise on display via a porn site, so I tried to have them view it as a voyeur blog site with some explicit material. Regardless of the fact that everyone saw through my sales pitch, some still found the market value of having such a large audience being exposed to their products 24/7 to much to throw away, ergo I reeled in a few large corporations willing to donate the little stuff. You know, clothes, food, furniture, Internet service, cellphones, computers, cars, etc. Nothing huge, but it was a start.

So between that and trying to organize the army of contractors constantly on march through my house, I was run pretty ragged, and the headache I had was definitely not helping me get through the last few hours. I'd seen the last of the construction clean up crews out about a half hour earlier and now the only banging going on in the house was in my skull, and I was ready for a nap.

Sadly, we still weren't quite done yet. Now it was the moving crew's turn to rampage/pillage my home, and frankly I just wasn't up to it. So I'd pulled Amy aside a little while back and told her she was in charge while I attended to some important business in my study. I told her not to disturb me, "Unless Armageddon breaks loose and the horse men are calling for me by name." She had giggled and told me not to worry about it. Relieved, I had thanked her and retreated to my study. I'm wasn't particularly proud of dumping the responsibility elsewhere, but seriously! A man has to draw the line somewhere. I stood up and walked to the door, closing it softly and returned back to my plush seat. I leaned back and justified it by telling myself it would be a good way to estimate how Amy deals with being in control of situations.

Fortunately for me, I was too tired to see how weak an argument that was, and I fell asleep almost instantly.

A nudge to the shoulder woke me up. I opened my gritty eyes and sat up groggily.

"I hate to bother you while your so busy, but we're in need of some instruction," the voice came from almost right on top of me and dripped with sarcasm. I looked up and saw that it was Jessica, wearing a little smirk, cocking an eyebrow at me.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you to knock?" I mumbled, still a little out of it. I leaned forward and rubbed my eyes, trying to bring some focus into them.

"I did. When you didn't answer I opened the door and found you sleeping on the job. What do you have to say for yourself?" she asked in mock sternness.

I sighed and gave her a little shrug, "Caught red handed."

She leaned down, putting her face close to mine, and looked me right in the eye, "Red handed? Already? But you haven't even spanked me yet." Still looking me in the eye she shifted her body, moving my focus to her cleavage. My week of sexual frustration added to my almost immediate arousal, made apparent as my member tried valiantly to rip a hole through my jeans.

As I stood up, Jessica followed my movement, and when I was on my feet, she stepped even closer, almost pressing herself to me. "I'm sorry I woke you up," she said, "Are you gonna punish me?" she whispered in my ear, then leaned back and bit her lower lip, looking into my eyes. As I stared into her eyes, I saw nothing but excitement and desire. I would need to ask her about her history later.

Instinctively my hands started to reach for her, but I caught myself, took a deep breath, and changed the course my hands were on. Instead I reached up and turned her towards the door by her shoulder. "Why don't you take me to where I'm needed? We can play later." I checked the clock. 6:49. Wow, I'd taken a pretty long nap.

Looking over her shoulder at me, Jessica stuck out her lower lip, pouting. It was obvious she wanted to say something, but whatever it was, she swallowed it and headed towards the door. While her back was to me I reached down and adjusted myself, trying to console my still aching manhood. Jessica opened the door and walked out without looking back. Giving up trying to get comfortable, I sighed and follow her.

She lead me straight to the living room, where the girls are lounging about watching T.V.. Confused, I listen for a moment. No hammering, no thuds, no grunting or scraping sounds. "We're done?" I ask stupidly.

"Yup," said Tiffany, who was flicking through the channels, obviously bored.

I reached up in the air, stretching my shoulders and back. "Well I guess its time for the first bit of bad news then." All eyes turned to me. "Now I know you all just got settled in and put all your clothes away, but now you have to go get some of them out. Preferably the nicest stuff you have, cause I just got word that there's a ritzy new steak and lobster house that would be thrilled to have us in for dinner... for free."

I would say the news was pretty well taken, seeing as the room was empty in no time flat. "We're leaving in half an hour. If you're late, you don't go." I went to my bedroom to tidy up and put on a nice dress jacket. I checked my hair, brushed my teeth, and then went back out to the living room to wait for the girls.

About 25 minutes had passed when I went to the main hallway and started yelling into the main bathroom in an attempt to get them out to the cars before the deadline. "Let's go ladies. Tick-Tock. I'm starving." Amy was the first one out. I almost choked when I saw the way she was dressed. A slinky black dress. I'll skip the details, because I'd have to talk about the fantasies that were going on in my head, and really I don't think there's enough room on the Internet for a text file that large. Let's leave it at jaw-droppingly sexy.

Needless to say the other girls were similarly clad. Conservative with a tendency to boil blood. As I rushed them out the door and into the cars, I checked my watch. 7:27. Perfect.

Dinner went smoothly. The girls were polite, the waiting staff was great, and I'm sure my food was delicious, I just couldn't taste it when I noticed how amazing the girls around me looked. I ate in almost complete silence while the girls chatted away and discussed mundane things. When we had finished, the manager, Chad, came out and asked us how we'd liked everything. We were all adamant about how exquisite everything had been and how much we had enjoyed the meal. Chad was so delighted with our response he left us a standing offer of free dinner whenever we cared to come back. I assured him we would most definitely be back, how could you pass up an offer like that?

When we got home everyone was still pumped with energy. They were all talking so fast and loud it took me a moment to get their attention. "Ladies." I said loudly, finally getting some quiet. I checked my watch again, "It's now almost 9 o'clock. If I don't hear any objections, I think its time for pajamas." The girls all agreed and started to scatter, Jessica and Amy to their room, Tiffany and Katie to theirs. "I'll be in the living room when you're ready."

I sighed and stretched while walking to my bedroom. I wasn't normally such a time oriented person, but now was the only chance I had to initiate some routine and order for this house. I threw off my dress clothes and slipped into some unflattering blue plaid pants and a white t-shirt. I brushed my teeth once again and then headed out into the living room and plopped down into the middle of the huge couch to watch some T.V.. Once again Amy, who was now dressed much like myself, was the first one out. She shuffled over then virtually collapsed onto me with a sigh, forcing a grunt out of me. Eager for an opportunity to spank one of these young ladies, I jumped on this one.

"Young lady," I started, "That was exceedingly rude. I think you need to be punished."

Amy looked up me and smiled, "Promise?"

"What do you say? It'll be the first spanking we film for the site."

"Are you kidding? You really didn't even need to ask, you should have just done it."

I laughed, "Well lets just call this one a volunteer spanking then, shall we?"

"Volunteer, huh?" She asked, studying me with exaggerated pointedness. "Well if that's the case, I volunteer to be hairbrushed to tears."

A sense of unease went over me. In private, it was one thing. I was happy to do it there, but for some of these girls it would be the first spanking they'd ever seen, and I didn't want to scare them off. Amy saw the look and my eye and understood exactly what it meant. "Don't worry about them. I'll tell them all how much I love it later on. Even if they don't understand, they'll take my word for it."

I nodded my approval stuck out my hand for her to shake. "It's a deal," she said as we shook.

Amy and I spent the rest of the time getting the camera equipment out of the closet in the family room. We set up two cameras and laid out a camera. One camera would watch the action, and the other would watch the reaction. It was a basic spanking scene setup. Katie and Tiffany walked in while we were setting up the last of the equipment, and both suddenly looked nervous. They milled around the door for a moment before going to sit on the couch and watch whatever was on, occasionally casting glances our way.

A couple minutes later Jessica walked in. The second she saw the cameras her smile took over her face. "What's up chief?" she asked me, "More filming practice?"

"Not exactly." The girls all froze, even Amy. I continued, "So far you've all been excellent. No one has done anything wrong, and nothing has happened to make me even remotely upset. However, the site opens up in just one more week, and we need content." Tiffany and Katie looked apprehensive while Jessica just looked excited. "To answer the question you're all thinking, I'm doing this one on a volunteer basis, and Amy has already volunteered." I didn't bother to watch for reactions this time, instead I turned to Amy. "Are you sure?"

She put her hand on her hips gave me a haughty look, "Just try to stop me."

I turned back to the others, putting Katie and Tiffany on the cameras, and sending Jessica to my study to get my straight-backed chair and maple hairbrush. By the time she got back everyone was ready to start. When the chair was placed in the center of the room, I walked to it and sat down, calling Amy to my side. I had her kneel on my right side and face the action camera, then cued Tiffany to start filming when she was ready.

As soon as the red light came on I started talking, "Hello everyone. My name is Andrew, and I have the pleasure of living in this house with 4 gorgeous women, all of whom I am responsible for. Even though everyone was exceptionally well behaved today, we feel it's our duty to give you a little glimpse of the disciplinary style used in the house." I gestured towards Amy and continued, "This lovely lady to my right is Amy. She's been living under my roof for a week now, and has graciously agreed to be the first filmed spanking. Why don't you introduce yourself?"

Amy blushed and looked away from the camera, "My name's Amy and I love to be punished and humiliated. You'll probably see me sitting here more often than the others, mostly because I want it, not because I'm naughty."

"In that case let's not put it off any longer." I leaned down close and said, "Tell me why you should be punished."

Still blushing, Amy cringed, then started to talk, "Because I'm a dirty little girl with impure thoughts. I need to be punished to keep my desires in check, otherwise there's no telling what I might do to quench my sexual thirst."

I laughed, more at the reactions from the girls than from anything Amy had said. "I would say that's a pretty damn good reason. Young lady, I think you need a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. Get your ass across my lap." Still embarrassed, Amy quickly complied, laying herself down gently while trying to get comfortable.

As Amy wiggled around on my lap I started to stroke her backside and looked at the action camera. "I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the crew. Tiffany on the action cam, Katie on the reaction cam, and Jessica on stills. They're all girls that live in the house, and believe me, you'll get to see plenty of them. There will be at least one video of each up by the time the site is ready to launch, so you'll be able to see them all in action." Breaking my stare away from the camera, I returned my attention to Amy, who had finally settled down. "Let's get started, shall we?"

With no further ado, I lifted my hand and started the spanking. Slow and relatively light at first. I wanted to work it up as much as possible, make the people think they had gotten their hands on another lame vanilla spank site, then show them what it was really about.

The swats were really no more than love pats with a little sting in them, and apparently Amy was getting annoyed with it, because she spoke up, "What's the matter? Don't tell me you tired out your arm sleeping on it this afternoon while everyone else was hard at work."

I had trouble keeping a straight face as I stopped the spanking completely and looked at the camera, shaking my head in a "You are so in for it" kind of way. I whipped my arm high above my head and brought it down in a lightening fast whipping motion right in the center of her sit spot. The *SMACK* was deafening, and it took a moment for the pain to register for her, but as soon as it did I was rewarded by a very vocal "YEOW!"

"I'm fine, thank you, but I think you might need to see a doctor for your busted bottom later." I then started to bring my hand down in earnest, raining smack after hard smack around her bottom, making her squirm and yelp. I switched up cheeks and tempo at random, keeping my hand flat and using mostly my fingers to keep the sensation stingy instead of thuddy. I worked from up to down and back up, back and forth across her thin pajama pants.

I had been working her over for a few minutes when she reached back to cover up. Sighing, I grabbed her hand and pinned it against her lower back. "We've been over this before," I said impatiently, giving her ten brutal swats, using them to punctuate each word as I scolded her, "You Don't Reach Back To Cover Up, Got It? Good!" The hard series elicited gasps of pain and a few heartfelt kicks, and as I let go of her hand it practically teleported back in front of her. I shook out my hand, trying not to imagine how much her back side must sting if my hard palm was in this much pain. Ignoring my discomfort, I started again, getting a more audible response this time. The room was ringing with her ouches and ooo's when I decided to take it up another notch.

"Amy," I said, never slowing my pace, "I'm going to have you stand up now. When I do, you are not to rub your backside. The only thing you have permission to do is take those pj's and the panties underneath them and slide them down to the ground, then step out of them and go right back over my knee. Got it?" I asked with a solid whack to her sore rump.

"Yes sir," she managed to yelp out.

I finally stopped. "Alright, stand up," I said, helping her slowly to her feet. She stood up on shaky legs and I could see the internal struggle as she fought to not reach back and comfort her burning backside. Slowly she did as she was told, untying the drawstring, then pulling her pants and panties down. I felt myself getting even more excited as I, once again, noticed her clean shaven pussy barely visible between her loosely closed legs.

'Calm down Drew,' I said to myself, 'It's just a spanking. You can get through this without creaming your pants. Just get a grip and...' Even my internal dialogue cut off as Amy laid back down across my lap. The spanking had sent heat through her entire body, making her hot to the touch, and I could almost taste the sexual excitement she was giving off in continuous waves. I swallowed hard and tried to compose myself, a nearly impossible task in my present condition. A week of frustration had made me hypersensitive to the situation, and I think it was showing. I ran a shaking hand over Amy's now rosy colored ass, and she responded by pushing back up with her hips, hoping for more.

I took a deep breath, once again trying to take control of myself. I was more successful this time and managed to give her a few small pats, causing her to moan and push her ass up even higher. Slowly I started to overcome my small feeling of paralysis, and started to spank again, without the previous ferocity. I was nearly on autopilot, my mind in a complete haze as I tried desperately to stave off my desire. I started to fantasize, seeing what I would do to her. How I would push her off my lap onto the ground and simply rip her remaining clothes off, leaving her helpless against the ravages of my burning need.

Eventually I was brought back to myself by a sound. At first I couldn't recognize it, then I realized exactly what it was. Amy was now in full apology mode between sniffles. The more I had been excited by my fantasies, the harder I had spanked her until now. "Ouch! Please sir! I'll be good, I promise I will! I won't make smart remarks anymore! I'll behave and do whatever you tell me to. Please?"

I finally snapped back to myself and realized I still had business to attend to. Somehow managing to sound calm, I addressed Amy, "I bet you will be, when I'm done with you at least. However, if I remember correctly, which I do, you asked me to spanking you with a hairbrush. Isn't that right?" I asked, stopping my assault on her bottom for a moment, giving her time to answer.

Amy sniffed a few times and then slowly admitted to it, "Yeah, but I didn't know you were going to wait so long to use it! Please, I'll be good, I don't need to be hairbrushed, really. You can just stop now."

I chuckled darkly, "No such luck young lady. I'm afraid if I don't give you what you asked for, later you'll be disappointed, and I can't have that, can I?"

"I guess not," replied an obviously reluctant Amy.

I reached under the chair where I had stashed the brush and brought it out, spinning it in my hand. "Now Amy, how should naughty little girls ask to be punished?"

She groaned, knowing she had to answer, but not wanting to embarrass herself by answering. She started off slowly, "Sir, I've been really bad... would you please... you know... spank me?"

I rolled my eyes, "You can do better than that."

"Please sir? I've been really naughty, will you please spank me?"

"Much better," I said happily. "And yes, I will."

I rubbed her backside with the bristles of the brush, making her shudder, then turned it over and brought it down sharply on her right cheek, making her squeal and almost buck off of my lap. Using my left hand to press down slightly on her lower back, I started the hairbrushing. Instead of using quick and stingy smacks, I opted for a slower, stronger pace. Right, left, right, steadily working the brush over the entire area, turning pink to red, then red to crimson. As the color changed, so did her vocalized response. From sniffles and begging, to sniffles with an occasional sob. Kicking legs and hands that clung to the chair, she started to break down.

Occasional sobs turned into a full blown affair as I intensified my spanks, focusing on her sit spot, making her jump and cry out. The intensity grew even harder as I upped the tempo, sending her legs flying into kicking fits and making her blubber even louder. She was giving off all the telltale signs of a well spanked little girl, but I wanted to make sure. "Do you think you've learned your lesson?" I asked her, continuing to rain down smack after hard smack.

"Yyyyyeeesssssss." It was a long low moan, squeezed out between sobs.

"You think you can behave now?" I pressed.

"Yes sirrrr." Once again she was barely audible.

"Good," I said, then ended with five hard swats to punctuate my last words, "I'm Glad To Hear It."

As I stopped spanking, Amy just laid limply across my lap, wailing out sob after heart wrenching sob. I let her calm down for a few moment before I spoke to her again. "OK Amy, time to get up." I helped her slowly to her feet and stood up, facing her I said, "Kneel on the chair, face towards the wall. You are not to rub your bottom for the whole time. Keep your hands behind your head and no moving around."

"Yes sir," came her weak reply as she followed my instructions. I walked off to the side where I was out of view of the camera. I stood there the entire 5 minutes, just staring at my handy work. Her entire backside was painted a dark crimson that would heal up in less than a day, but there were a couple of blotches that would need attention to heal quickly. The only sound in the room were the occasional sniffle from Amy and the even less frequent click of Jessica taking a picture. I checked my watch, making sure it had been long enough, then cued Katie and Tiffany to cut.

As soon as the cameras were off, I walked up behind Amy and touched her on the shoulder. She looked backwards towards me, tears still streaming down her face. "Is it over?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah sweetie, its over," I said, helping her off the chair.

"Thank god," she groaned, reaching back and rubbing her ass furiously. "I'm on fire."

"So how was it?" I asked expectantly.

She stopped rubbing herself and stepped closer to me, throwing her arms around my neck. She pulled my head down and kissed me wetly on the cheek. "It was wonderful. Thanks."

"I'm glad you liked it. Now go wait for me in my room. I've got to tend to your battle wounds."

"Tend to your battle wounds?" asked Tiffany.

"Ice and lotion," said Amy to no one in particular, "It's delicious." Smiling wickedly, she turned and almost skipped to my room without another word.

"Ice and lotion?" asked Katie this time, looking rather nervous.

"Don't worry about it, you'll find you when its your turn." I went to the kitchen to pick up a bowl of ice and stopped by the bathroom to get the lotion. On my way back through the living room to my room I stopped and talked to the other girls. "Pack up the camera gear then feel free to get some snacks or something and watch T.V. until we get back." Then it was my turn to head to my room.

As I entered I saw Amy had stripped the rest of the way and was now laying in the middle of my large bed. I closed the door behind me, "Whats this?" I asked playfully, "Some tramp has made her home in my bed. Whatever should I do?"

Amy turned her head towards me and opened her eyes, moaning, "My ass is on fire, hurry up with that ice or I'll die."

Chuckling, I stalked my way towards her slowly, taking my time. When I reached the bed I put the bowl of ice and lotion on the table next to me. Laying down next to Amy, I picked up a single piece of ice and ran it from the top of her spine down to her ass, causing her to shudder. I started to rub the cube across her red hot bottom, from the base of her back to her sit spot and lower, drawing out shivers and "Brrrrr"s from my well punished Sub. I focused on one cheek until the entire cube melted, then reached for another and started on the other side, melting one piece of ice after another over her unbelievably hot backside.

I finally reached the end of the bowl, melting the last piece of ice on her considerably cooler, though still blazing, posterior. "Better?" I asked her quietly. She just groaned in response, pushing her ass harder into my hand. Laughing I used the comforter of my bed to soak up the water that was on her skin. "Ready for lotion?" She nodded silently, still shivering from the cold of the ice.

Reaching behind me I picked up the lotion and sat up, then moved to straddle Amy's thighs. Squirting some lotion into my hands, I rubbed them together before reaching down and slowly start to massage my Sub's poor abused behind. Her tender skin absorbed the lotion like a sponge, and I was forced to use more before I could be satisfied with the amount I'd used. Continuing my ministrations, I slowly worked my way between her cheeks. Amy relaxed deeper and deeper until she felt my fingers finally make contact with her delicate rosebud.

Putting more lotion into my hands, I started rubbing up and down her crack, occasionally pushing a finger against her resistant anus. Slowly but surely I worked a little of my index finger inside of her. When I finally entered her, I pushed in the rest of my finger, slowly, making her tense up. With my finger still inside, I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Try to relax. I promise you'll enjoy it." She swallowed and nodded jerkily, trying to do as I said. I started making long slow strokes with my index finger, and eventually I felt her relax, accepting my finger.

After a few more moments her breathing got shallower as she started pushing her hips back, trying to get more of my finger inside of her. I pulled my finger out, to her groaned disapproval. "Try to stay relaxed," I said as I lubed up my middle finger as well. Using just my index finger the first time, I put my finger back inside of her, making a couple of long strokes. When she relaxed again I pulled out as far as I could and put my middle finger on her entrance as well, then slowly started pushing. Amy gasped as my index and middle fingers easily slid inside of her. With my fingers buried as deep as they could go, I slowly started to rotate my hand at the wrist, trying to loosen her up further.

Amy moaned as I continued to work on her, then looked back over her shoulder at me, "Aren't you being a little gentle with me? You know how rough I like it."

"True," I said shortly, "But if I were to take you anally when you were unprepared, I could cause you serious bodily harm."

"Mmm," she purred, "Sounds like fun."

I sigh, "Have it your way you little pain slut." I rolled off the bed and stood up, then motioned for Amy to follow. When she had I grabbed her by her hair, one of her favorite things, and forced her onto her knees. She could clearly see the bulge under my thin pajama pants, and starred at it hungrily. "Beg me." I said simply.

Amy looked up into my eyes, "Please Sir, let this unworthy sex slave give you pleasure." I cocked an eyebrow at her, that was a new one. I didn't know if I liked it yet, but definitely interesting. I nodded my assent and she jumped to the task. She peeled down my pants and then slowly worked down my boxers. Carefully she pulled the elastic out and freed my raging member. Her mouth was so close I could feel her breath down the length of my shaft, sending tingles down my spine. Gently she took me into her mouth, rolling her tongue over my head, then running it up and down my entire length. Using a combination of licking, friction and sucking she tried her hardest to get me to release myself down her throat, and many men probably would have, but I had other plans. I let her continue until I was at my limit, then grabbing her by the hair again, I pulled her off of me. Shocked, she looked up into my eyes, seemingly begging me to be allowed to continue. Instead, using her hair as leverage, I threw her onto the bed, face down.

I had loosened her up enough with my fingers earlier, I would just have to go slow. Walking over, I opened the dresser next to my bed and pulled out my favorite pair of handcuffs. I reached out and cuffed one of Amy's hands, ran the chain around my metal headboard, and then cuffed her other hand. "Spread your legs," I said harshly as I stood up, stripping off my pajamas. When she did I climbed onto the bed from the bottom and was now kneeling between her wide spread legs. I snagged a couple of pillows and pushed them under her hips, using them to prop Amy's ass up for better access.

For the first time in a while I looked down at my throbbing manhood. For some reason I could hardly even feel my desire anymore, all I knew was that I needed release, and I was going to take it from this girl who loved to be used for just that purpose. To be used and degraded and fucked past the point of lucidity. Grabbing my rock hard member in a fist, I used my other hand to spread Amy's still well lubricated cheeks. Ever so slowly I brought my tip to rest on her anus, causing her to shiver in anticipation. I gradually started to apply pressure, trying to ease my way in, but for all the pressure I built up, Amy tensed up tighter, forcing me to rethink my options. Pushing harder than ever, Amy tensed up, trying to keep me out. Then I let off the pressure until I was just barely in contact with her skin, and as she reached complete relaxation, I thrust hard, winning my way past her defense and getting my tip buried inside of her incredibly tight ass.

When I first entered, Amy cried out and started to struggle, whimpering, trying to get away from my invading member. I waited for her to get used to the feeling, and as soon as she quieted down, I started apply steady pressure. Again Amy tensed up, but inch by inch my well lubricated rod slid easily past her reluctant sphincter, deeper into her tight passage.. When I was nearly halfway inside she gasped, "Oh, to much. Please, stop. It's to much!"

"Come on," I said cheerily, "I'm not that big, hardly longer than average. You can take it. Just relax." Amy stayed quiet except for a constant groaning noise until I had finally worked myself all the way in. I sat for a moment and savored the feeling of having her hot passage surround my aching member, then slowly started to pull out again. I pulled out about two inches, then pushed back in, and started to slowly work that much of myself in and out of her, getting her to relax and loosen up. As soon as Amy became accustomed to that much, I started using more of my length, until I was using my entire shaft to drill her hot, tight anus.

In no time at all Amy was matching me thrust for thrust, trying to get more of my throbbing cock inside of her. She ground her hips from side to side, milked me by squeezing, and soon she was having her first anal climax. Her body went completely stiff as I continued to pump in and out of her at full speed, pushing her through the first and directly into a second. The spasming of her body under me pushed me over the edge, and I left my balls tighten up as I pumped jet after jet of my cum deep inside of her ass, seemingly filling her up.

Exhausted, I collapsed on top of her, my member still twitching and lodged deep inside of her. I rested for a few minutes, then slowly brought myself back upright and pulled out, some of my seed spilling out of her in the process. Somehow I worked up the energy to find the keys and unlock one of Amy's hands.

Turning her over onto her back, I looked down at Amy's dreamy expression and glazed over eyes. "How was it?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Wonderful," said Amy, almost inaudibly.

"Glad to hear it," I said smiling, "How about a shower?"

"Sounds good," she said, reaching down between her legs, "I gotta tell you though. I'm still horny, and from the looks of it, so are you."

Laughing, I look down at myself, still hard as a rock. "I guess that's what no sex for a week does for me, besides, why do you think I left your handcuffs on?"

Surprised, she looked down at her hands and gave a little, "Oh," in response. Standing up, I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her with me across my room to the master bathroom. Once inside, I pushed her into the shower and used the handcuffs to attach her to a hook I had installed on the wall at waist level, then reach out and pulled open a table I had custom made. Also at waist level, it would insure that whoever was in the restraints would stay at a 90 degree angle.

Turning on the water, I looked around the room, thankful I'd had the contractors soundproof my bathroom as well. Looking at my bound and helpless Sub, I picked up a sturdy wooden bath brush and decided I was definitely going to need it.

Chapter 4: Tiffany's Request

I drifted into consciousness, gently at first, then a final jerking snap brought me wide awake instantly. I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again against the glare of the sun coming through my blinds. Concentrating intently, I was certain something had woken me, so I blinked my watering eyes to get used to the light while I tried to figure out what it was. Then I heard it, a light tapping noise on my door.

Yawning and stretching at the same time, I called out loud enough to be heard outside. "Come in."

The door opened quietly and Amy walked in. The moment I saw her my memories of the night before came roaring back, dragging what can only be described as a 'lecherous' grin onto my face. We'd had more fun in the shower, then again on the bathroom floor, and once more in my bedroom before we'd both finally gotten clothed and gone back out to the others. Amy had stuck to her word and went out wearing nothing on her lower half. I wasn't surprised when no one noticed, or rather brought up, the fact that Amy's ass was a shade or two darker than when we'd gone into my bedroom.

She was wearing thin pajama pants now, but I was still getting excited just thinking about it. However my mind changed gears as I watched Amy hold the door wide and saw Tiffany shuffle in carrying a large tray. "What's this?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, not much," said Tiffany modestly with a blush, "I just thought you might like some breakfast is all." I sat up as she walked over and sat the tray down on my lap. Tiffany was wearing the same thing as last night, black cotton pants and a white tank top. She filled out both wonderfully and looked absolutely gorgeous. Then again, I don't think there's much that girl could wear and not make every man within a mile rock hard.

I tore my mind away from its carnal half and put it on my more immediate physical needs. "You must be a mind reader," I said relieved, "Because I'm starving." I looked down to see what she'd made. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sourdough toast with strawberry jelly and a small glass of orange juice. "Oh man, its a good thing you don't want anything right now, because I'd have a hard time saying no," I said with a laugh as I started shoveling down the food. It wasn't anything fancy, but it tasted great. I gave her an approving nod, which caused her to duck her head and blush even deeper. Perplexed by her attitude, I continued to eat.

"Funny you say that..." piped in Amy, who trailed off, making me look up and shoot wary glances at first one woman then the other. When a woman makes you food and wants something, either someone is going to have a great day, be miserable for a week, or go broke. Running over a mental checklist in my head, I decided the odds were against going broke, so I continued to eat while glancing at Tiffany every once in a while, trying to figure out what exactly she wanted. After I had finished enough breakfast to curb my hunger I set down my fork and looked at Tiffany.

"So...," I started slowly, dragging the word out, then cleared my throat and continued more confidently, "A favor? I can't make any promises, but I'll try. What is it?"

Instead of answering, Tiffany just kept staring at the ground, shifting her feet back and forth. Beyond confused, I looked at Amy who was giving Tiffany an equally exasperated look. "Fine!" said Amy with an annoyed sigh. She turned and looked me in the eye, "Tiffany wants you to spank her."

With a mortified expression on her face Tiffany looked up as I grunted a laugh, then she quickly returned to staring at the ground. "But," she chirped quickly, "In private. I mean, later with the others, but I've never been spanked," she stuttered on the word, "Before. So, well, you know..." she let the rest of the sentence drop off.

Nodding my understanding I turned to Amy. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience Amy, but would you mind doing my dishes this morning? It seems I'll be a bit preoccupied."

"Not at all," said Amy with a smile as she walked over and grabbed the tray. Turning on her heel she walked across the room and left, closing the door firmly behind her.

For a long moment I just watched Tiffany stand there. It was a really interesting cycle to witness, first she would shift her feet, then glance up at me and turn beet red, then look back down and slowly rock back and forth as she returned to her normal color, then it would start over again. As amusing as I found it, I knew she was practically dying of anticipation.

Throwing the covers back, I rolled out of bed and stood up. I moved slowly towards her, and the closer I got, the redder her face turned. Finally standing in front of her and feeling rather playful, I reached up and flicked her on the tip of her nose. She was so startled she nearly lost her balance and fell over. Laughing, I tried to calm her down a bit, "Relax, try not to be so serious. It's just a little spanking." She nodded but continued to look like a death row prisoner.

Sighing, I grabbed her hand and pulled her forward, bending her over the foot of my bed. She peeked back over her shoulder, looking slightly confused. "If there's more than one way to skin a cat, then there's got to be a thousand ways to tan a hide," I said. As Tiffany bent over I got my first good look at her firm backside, perfect for a good spanking. "Spread your legs more," I instructed her. I could see her blush as her legs moved slightly more than shoulder length apart. I reached my hand out and ran it up and down her firm cheeks, then without warning brought my hand down moderately hard. Tiffany gasped and her back arched, but she stayed bent over and in position. Rubbing firmly where I had just swatted, I then brought my hand down again on the other cheek and got a similar response. I was determined to make this as pleasurable a first spanking as any woman had ever got, so I went slowly and rubbed her stinging bottom after every smack. A firm swat on one cheek, rub, then switch sides and back again, trying to slowly increase the heat.

After the initial swats Tiffany had gone silent, and at first nothing happened, she was completely still, but after a while I started to notice that her bottom would inch up to meet my spanks. It wasn't much, but I was satisfied. I started to bring down slightly harder swats, making her gasp, and my rubbing hand wandered considerably farther, roaming up and down her wonderfully full backside. Not going anywhere inappropriate yet, but definitely starting to get suggestive. After a few minutes of this kind of treatment Tiffany was moaning into my mattress and pushing her bottom up as high as it would go to meet my flat palm as it came down time and again.

Judging it to be about time to intensify things a little bit, I grabbed the waistband of her black pants, but the moment I started to pull them down she bolted upright and reached back to keep them up. "Tiffany," I sighed, "the pants are coming down. Period. That's the rule. If you let go now, I'll let it slip this time. If not, this fun little spanking I'm planning could turn into an issue of discipline. Now let go." Hesitantly her fingers went lax and I peeled her pants down to her ankles, then had her step out of them. "Good," I said cheerily, "Shall we resume?" Tiffany slowly nodded, her face beet red with embarrassment from having me remove her pants like a child. "Then assume the position."

When she was bent back over I saw something that made me laugh out loud. On the backside of her orange panties, written in glitter, was the word 'Naughty'. Still laughing I said, "I was just going to let you slide with a spanking over your panties, but seeing the severity of the situation, I think they'll need to come down." I gave her five firm swats on both cheeks, each one making her jump and yelp. I rubbed my palm up and down her stinging bottom, then ran my hand down between her legs for the first time, making her jump even higher. "Now," I said slowly, "The panties come down. Stand up," I said.

She did as asked, turning to me, but her face was flushed with embarrassment and she wouldn't meet my eyes. Reaching out, I hooked a thumb into either side of her waistband, then slowly sunk to my knees in front of her to savor the moment. My fingers stroked her velvety soft skin as I waited to bring them down, building the tension. Then, ever so slowly, I started to pull them down.

I caressed every inch of skin as it was exposed. From the middle of her back and around to under her naval, I circled her entire body with my roaming hands, barely grazing her, teasing her sensitive skin with light strokes and sending shivers through her body. The way her body responded to my touch enhanced my own excitement further. The very idea that the slightest of touches could make this stunning woman putty in my hands was intoxicating.

She started to tremble as I neared exposing her most secret place, and the closer I got, the harder she trembled. I slowed even further as I reached my goal, enjoying every second of baring this beautiful woman to her rapt audience of one. After an eternity of waiting and building my hunger for her, I finally got my first look at her. Hairless and completely untouched.

'A virgin?' I thought to myself, 'I'll need to start fairly vanilla with this one.' Then I contemplated for a moment as I studied her perfect body, 'But from what I can see she's obviously aroused by this sort of thing already.'

It was true. Taking a deep breath I could smell her excitement and when I looked closely I could see her glistening with moisture, inviting me to forget the rest of the spanking and simply take her then and there. My hands continued their journey down her legs, taking her panties with them, caressing her tenderly as I finished divesting her of her last piece of armor. She was still trembling as I had her step out of her panties, then before I stood back up, I blew a constant steady stream of cool air onto her exposed slit, nearly causing her knees to buckle.

Smiling at the effect I was having on her, I stood back up. As I was standing up I realized her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She must have noticed I was standing back up, because she brought her head back down and opened her eyes directly into mine. There was no embarrassment on her face now, only an expression that was equal parts bliss, excitement, and confusion. I was sorely tempted to do off with the rest of the spanking, but it was neither the time nor the place for our first time together, let alone her first time ever. That was something that needed to be special. Very special.

Clearing my throat, I said for the second time that day, "Assume the position." Reluctantly she turned away from me and bent back over the bed, legs spread and exposing herself clearly to me. The voice in my head that dictated all my lustful thoughts went berserk as my will power was put to the test. 'What I wouldn't give for an ice pack and a baseball game,' I thought to myself, straining to keep my hands away from her. Taking a deep breath, I stepped into my position by her side and rubbed her light pink backside with the palm of my hand, then once again commenced Tiffany's first spanking.

At first my swats were light, barely making her bottom wiggle, but I quickly worked back up to speed. Using sharp, light, wrist snapping smacks, I soon turned Tiffany's barely pink bottom a few shades darker. As her rump turned its first shade of real red she started to wiggle and squirm, and with me no longer rubbing between each spank, she was having a whole new experience. My swats became slightly harder, and while she continued to squirm there was no verbal response yet. Determined to get one, I surprised her with a firm thuddy smack right in the center of her sit spot. As soon as hit registered with her, she gave a loud "YELP!" and her hands flew back to cover her bottom as she stood up and furiously rubbed the sting out of her backside.

Without a word I turned and walked over to the drawer of my dresser where I kept most of my favorite toys. Opening it, I started looking through, trying to find something appropriate for a first time spankee who had broken one of my most important rules. After a few moments of deliberation I decided on a thin oak paddle. Lots and lots of sting with little real lasting effect. Perfect for the punishment spanking I was planning on.

I turned back to Tiffany who turned white when she saw the paddle I was holding. Looking around nervously, she tried to talk her way out of it. "Come on Andrew, I forgot. It's my first time! I didn't mean to. I'll remember, I promise."

With a grim chuckle I started stalking towards her, trying my best to look intimidating in a playful way. "Oh no, Ms. Tiffany. I promise you won't forget again. Not after this next treatment. Not ever." Then I gave my best mad scientist "Muhahaha" but I could see the humor was lost on her. Inwardly sighing, I decided to put off the joking until she was a little more comfortable with the whole thing.

When I was standing back in front of her I took her by the arm and gently bent her back over the bed, making sure she was properly positioned. "Remember not to reach back," I warned her seriously, "This is a light paddle but it can still bust a knuckle up pretty good if you catch an edge." She nodded as I moved back into my position and hefted the paddle. It really was very light, but I was sure she wouldn't think I was being very merciful at all. Oh well.

I brought the paddle to rest on her warm rosy backside, and when the cool wood touched her hot skin she jumped. Rubbing her with it for a moment, I then used my wrist to give her the first stinging swat. Not mentally prepared for what was about to happen, Tiffany stood up and did exactly what I had just told her not to do, reached back to cover her bottom. Annoyed, I grabbed her wrist and used the paddle to smack the flat of her palm with a full armed swing. The crack was incredibly loud and her hand flew back in front of her as I said, "I'm only going to say this once more before I get angry. Your hands need to stay away from your backside, otherwise they could be injured. Believe me, a broken knuckle will last a lot longer than a burning backside." I pushed her forward and she fell back into position, "See that you stay there this time."

I took the paddle and measured out a good swat to land right on the center of her sit spot, then let fly. The room echoed with a resounding *SMACK*. Tiffany fell forward, her stomach now on the bed, but she did manage to keep her hands in front of her. Choosing to keep her laying down on the bed like that, instead of in a standing bent over position, I put my left hand on the small of her back and kept her firmly pushed into the mattress as I started to steadily bring down the paddle in shallow, stingy, swats.

I marveled at how fast her rosy bottom turned to deeper shade of red. The swats were light and spaced apart, but for a first time spankee it must have seemed pretty intense. Soon she was wiggling around, trying to escape the slow burning smacks of the paddle. Soon her wiggles were met with a chorus of verbal complaints and promises. "I'll remember! Really I will. Please stop. Ouch. Quit it! This really HURTS! Ow!" For quite a few minutes I let her squirm and complain like that, hardly listening. I was intent on a photograph of my cousin that I had sitting on my dresser. This might sound strange, so I guess I should explain that I wasn't so much interested in the picture as the red scarf he was wearing in it. I was making a valiant effort to match the color of Tiffany's entire posterior to the color of that bright red article of clothing.

As I finished matching the colors I started bringing down the only genuinely hard smacks of the spanking, making her verbal complaints more believable and her struggles to get away more frenzied. I put twenty firm hard smacks onto her stinging rear in quick succession to end the spanking. When Tiffany realized I was done I watched as all the tension melted from her body and she collapsed, exhausted both physically and mentally.

As I stared at her well spanked rump, I realized that my desire had only increased with the paddling. Unable to contain myself any longer, I dropped the paddle. Putting myself in a better position, I picked her up and pushed her farther up onto the bed, then reached around her and turned her over onto her back. Sitting back and admiring the view for a moment, I decided I couldn't pin point my favorite physical feature about her. She was just absolutely gorgeous in every aspect.

She didn't resist at all as I reached down, using her ankles to spread her thighs wide, exposing her every detail to my roving eyes. I then crawled onto the bed between them, my hands stroking lightly as I slowly moved farther up her body. Passing over her hairless slit, I once again blew a slow stream of air over it, making her hips lift off the bed towards me. Satisfied, I continued to move up the bed and was at last looking down on her angelic face.

Tiffany slowly opened her eyes, a little smile playing on her lips. I reached my hand down and used it to lift her head off the mattress, bringing her lips closer to mine. When I was close enough I pressed my mouth tightly to hers, and as her tongue came out to amuse mine her hands came alive and were suddenly all over my body. Her fingers wandered ever so softly across my naked shoulders and down my bare chest, making me shiver as I had made her.

Incensed, I moved my left leg up and used my thigh to rub down onto Tiffany's moist twat, making her tongue freeze and causing her hands to stop their tireless journey. As I continued to grind my thigh between her legs, her entire body suddenly became absolutely relaxed. Her arms fell out wide and her head dropped as I removed my supporting hand.

Not wanting to let things go any further just yet, I asked, "So how was your first ever spanking?" Then I leaned down and nibbled on her earlobe, making her squirm and moan.

Sighing, Tiffany's hands returned to their ceaseless roaming, "A girl could get used to this sort of thing, you know."

Chapter 5: Lash Tongue Lauren

I'd finally managed to get Tiffany clothed and had chased her giggling from my room with a playful swat. When I was finally alone in my room again I just stood quietly for a moment, lost deep in thought. In my wildest dreams I had never imagined being put into a situation that was this... this... indescribably indescribable. There were beautiful women all around me and I, basically, had free reign to do with them as I pleased. Now as silly as this might sound, that sort of thing can be pretty overwhelming. Taking a deep breath to keep from getting too giddy, I stretched as I walked to my bathroom to get ready for the rest of the day.

I took a long hot satisfying shower and felt thoroughly clean as I got dressed. I didn't have anything too particularly important to attend to that day, so I picked out a nice pair of khakis and a crisp, blue, long sleeve shirt with white vertical stripes. Checking myself in the mirror to make sure I was presentable, I walked out to the kitchen, which was now a blurry flurry of morning activities.

Zigzagging, I dodged between the darting human obstacles and made my way to the coffee. Taking a look around, I noticed they were all wearing athletic clothing, which meant they were on their way to the gym. I had told them that as the success of the site mostly depended on myself and the girls looking our best, as shallow as that sounds, I was making daily gym visits mandatory for everyone, and I was happy to see that they were taking it seriously. As everyone was nearly ready to go it was time to dish out a little responsibility.

"Tiffany," I said loudly enough to be heard over the noise.

"Yeah?" she asked, walking over to me, still glowing from earlier.

"You're the oldest, which means you're also the driver," I said, holding out the keys to the van Mac had provided for us.

"Alright!" she exclaimed, wrapping me in a quick hug and somehow managing to grab the keys in the same instant.

"Remember," I said sternly, "Drivers drive. No talking on your cell or doing makeup or anything like that."

She gave me one of those looks only an affronted woman can give, conveying innocence, indignance, and a promise all at the same time, then gave me a quick peck on the cheek and stepped away yelling, "HUSTLE LADIES, 'CAUSE I'M LEAVING RIGHT NOW!" She walked out of the room holding the keys out like a hunting trophy to a chorus of groans and eye rolling. I followed as the girls filed out of the kitchen to the front door, then waved goodbye as they pulled out of the driveway and took off.

I have to admit I was in a very good mood at the time, and the day was only looking more and more promising. As I was about to close the door something caught my eye. I smiled as I saw the now familiar face of my benefactor step out of his car across the street. You know, for all the money Mac has, he sure doesn't show a damn penny of it. To this day he drives a junky Geo metro that's half blue and half primer, and his attire really wasn't too much more extravagant. Worn out slacks, scuffed leather shoes, an old suit jacket and, to top it off, an orange baseball cap that clashed with everything, the last item being a pretty ridiculous attempt to hide his male pattern baldness, but hey, who am I to judge?

I was about to heckle him about it, but something about the way he looked made me suddenly very uneasy. He was kind of meandering, staring at the ground and muttering to himself with a strange look on his face. It wasn't exactly a grim face that would imply he was here to cancel me, or an upset face that meant something was really wrong, or even stark raving lunacy, but there was definitely something that wasn't right. As he got closer he finally looked up at me.

"Morning Drew," he said in his usual gruff fashion.

"Morning Mac. Looks like you got business on the mind." He nodded, still wearing that strange expression. "I guess we'd better have some coffee then," I sighed. Me and Mac always talked business over coffee. In fact it had become something of a code between the two of us. Whenever we had to discuss something, we always referred to is as, "Getting coffee." I held the door open for him and followed apprehensively to the kitchen.

When we reached the kitchen I moved to the table where my mug was already waiting and watched Mac set his hat on the counter, grab a cup and get his own. "Well Mac, I gotta tell you, that look scares the hell out of me. What's on your mind?"

Mac considered my question for a minute and was adding sugar to his coffee when he finally answered me. "I've got some great news," he said unenthusiastically, "And a little bad news."

Figuring as much, I said, "Lets start with good news."

"Okay," said Mac as he walked to the table, sipping his coffee, "I got us a sponsor."

His answer confused me a little, "Another one? I thought I had that pretty much taken care of."

"Well, this sponsor is a little different," grunted Mac as he settled down into a chair across from me, "They're willing to pay for everything."

"What? You mean like all the food? Electricity? Cable? Clothes? I've already got that covered."

"No Drew," said Mac slowly, "I mean EVERYTHING. The server, the tech support, the advertising. They'll buy you cars and get you into exclusive clubs. They'll make your merchandise and sell it. Hell, they even offered to buy this house for you, cash. They're willing to pay for EVERYTHING." He let that sink in for a second, then continued, "I don't think I need to tell you what that means for our profit margin."

I was stunned. Low prices be damned, we were still talking 100% profit. That was a small fortune, even split the way it was. Everyone in the house was contracted for 6% of the gross income. I did the math quickly in my head. Even at the lowest we had estimated I would still be making several thousand dollars a month, we all would be. Not to mention it would all go directly into my pocket. I had nothing to pay for, no bills, no mortgage, nothing. It was just to good to be true.

I must have sat in shock for quite a while, because Mac eventually cleared his throat and brought me back to earth. "How did you get a sponsor like that Mac?" I asked, incredulous.

"I know a guy who knows a guy, that's all. But they aren't our sponsor yet. They have a couple conditions I'm not sure you're going to like."

I snorted, "I'm sure I can deal with whatever it is. They want me to wear t-shirts with their brand name? Or thank them for sponsoring us before and after each scene? Or maybe host a link to their site?"

"Well," said Mac, "Most of that and more, but there's one thing I know you won't like."

"Oh come on Mac, it can't be that bad."

"I'll let you decide," sighed Mac, that strange expression dominating his face. "They want all the girls to wear the stuff too."

I laughed, "That's silly Mac. I'm sure it won't be a problem."

Mac started to get a pained look, "No Drew, you don't understand. They want ALL the girls to be wearing the stuff."

Not understanding his meaning I said, "Yeah, I told you, it's not a big deal. They won't have a problem with it."

Mac took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh, then raised his hand with his fingers spread. Using his other hand he counted them out loud, "1... 2... 3... 4...," then wiggled his last finger pointedly. "ALL the girls Drew, and they want ALL the girls from the very beginning or they won't do it."

"Wait," I said, comprehension dawning on me, "They want all five girls? But I haven't chosen a fifth yet!"

"Now you see why I'm not exactly walking on sunshine." Sighing again, Mac continued. "Unluckily for both of us, we made a deal. I told you that you could pick the fifth whenever you were ready to, but in order to get this sponsor, it has to be soon." Mac stood up while he finished speaking. "I can't tell you how much we all want this thing, but I wont go back on my word, so it's up to you. Pick a girl or don't, take it or leave it Drew, it's your choice."

And with that he left me. As Mac's footsteps receded I heard the front door open and shut, leaving me alone with a uniquely bizarre decision to make. Hire some random beauty queen and make a boatload of money, or wait for the right girl and get paid much less? Frankly, I was torn. While this had never been about the money for me, I knew the girls could all use the money, and without a doubt Mac wanted it. Man, I had to hand it to the guy, he was an honest business man. He didn't go back on his word and make the decision without me, and that went a long way towards convincing me to take the sponsor. On the other hand I didn't want some woman I wasn't attracted to in my house. Don't get me wrong, looks are a plus, but a porcelain doll without a thought in her pretty head is a huge turn off and, quite frankly, a waste of time.

Suddenly a knock at the door brought me out of my deep reverie, and it had only been a few minutes since Mac had left. Quickly scanning the room I noticed Mac had left his hat lying on the counter. Still shaken, I stood up slowly and walked out of the room, grabbing Mac's hat on the way. I made my way to the door slowly, still thinking heavily. When I got there I opened the door and without looking up held out the hat and said, "You know, baldness is pretty common, it's not anything to be ashamed of."

"Why? You going cue ball?" said an unfamiliar voice.

Surprised, I looked up, "Sorry, I thought you were someone else..." I trailed off as my eyes traveled upwards, taking in and cataloging every detail. Barefooted, smooth creamy calves up to velvety soft thighs that disappeared behind a yellow sun dress with white trim. The dress rode along the smooth curves of her hips, hinting at paradise and then trimming back down to a fit waist and flaring out again up to her chest. More indescribably soft skin from fingertips to bare shoulders, and the V of the collar, modest but suggestive, calling out for me. Up farther to the graceful curve of her neck where I began to see the start of her silky brown hair flowing over her perfect skin. Farther up still to find cheeks permanently dimpled from constant smiling and a forehead free of worry wrinkles. Eyes that seemed one second to be green, the next to be grey, then blue and back again.

"Hello?" I heard her ask.

Shaking my head I said, "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"I said 'Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be playing shaolin hairstyle counsellor.'" I must have given her a stupid look, because she sighed in disgust and said, "Why do I always pick the slow ones?"

Feeling completely off balance for some reason I flushed, getting annoyed with myself, "I apologize, is there something I can help you with?"

"Well," she said, "A slightly less observant blind/deaf/mute might have noticed I'm having car troubles."

For the first time I noticed that her dress was stained black and across the street a car was billowing black smoke out of the hood. "Sorry, I'm feeling a little off today. What can I do for you?"

"Do you have a phone I can use?"

"Sure thing," I said, motioning inside and holding the door open, "It's in the kitchen." I let her pass me then closed the door. I followed slowly, listening to her in the kitchen. I was really weirded out by my apparent IQ drop. I'm not exactly laureate material, but I pride myself in keeping a level head, staying calm, and being quick on my feet. Shaking it off, I decided it was just the combination of having to make huge decision and being surprised. Taking a deep breath, I walked to the kitchen where this mystery girl was now swearing up a storm at the phone.

"What's the problem?" I asked.

She put the phone down. "I'm an idiot, that's the problem."

"Anything I can do to help?" I asked.

She put the phone down and cradled her head between her hands. "Not unless you can go back in time and stop me from breaking up with my boyfriend to move to the big city to pursue a career in music. The dreams of another foolish 20 year old smashed in less than two months. God I wish I had a drink..." she said, trailing off.

I blinked. There was no way. The odds were beyond astronomical. A beautiful, single, jobless 20 year old had just landed in my lap. The thick-headedness took over again, clouding my usually good judgment and agreeable public speaking skills. "You could live here," I blurted out stupidly. Why wouldn't my brain and mouth just play nice together? They were screwing me over in a big way.

Lifting her head she cocked an eyebrow at me, "Um, yeah. Looks like someone forgot to take their crazy pills this morning, so I'm just gonna go before I, you know, get axed or something."

Holding up my hand in supplication I sighed and continued, "I'm sorry, I should explain that better. I live here with 4 women and we're looking for a 5th roommate to fill up the house. Honestly I've interviewed dozens of girls and turned them all down, but you fit the bill perfectly."

Looking me up and down she said, "Yeah? And what exactly are you? The dimwitted gay stylist?"

That last snide remark cut right through the fog engulfing my brain and piqued my own barbed sense of humor. Using the most condescending voice I could manage I said, "Obviously not, seeing as you're walking around in that atrocious thing and I've somehow managed to keep my breakfast down."

"Oh," she said with a little smile, "He has teeth, I like it."

Still mad, I shot back at her, "Like it or not, you've got a pretty shitty way of saying thanks. Now about my job offer, do you want the details or should I keep it nice and simple for you using small words?"

Her eyes blazed, "Hasn't anyone ever told you that you shouldn't pick fights you can't win?"

I scoffed, "Win? The Special Olympics wouldn't let you out of their sight long enough for us compete, let alone long enough for me to show you how the big kids play."

She laughed, eyes still brimming with fire, "That was a good one. I'll have to watch what I say in the future."

"The future?" I asked.

She stood up and walked over to me, holding out her hand. "I'm Lauren."

Smiling, I shook her hand, "I'm Andrew."

"Well Andrew," she said, looking around, "Why don't you tell me exactly what it is that you do here?"


As I showed her the house and let her poke around a little bit I got her to tell me her story. There was nothing too out of the ordinary, but the shame of having to move home after only two months of being away had gotten the best of her. She'd extended herself past her means and had ended up digging herself a pretty substantial financial hole.

In the first few minutes I spent with Lauren I got a pretty good lock onto her personality type. This wasn't a person to take failure lightly, and while she might laugh on the outside, on the inside it gnawed at her in the worst way. For her this was the worst scenario imaginable, because on top of being on her way home to beg mom and dad to help dig her out of debt, she had to admit to everyone that she had failed. This might not have been too big a deal for most people, but she was the type of person who doesn't have an ego. Where most people wear bravado and shield themselves, she wore her confidence on her sleeve as her defense. The upside of this is that she always came across as being straightforward and earnest, the downside is that too big a blow could break her confidence entirely. While nothing that dramatic had happened yet, it was still uncomfortably close to being a real possibility.

While she was telling me her story I also felt like she opened up farther to me than she probably would to those she was close to, giving me little details that she would normally leave out. Exactly how much she was in debt, all the days she'd gone hungry, her futile job search and the rejections that plagued her at every turn, even at fast food restaurants. All in all it wound up being a pretty standard tale of woe and tragedy in the grand evil metropolis, and she was desperate to turn the whole thing around. I basically had her in my pocket, now all I had to do was prove I wasn't some abusive psycho and sell her on the idea of being spanked all the time in front of thousands of people. An easy sell for people like you and I, no doubt, but to vanillas? Perhaps a tad harder.

The whole time we toured the house she kept asking me questions, trying to figure out what exactly the house was for. I would always give vague answers, steering her back to her story, but around the third room she noticed the cameras, then backtracking located them in every room in the house. After she'd found them all, we went into my study and she put her hands on her hips as she confronted me. "Are those what I think they are?" she asked.

"Well," I said slowly, crossing my arms in front of me and taking a relaxed stance, "that depends on what you think they are."

She snorted derisively, "I know what they are, the only question is what does one man do in a house of five women with cameras in every room..."

I shrugged and tried to change the topic, but she held out her hand and stopped me, "Oh no you don't. I want a straight answer mister. Right now, or else." She backed up her statement by trying to stare me down, even rising up on her tiptoes to get eye level with me.

'Well,' I reasoned with myself, 'she's playing rough, so why shouldn't I?' Rising to my full height I leaned over her and stared hard into her eyes, "Or else what?"

Lauren recoiled as if struck. Aside from taking failure hard, she was used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it, not in a bratty way but in a tenacious no nonsense "I'm taking it" kind of way. Being beautiful and strong willed, she wasn't used to men saying no to her about much of anything, let alone a straight demand.

Gathering herself up to even greater height she matched my stare for intensity and said, "Or else I'll show you how a woman should deal with an errant young man."

Shocked, it took me a second to regain my composure, then I immediately started laughing. "I'd like to see you try."

Lauren huffed herself up indignantly, "Don't be so full of yourself. I've spanked bigger men than you."

Still laughing I said, "Oh really, then perhaps you'd like to know what it is that I do here." I leaned in conspiratorially, causing her to move back, then whispered loudly, "I'm the house disciplinarian," leaning out I continued, "That means whenever any of the ladies who lives here steps out of line, its my job to punish them, and I'm very good at it." Lauren looked stunned by what I had to say, her stare half incredulous half disbelief. Taking advantage of her silence, I went on, "And I'm not sure how to break it to you, but you've broken about a dozen rules since you've been here, so I'm afraid you'll need to be spanked," I said playfully and reached out as if to grab her arm.

You know, I probably shouldn't have been as surprised by her response as I was, but even if I had been fully prepared, I wouldn't have dodged the full armed slap she threw at me. As it was I managed to turn away from it slightly, but the blow still landed with a resounding *CRACK* turning my head 90 degrees and making my vision white for an instant. I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to control the instant burning anger surging through me. When I opened my eyes I was surprised that I wasn't seeing through a veil of red being as angry as I was. I slowly turned back towards her and noticed that she was frozen still with shock at what she had done, but as soon as she saw my eyes she unfroze and started to get this nervous look on her face. I guess she saw something she didn't like on my face, because she started to back up slowly. I let her back up until she bumped into the wall behind her, then I stalked slowly over to her, taking my time. When I was within an arms reach Lauren threw her hands up to defend herself as she cringed against the wall.

Lightening quick, I reached out and grabbed her wrist in my hand and pulled her towards me. Terrified, she looked up into my eyes. "You know what the difference is between a woman spanking a man and a man spanking a woman?" I asked her. Eyes as wide a saucers she shook her head. "Well, a woman needs a man's consent to go along with it, but a man can spank a woman's ass black and blue anytime she needs it regardless of her wants and wishes." And with that I started across, the room towards my straight backed chair, my iron grip still on Lauren's wrist, dragging her with me. She was still silent but now she was trying to get away, pulling on her arm, throwing her weight away from me, clawing at my hand, but I was too mad for any of that to effect me much, and I just kept moving forward.

When I reached the chair I sat down and with no further ado pulled Lauren roughly across my lap. Now she had found her tongue and was really fighting to get away. For the most part I just ignored her insults and struggles as I juggled her into position, but after a particularly cutting remark about my manhood I stopped and leaned down to say quietly in her ear, "If you know whats good for you you'll shut that trouble causing mouth of your before you dig yourself another hole you can't get out of."

As I stopped shifting her around and she felt that it was about to start, she switched tactics, apologizing for her rude behavior and promising to do everything I told her. 'Oh yes you will' I thought to myself as I started. As I raised my hand for the first time she reached back to try to cover up, allowing me to grab her wrist and get it firmly pinned against the small of her back. Smiling in satisfaction, I began with a hard smack to the right cheek, eliciting a yelp and a jump followed by more begging. As the blows started to come down hard and steady the majority of what came out of her mouth was replaced with yips and yelps, squeals and moans. When the begging had stopped entirely I halted for a moment and rubbed her backside through her sun dress, feeling her warmth beneath rising in waves. When I stopped I felt her heave a sigh of relief followed by a few sniffles.

My anger had died away rather quickly, replaced by a need to adjust this young ladies attitude, so I started to scold her. "Lauren were you spanked as a child?"

I don't know if she was shocked that I had asked her a question or just reluctant to answer, but after a few moments of silence I gave her five good smacks, alternating cheeks. "Ouch ouch ouch! No! *sniff* I wasn't spanked as a child."

"Do you feel like you're being unjustly punished?"

"Excuse me?" she asked as if it was the most absurd thing she had ever heard.

"Don't make me repeat myself."

"I'm being SPANKED! This whole thing is ridiculous!"

I gave her a hard smack on her sit spot. "That's not what I asked young lady."

"OW! Of course this is unjust. What did I ever do to you?"

"How about we go down the list? For starters you were beyond rude to me, even as I agreed to help you. You questioned my sexuality. You've been swearing up a storm the whole time you've been here, which is very disrespectful. And did I mention you slapped me? That's kind of a big one."

"So what if I was a little rude, I don't deserve this!"

"Oh, so you think you can just be rude to people you want help from and get away with it? I'm afraid not. This is a hard earned lesson, and we're not even close to done yet."

"Oh, I'm glad you can take the time out of your busy day to teach me such a good lesson, now go choke on it!"

"Geeze, you just don't know when to stop do you?" I asked her.

"Well even if I don't at least you do. Now if you'll just let me up I'll be on my way and I won't even tell the cops or anything."

"I'm sorry, did you think I stopped because I was done? Oh, no. I'm afraid I stopped because this pesky little dress keeps getting in my way. Now, as I see it, you slapped my bare cheek, so now I'm going to slap your bare cheeks. It's only fair, wouldn't you say?"

"WHAT?" Lauren started struggling again, trying to get away and failing miserably. "You have no right! I'll sue you, I'll have you arrested, I'll"

"You," I interrupted her, "will sit still as I lift you dress so I can spank your naughty little bare bottom!"

Her renewed struggles went on as I continued, "See what I mean about that whole consent thing? If it were the other way around I could just walk away, but you have to sit here and take your punishment like the naughty young lady you are." Still holding her in place easily, I reached my hand down and grabbed the bottom of her dress, then slowly raised it up. Her struggles reached new heights the farther her dress came.

I was mesmerized by the sight of her milky smooth thighs coming into view. My eyes traveled every inch of skin, taking it all in and cataloging every detail. Ever so slowly the dress came up and soon it was raised as far as it would go, revealing a round, perfect, already bare, very red, bottom. "What's this?" I asked her casually, running a finger across her bare backside, "No panties? I'm disappointed! Proper young ladies always wear their panties."

Incensed, her verbal attack resumed, making me sigh good naturedly. Before I continued I listened to her for a moment, letting the words flow over me as I lightly ran my fingertips aimlessly over her warm bottom, causing her to shudder every once in a while. After a moment of this I resumed spanking her, my hand smacking down hard, slowly, and inexorably. With her dress out of the way I could really appreciate the way in which her ass started to blush. I amused myself by idly wondering if that was more due to the embarrassment of being nearly naked in front of someone who was essentially a stranger, or being spanked, and chuckled at the obvious answer.

"Well I'm glad your enjoying yourself now," spat Lauren between yelps, "I wonder if you'll be in this good a mood with handcuffs on while your being taken to jail for assult."

I laughed again, "Well, I am a pretty big fan of handcuffs. I just prefer them in the bedroom."

I continued to rain down spank after hard spank on her bare ass, causing it to turn from slightly pink, to a rosy pink, and then darker still. As it reached this color I stopped and rubbed some of the sting from her bottom, the entire time stoicly ignoring the solid stream of profanities flowing from Lauren's mouth.

I did this for a while, and eventually I realized that Lauren had fallen silent. Curious, I lifted my fingertips from her skin and, almost as if drawn by a magnet, her ass raised into the air, searching for the meandering caress of my touch. Surprised and amused by the turn of events, I let my hand drop back down, and alternated squeezing her cheeks in my hand, kneading and stroking, making her sigh and moan.

"God! What are you doing to me?" she asked between gasps and moans.

I let my hand wander down between her legs and slowly drew my fingertips over her now wet slit, coating the tips of my fingers in her love juices and making her arch her back and stop her breath entirely. Then, ever so slowly, I pushed my index finger inside of her. The second she felt my finger enter her burning hole, her entire body went rigid, and as it went deeper she arched her back like a cat and let out a long low moan. With my finger still buried deep inside of her I leaned down and spoke in a low voice. "It seems to me you enjoy being spanked Lauren."

I withdrew my finger, then rubbed her entrance for a moment, making her gasp. Then, for reasons even I don't quite understand, I grabbed her shoulder and helped her to her feet. She stood there in a daze, confused, so I guided her in front of me and had her straddle me and sit with her arms around my neck. We were face to face and this close I could really smell her. Even covered with sweat from exertion she smelled wonderful, filling my nose like alcohol, going directly to my brain and making me lightheaded.

Laurens eyes were unfocused for a moment, then they slowly became less dazed until I was looking at the Lauren I had seen earlier, if a tad more humble. "You know," she said, sounding completely reasonable, "I should hate you for spanking me. I should call the cops and sue you and then cut you where it matters and make you useless to a woman."

"But you aren't going to?" I asked, smiling teasingly.

She didn't even answer me, she just used the leverage of her arms around my neck to pull me to her. As our lips met my world exploded. Our tongues danced and suddenly I was on my feet with her legs wrapped around my waist as I walked to the couch and collapsed down on top of her. My hands had a mind of their own, they must have had their own because, just like her dress, mine was gone. My fingers found the snap to her bra and in an instant it was off, revealing her perfect breasts to me for the first time.

But if my hands were slightly magical, her hands were Houdini. In less time than I could have done myself, I was down to nothing but boxers. Separating myself from her for a second I caught my breath and asked, "Wait. When did you get my pants? I don't even remember my belt coming off." Lauren just grinned and reached up, taking my head between her hands and brought me back down to her.

'Good answer' I thought as I melted into her embrace. My hands traveled over every curve of her body, exploring the perfect landscape of her smooth skin. Remembering something, I pushed her away once again, "Don't think your punishment is over young lady. This is just... a detour."

Smiling deviously she reached up and grabbed my hair, yanking my head to one side as she bit my shoulder lightly. Moving her mouth to my ear she whispered, "If I'm bad do you promise to spank me harder next time? You kind of hit like a girl."

Pretending to rise to the bait, I pushed her back onto the couch, grabbed both her hands and forced them over her head. Switching my hands around so I could hold both her wrists in one fist I got into a position where I was raised above her, "Take it back," I said with an evil smile of my own.

"Take what back?" She asked innocently, "That you hit like a girl, or that you dress like a gay stylist?"

I reached down with my other and and gave her a light slap on the cheek, barely enough to make a sound. "Take it back."

"Hey, you can't do that! That's not fair!" she exclaimed.

"I think we've already established that there are very few things that I can't do. Don't you think?"

Blowing a lock of hair out of her face she put on a pouty face and turned away from me. "Jerk," she muttered.

Reaching down with my free hand I gripped her right nipple and pinched it lightly, then ever so slowly began to rotate it. "Excuse me?" I watch her eyes go glassy then close. She turned back to face me and opened her eyes.

"Harder." she whispered, just barely loud enough to hear. Happy to oblige, I gripped a little tighter and twisted farther. Lauren closed her eyes again and her face distorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Using her nipple as leverage, I moved her upper body as far as it would go with me holding her down. When I suddenly let go her entire body slumped back into the couch.

She cleared her throat and opened her eyes, "When do I get to hold you down?" she asked playfully.

"Oh, no. That's just not how it works with me Sweety." I reached down and grabbed her other nipple in my fingers and slowly pinched and twisted. "Besides, I can't imagine you could have any more fun than you're having right now." Letting go with my fingers I leaned down and took her nipple in my mouth, biting lightly. Lauren gasped as I rolled over it with my tongue and pulled lightly with my teeth, then switched to the other nipple and did the same. With a last nibble I let go and moved back up to kiss her. Putting my free hand behind her head and lifting her lips to mine I pushed my tongue into her mouth, once again exploring her tongue.

I let go of her hands and broke off the kiss once more. "Ready?" I asked her.

"Ready for what?"

Grinning mischievously, I trailed my fingers down her body, to her already spread thighs. Running my middle finger over her clit for a moment, I moved down even farther and once again slowly pushed my finger inside of her. If she was wet before, now she was soaking. Still smiling, I started to slide off the couch onto my knees. As I knelt between Laurens spread thighs I could smell her musky wetness. Smiling up at her, I twisted my finger around then hooked it upwards and slowly started to rub her g-spot back and forth. I moved my mouth closer and using my free hand spread her wide. I rubbed her g-spot more quickly as my lips closed around her clit, making her entire body jump as though shocked.

Alternating between sucking, licking, and lightly nibbling on her clit I slowly worked up the pace of my finger inside of her, moving it fast and firmly. Laurens back arched as she grabbed the arm and back of the couch for support, digging her nails deep into the fabric. Her groans were the only sound in the room, punctuated occasionally by a sharp gasp or sigh. I took my time, slowly building her up, then letting back down a little bit, and then back up even higher. In short order I had her on the verge of climax and was holding her there, making her whimper and beg me to let her cum.

Lifting my mouth away, I asked her, "And if I let you cum? Then what?"

I increased the speed of my finger inside of her even further, making her answer jumbled and erratic, "Oh, please let me cum? *moan* I promise I'll be good and I won't be any trouble at all. Oh. *gasp* I'll do everything you tell me to and... oh GOD! Please let me cum? Please?"

I pressed her, "You promise you'll mind your manners and be a proper young lady when you live in this house?"

Her answer came out as a low moan, "Ohhhh yessssss."

Smiling, I bent my head back down and took her clit into my mouth again, nibbling and running my tongue around it in circles as my finger worked deep inside of her. The effect was almost immediate, her entire body went rigid with her back arched as far as it would go, her mouth open wide but silent. As she climaxed I lightly bit down on her clit and hummed a note, making my teeth vibrate as they held onto the sensitive nub. Her entire body, already rigid, flexed impossibly until she finally collapsed down onto the couch with an explosive huff of air.

Slowly withdrawing my finger and letting go with my teeth, I raised myself back up on top of her. She just laid there for a moment, her entire body limp, breathing hard, as sweat trickled down the succulent curves of her body. I traced a bead of sweat around her breast, letting my fingertip trail across her sensitive skin, raising goosebumps and making her open her eyes to look at me.

Still looking dazed, she asked me, "Has anyone ever told you that you're evil?"

Trying to look hurt I replied, "I have no idea what you mean."

"Oh yes you do," she insisted, "You know exactly what I mean and why. You manipulated me you evil man."

"Me?" I said, still trying to look hurt, "Never! All I did was dole out a well earned punishment. I'm not responsible for how you react to something like that. I have to tell you though, you aren't the only woman on the planet that wants a good hard fuck after a proper spanking. In fact, you're probably in the majority on that one."

Sighing, she laid back and put her arm across her eyes, "I probably wouldn't have believed you an hour ago, but its hard to deny it now."

I let her lay there for a moment, then cleared my throat, "Now, about my job offer..."

I watched as she pursed her lips in thought, then she peeked out from under her arm at me, "What kind of job is it?"

"Well, you live here and go to the gym everyday. Gym visits are mandatory. It's a voyeur house, so people watch the video feed off of our website. They get to see everything. When you break the rules you get spanked, but sometimes you might just be spanked because we need to film a spanking to put on the website. You get paid extremely well but the biggest rule is you can't be jealous of the other girls. I don't play favoritism, and I have to spank you all. Most of the other rules of the house are simple common courtesy things, so you don't need to worry about those. That's about it I think. So what do you say?"

She once again disappeared behind her arm and pursed her lips in thought, but only for a few moments. Popping out from behind her arm, she grinned and asked, "Where's my room?"

Chapter 6: The Insatiable Jessica (More than a year and a half after the last installment, sorry to make you wait so long)

Lauren and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch and recovering from all of our physical exertion earlier that morning. By that of course I mean moving all of her stuff into her new room from her now derelict sub-compact car. As we finished the light meal I heard the faint sound of the rest of my girls pulling up in the driveway.

I glanced up at Lauren, "Big moment coming up here."

Lauren had a spacey expression on her face that was startled away when I spoke to her. "Huh?" she asked.

"And I thought you were the one that scrambled my brains, but obviously it works the other way around too."

Lauren immediately responded by throwing the rest of her sandwich at my head, which I narrowly dodged avoiding getting mustard on my blue shirt. "Humph, you scramble my brains? Not likely dweeb."

I put on a face of mock injury. "Dweeb? Oh no! My feelings!" Glancing behind me I spotted the wayward sandwich where it had thudded to the ground. "Seriously though, you're going to pick that up now."

"Oh yeah?" She asked, puffing up, "Or what?"

That confused me for a second. "Um... or I'll blister your backside?"

Lauren looked like I had taken the wind out of her sails, slumping down with a quiet little, "Oh yeah..." then expertly diverted the conversation before I could make good on my threat or make her clean up her mess, "Wait, what was it you said when I wasn't paying attention?"

"I said its a big moment. The rest of my girls are back, and you get to meet them. Excited? Nervous? Embarrassed?"

Lauren sighed, "No, not particularly, I just hope we can get along. Living with people you don't like is worse than daily root canals."

I nodded my head in agreement, "Just try not to be too difficult and I'm sure you'll all get along fine."

She showed me her teeth in a way that was more like fist shaking than smiling.

"Honestly, I hand picked each girl for their own special reason, so I think you have a pretty good chance of fitting in around this zoo."

"I hope so," she said, and like an entrance cue in a play, the front door opened and in whipped Hurricane Girlasaurus-rex. Near shouting level volume, 10 different conversations going between 4 different girls at Mach 9, it was a cacophony of nonsense to me as they rounded the corner into the kitchen to my left. So I did what I thought was the smart thing and just sat back. The girls were a flurry of moving activity that boggled my mind. Instead of trying to understand, I just picked up my glass of water and sipped. Then, almost instantaneously, all noise and movement stopped. The scene reminded me of two stray cat unsure of one another as I saw Lauren lean back and survey the rest of my girls while they returned the favor in kind. There was this tension in the room that could be felt by everyone there.

For about a full 10 seconds there was utter silence, then Amy asked the obvious question, "Why is there a sandwich on the floor?"

"Because our new resident has something of a temper problem," I said casually, "something I hope to tame."

Lauren made an indelicate snorting sound, but Tiffany was the one to talk, "So you're #5?"

"I suppose I am," sighed Lauren.

"Did you apply for the job through the add?"

"What add? No. My car broke down across the street and I needed to use someone's phone, so I chose this house. Next thing I know this con-artist here," she derisively flicked her fingers at me, "had me agreeing to live in this mad house."

Katie sneered, "Pulling them in off the street Andrew? Isn't slumming kind of low?"

Before I could say anything Lauren snapped back, "No worse than adopting daddies little princess."

They glared at one another for a moment before Katie sniffed and turned away. Calling back over her should she said, "I'm going to take a shower."

"That's actually not a bad idea," mumbled Lauren, "You all smell like the gym," then looking down at her own dirty skin she sighed. Standing up, Lauren walked over to the other girls and grabbed Tiffany and Amy by the wrists, "Let's go get you girls cleaned up. You smell awful. We can't have the man of the house befoul his nostrils with the scent of you." She delivered that last part with such scathing sarcasm I was surprised to find my skin still on my body when I looked down.

Jessica stood back and loitered for a moment, trying very hard to look nonchalant and miserably failing. "Yes, Jessica?"

She looked at me like she was surprised for a moment, then dropped the act and stalked over to me, looking really quite intent. "You haven't touched me."

"Pardon?" I asked.

"Since I have been here you haven't so much as looked at me twice," she put her hands down on the table, getting eye to eye with me and letting me see the anger there while presenting me with a rather enticing view of her lovely cleavage. I noticed she had on a sports top and little spandex shorts that hugged every curve of her hips.

"Is that so?" I asked in a soft, slow voice as my hand moved on top of hers. "Well you know I'm a very busy man, don't you?" I asked as I leaned forward, my finger tips tracing light little lines up the soft skin of her hand and arm. I saw goosebumps raise on her skin as my hand moved up her arm. She closed her eyes, simply enjoying the sensation. I moved closer and closer until I was just a few inches from her face with my own, my fingers reaching her neck and trailing little circles around the sensitive skin there. "I suppose I've worked pretty hard today, and I think I could use another shower. Why don't you come wash my back for me?"

Jessica's eyes opened slowly and I could see the heat there had transformed from a simmering anger into an inferno of desire. That was all the agreement I needed. Smiling deviously I stood up and lifted her chin with my fingertips until she was standing up with me. Its a funny thing, watching a woman become aroused right in front of you, at least if you know what to look for. I watched as her lips and face delicately blushed, and her pupils dilated. Her breathing became slower and deeper, pushing her breasts out and making her nipples hard. I ran my hand lightly down her front, not quite touching her chest, and grabbed her hand when they got close to each other.

Turning I pulled Jessica with me out of the kitchen and down the hall to my bedroom. I guided her in the door first, then closed the door after I walked in, clicking my door lock.

Jessica stood facing away from me still, so I walked up behind her, putting my hands on both sides of her waist, firmly gripping her as my head turned sideways and my lips came down on her neck, lightly kissing and claiming ownership of that spot. My hands wandered, one moving up to her breasts, the other down the inside of her thigh, then switching.

"Funny. I thought you would be wild in bed, but here you are acting like a kitten instead of a tiger. Was I wrong?"

Jessica giggled, "I'm just trying to enjoy it. I haven't been with a man in a while, so I'm trying to get used to it again."

I spun her around and put a hand firmly on her lower back, pressing her to me, the other moving to the back of her neck pulling her lips to mine.

Jessica's hands came alive as her mouth opened on mine, our tongues meeting for the first time. I heard a low moan escape from her as her hands grabbed at my back, pulling her tighter to me.

I reluctantly broke off the kiss, rolling my shoulders and shaking my head to try to regain some of my self control, which was made doubly hard by the fact that I had a gorgeous girl trying to pull my clothes off. Gently but firmly I grabbed her hands and pulled them away from me. "Young lady, we came here to get you nice and clean, and here you are trying to distract me."

Jessica put on a look of mock abashment, "I know Sir, I'm sorry."

"Not half as sorry as you're going to be." I said forebodingly, "Now you get undressed while I go turn on the water."

"Yes Sir," She replied quietly, already removing her spandex shorts.

I turned away, trying not to be distracted and only half succeeding. I strode into the bathroom, reaching into the shower and turning on the water. Making sure it would be the temperature I wanted it to be I quickly stripped down to my boxers, tossing my clothes in the basket and tried to clear my head. I could feel my manhood straining against my boxers. You would think that with that much sexual activity in the house I might wear out my libido, but luckily the opposite was true.

I turned and walked back into my bedroom, noting the position that Jessica took. As I got closer I admired her smooth pale skin, speckled with freckles across her chest and shoulders. Admiring her was made that much easier by the fact that she was on her knees, legs spread wide, with her hands on her ankles behind her which pushed her chest out even further. Her head hung slightly to the side, exposing the soft skin of her neck and letting her fine red hair flow down over her shoulder. Her eyes were down as I walked in and she only peeked up for a second before looking down again. I could see her flush from her chest to her face, whether in excitement or embarrassment, I wasn't certain. Very probably a mixture of the two.

I moved closer, brushing my fingers lightly against her skin as I walked behind her. "I take it you think I've been neglecting you."

Jessica shivered as my fingers roved lazily across her shoulder, moving between the freckles and drawing little designs, but she kept her eyes looking down. "Maybe not neglected. I mean, you are pretty busy. I guess I'm just a little selfish."

I slid my hand up to the base of her neck and and tangled my fingers into a large knot of her silky hair, then pulled back on it firmly, making her look up at me and gasp in surprise as I watched more goosebumps raise on her skin. "That's OK. Sometimes being selfish is the only way to get what you want." I moved around in front of her, holding her head firmly in place, "Of course I think this is something we both want, so I find that even more acceptable." I was standing in front of her then, my excitement obvious through my boxers. Obvious enough that it had most of her attention at least. She licked her lips, then looked up at me questioningly.

"May I?" She asked.

I put on a facade of ignorance. "May you what?" I asked innocently.

Jessica groaned. "Please don't make me beg."

I smiled devilishly at her, "But I think that's what you want me to make you do," I moved my foot between her leg and pressed it firmly into her already damp sex, "And I think you can probably beg very prettily when you want to. Lets hear it."

Jessica groaned and pushed her weight down onto my foot, trying to satisfy herself and already getting frustrated at how meager the touch was.

"Please," she moaned, " please let me pleasure you with my mouth."

"That wasn't so hard was it?" I said as I lowered my boxers with my once free hand, letting my hard shaft spring free.

Jessica looked up at me for permission, hesitantly pulling against my grip on her hair. "Slowly." I warned her. She nodded her agreement and as I released her hair her mouth crept forward. I could feel her breath on my skin a moment or two before her lips brushed for the first time against my stiff member. Her lips circled the very tip as her tongue came out to lightly lick me around the head. I licked my suddenly dry lips as she opened up suddenly and took me into her velvety soft mouth, running her tongue down the length of my shaft and back up, already encouraging me to fill her mouth.

I cleared my throat, "You've got a little experience at this, don't you?"

In answer to my question her hands came up, one cupping and caressing the sensitive skin of my sack, the other circling around the base of my shaft and squeezing down lightly, but firmly, trapping the blood in my already hard member and making it even bigger as more pumped in, increasing the sensitivity of my head as her mouth moved back and forth, squeezing and sucking, trying to milk me dry.

I grabbed a hand full of her hair again, pulling her down hard, forcing my cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged for a moment before adjusting, and I could feel her throat relax as I pulled out and rammed down her throat again. Groaning, I held her there for a moment, enjoying the sensation, then I pulled back out letting go of her hair. Jessica immediately started coughing and trying to recover her breath. After a few seconds she had regained some of her composure and looked up at me.

"Did I tell you that you could stop?" I asked. As Jessica leaned back in I put a hand on her shoulder. "Too late now. Stand up, " I ordered her.

Jessica stood up, looking very sheepish now. "I'm sorry, Sir."

"Bend over the bed." I said as I turned around and headed towards my dresser. 'Not handcuffs', I thought to myself, 'how about some bondage ribbon?' Reaching my dresser I pulled out a roll of ribbon about 3' long. 'Perfect.' I started to close the drawer, but noticed something out of the corner of my eye. On impulse I grabbed a blindfold as well. As I walked slowly back towards her I noticed for the first time how absolutely hairless her snatch was. I would have to ask her how she did it, it might come in handy for the other girls.

When I was close I tossed the blindfold on the bed for her to see. I saw a visible shutter and smiled as I unrolled the ribbon. "Put your hands behind your back. Grab your opposite elbows with your hands." Jessica complied quickly and I started on one side, wrapping a few times and then proceeding to wrap her arms like a candy cane, making sure they stayed stuck to one another. When I reached the other side I wrapped the remainder firmly around her other elbow.

"Comfortable?" I asked. Her only response was a jerky nod. For a moment I was worried she might not be enjoying herself, but as I moved my hand down to her crotch I could feel a bonfire cooking there. Her slit was absolutely drenched. Chuckling, I asked coyly, "What has you so excited?"

"The blindfold, Sir," I heard her mumble.

"Is that so? And why is that?" I asked.

Jessica tried to shrug, "Just the idea of not knowing whats coming next, you have complete control and I can't even tell what you're planning to do. The thought alone is enough to get me wet."

"Well then let's get it over those pesky eyes of yours and then we can have some real fun."

Jessica groaned as I slid the blind fold over her eyes. Pulling my hands back down and over her hair, then the soft skin of her back. Moving to one side I left one hand on her lower back, firmly holding her in place as my other hand glided over her backside, rubbing in large circles. Then, lifting my hand up high I waited for a few seconds, letting the tension build. I could see her muscle all tighten in anticipation of the first swat.

I let the tension build for a few more seconds before bringing my hand down with a resounding WHACK. Jessica's entire body jumped against my hand like she was struck by lightening, but the only sound that escaped her lips was a long, low moan. I watched as my hand print slowly formed on her backside. Raising my hand again I applied another solid smack to her other cheek, prompting another jump, smaller than the last. Shaking the slight sting out of my palm I brought down another hard spank, and this time Jessica was able to control herself, staying put and not jumping.

I gave her a few more hard swats before I ran my hand back over her reddening bottom, feeling the heat starting to rise as the first shades of pink began to show through. Then, moving my hand lower, I dragged my fingers down along her wet slit to her clit, rubbing a quick circle there before dragging back down along her slit and then up again, making another quick circle around her clit. As I rubbed I pushed my fingers deeper between her lips, eventually finding her love canal. I circled my first two fingers around it, getting them nice and wet, then slowly pushed my fingers in to the last knuckle, using my lower two fingers to press hard into her clit.

I moved my hand in slow rhythmic motions, then quick circles, and then back again for a few minutes making her moan and buck her hips. "You're quite the little slut, aren't you Jessica?"

Jessica pushed down on my fingers hard, trying to get herself off with little success. "Oh god yes! I'm such a little slut. I'm yours. Please use me."

I pulled my fingers from her tight snatch, making her groan in disappointment. Moving my fingers in front of her face, "Open up slut. Your dirty pussy has got my fingers all wet. Now clean them off."

Jessica eagerly opened her mouth and quickly licked my fingers clean, doing a thorough enough job that I might almost think she enjoyed the taste of her own juices. When my fingers were entirely clean I pulled them from her mouth, then moved my hand back around behind her. Rubbing her still pink bottom I lifted my hand again, striking several times, going back and forth between her cheeks randomly. I paused after the first few swats, rubbing her bottom and occasionally dipping my fingers between her legs, rubbing her dripping pussy lightly, making her ass raise into the air. When her ass was as raised as it could be I applied a few vicious smacks to her rapidly reddening backside.

Jessica was a symphony of sound; gasping, yelping, sighing, moaning. All the right signs that the horny little kinkster was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I built her up like that for a few minutes, letting her get close to orgasm, but never quite letting her reach it. It wasn't long before she started begging. "Please, Sir. Let me cum. God I need to cum so bad, please let me."

I chuckled as her begging became more desperate. "Without me? How selfish of you."

I removed my hand and stepped back, leaving her wriggling her ass for more. "Then fuck my pussy, we'll cum together. Anything you want. Fill my dirty pussy with your cum. Fill me until it leaks out."

"Hmm," I said slowly, "You make an interesting proposition, but I'd rather not get you pregnant your first week here."

"Ha," she replied, "Good luck getting me pregnant. There's a magical little 'T' inside of me that makes that rather difficult."

"Is that so?" I said appreciatively, "Thinking ahead. Good girl." I pushed down my boxers and stepped out of them, my rock hard cock ready to see some action. Stepping up behind her, I used my foot to push her legs farther apart. Inching closer, I used one hand to position my raging manhood at her entrance, then reached down with my other hand to grab a fistful of her long red hair, pulling back roughly and making her cry out. With her head pulled firmly back, I slowly pushed my cock forward. Feeling the wetness of her pussy on my head, I ran the tip of my cock up and down her slit, getting it slick with her love juices, then, finding her entrance, I forced my way in roughly, my shaft easily slipping deep inside of her moist snatch.

Jessica groaned as I buried myself in to the hilt. I felt the warm, wet walls of her pussy tighten on me, making the already delicious sensation even more pleasurable as she squeezed down hard. With one hand still wrapped in her hair, I smacked her ass hard with the other, the resounding slaps eliciting a decidedly aroused verbal response from the naughty girl. "Oh fuck yes. Spank my ass and pound my dirty fuck hole. Harder! God, YES!"

I might have found the rawness of the statement humorous or in poor taste in another situation, but at the time all I could do was agree and, of course, comply.

I pumped her soaking twat hard and deep, smacking her ass hard and I felt myself nearing the brink already. Not ready to end it yet, I pushed into her completely and leaned down over her back, whispering into her ear, "How does it feel to be my helpless little fuck toy?" I slapped her ass hard, "Tied up, blind folded, spanked, fucked hard, and anything else I care to think of to do with you."

Jessica pushed her hips back into me hard, grinding her impaled pussy on my cock in response. "I love it," she purred, "I just wish you'd stop being so gentle," she added the last with a little smirk.

I smiled wickedly. It might have even made her nervous if she could have seen it. I slowly withdrew my throbbing member, both of my hands moving up to her shoulders, then running down her back strongly, each individual finger leaving its own trail. When my hands reached her hips I grabbed her firmly on either side, holding her tightly in place.

With only the head of my cock still inside of her, I waited, making her desire climb, turning her want into need. Her breath started coming in ragged gasps, and when I thought she would die from anticipation, I thrust forward hard, again burying myself deep inside of her in a single powerful thrust.

Her back arched, her breath exploding out of her in an airy, "Oh fuck!" followed by a sharp gasp as I slapped her ass. Then I pulled out again and teased her the same way again and again, letting her need build higher and higher each time, then plowing into her like a train, powerful and unstoppable.

Soon I had her begging each time. "Oh god, Andrew. Please fuck me. Don't stop. Let me cum. I need to cum so bad."

"Not until you have my permission," I would respond each time, but that didn't keep her from trying to get me to give her permission. Finally I decided to move on. I was getting sweaty, and the shower was already running. There was no need to waste water, we could just relocate and continue. I pulled out of her entirely, to the very dismayed young girls horror. "Nooooo," she whined, "You have to make me cum."

I laughed, "Brat, the only thing I have to do is what I want to do." I stepped off to the side and turned to face her slightly pinkened posterior, running my hand over it a few moments before I started to spank her in a slow, even rhythm, alternating cheeks each time.

Jess started to squirm as the solid smacks hit home. Her squirming quickly turned to whimpering, then her protesting became more heartfelt as she started to wriggle enthusiastically. I put a stop to that rather fast by placing a firm hand on the small of her back, holding her firmly in place for her punishment.

Her physical outlet denied, she started to plead. "Oh god, my ass is burning. Wouldn't you rather fuck me than spank me? Please stop, please? Fuck that hurts."

Of course her pitiful begging fell on deaf ears and I silently continued the correction of my wayward charge, my swats increasing in speed and intensity. I wanted to bring her to the edge of breaking down, and my methodical abuse of her backside was doing a wonderful job of accomplishing just that. In short order her backside had turned an alarming shade of red, so the moment I heard the first little sniffles, I stopped immediately, my hand that had caused her so much suffering now offering her relief as it slowly soothed away the burn to a manageable throbbing.

In an astonishingly small amount of time Jessica had gone from close to crying to wanting to cum again. When she had calmed down enough, I reached down, running my fingers over her scorching hot slit. It was almost dripping.

"Stand up," I commanded. She complied awkwardly wither her hands still tied behind her, but responded quickly enough to avoid further punishment. "Good, now face aware from me and get on your knees." Again she obeyed quickly. Walking up close behind her I took off the blindfold. Jessica squinted and blinked at the sudden light as I grabbed the knot on the ribbon and pulled hard, undoing it and quickly unwrapping her arms, freeing them.

"Keep your arms like that," I said, walking around her, examining every inch of her skin. She was glistening with sweat. "Push your tits out. Show them off for me." I stopped in front of her and looked down into her eyes. She flushed in what seemed to be embarrassment, then leaned back, pushing her pert breasts out further. She glanced away as I studied her, licking her lips then biting her lower one. I reached down and pinched one of her nipples in a strong grasp, making her inhale sharply, then mirrored the action with my other hand, provoking a similar response. I squeezed hard and she closed her eyes against the pain. When I released my grip she sighed loudly, but maintained her position.

"You've been very well behaved. I'm quite impressed. Go hop in the shower and I'll be in to reward you in a second."

Jessica lowered her eyes demurely, "Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

She started to stand, but my upraised hand stopped her. "Did I say you could walk there?"

She sat for a moment, confused, "Um, no Sir?"

"You're right, so I guess that means you'll have to crawl," I said evenly, trying to gauge her reaction.

She flushed bright red again, but simply said, "Yes Sir," and started to crawl towards the open bathroom door. I pursed my lips in thought. She hadn't protested, maybe she like being ordered around? Maybe being forced to do something on her own was more exciting than being made to do it by force? It was something to think on.

I waited until she disappeared into the bathroom before going to my drawer of toys. Tossing the ribbon and blindfold back in, I picked out a small butt plug and a waterproof vibrating bullet. Happy with my selection, I closed the drawer and crossed the room, entering the steamy confines of my bathroom. The open shower revealed that Jessica was still on her hands and knees, which must have been considerably less comfortable on hard tile than the thick carpeting of my bedroom.

I approached behind her and set the vibrator on the shelf next to my shower stuff, then reached over and grabbed the bottle of water based lube that Amy had been thoughtful enough to add to the essentials of my shower shelf. Popping the cap, I smeared a liberal amount onto the small plug then set it on the shelf. Temporarily adjusting the water away from the lovely young lady awaiting my abuse on her hands and knees, I reached down and spread her bright red ass cheeks, then squeezed out a small amount of lube onto her puckered little hole.

Snapping the lid closed, I placed it back on the shelf and returned my attention to Jessica's sweet little rosebud. I moved my hand down and smeared the lube around gently, then slowly pushed my pinky finger in, making her shudder. "Whats the matter?" I asked with mock innocence, "Not much experience in this area?"

Jessica took a deep breath, "No Sir."

"Just relax," I said with a smile I hoped she could hear, " You'll enjoy yourself, I promise."

She sighed, "I trust you, Sir."

"Good," I said, pulling my finger out and reaching up for the plug. As I grasped it and pulled it down, I spread her cheeks wide with my other hand. Stretching her open as far as I could that way, I pressed the plug firmly against her tight opening. Even with such a small plug, she kept herself fairly closed to it and put up a valiant fight to keep it out, but as I pushed steadily it eventually won its way past her reluctantly tight hole, sinking in with a satisfying pulling sensation as the thickest part won its way in and sank down to the neck, sealing it in place.

Jessica gasped and arched her back, but stayed still otherwise. Once again reaching up, I grabbed the bullet, and with much less drama, simply slipped the small but powerful vibrator into her still soaking pussy, then used the remote to turn it on to the lowest setting. She moaned, "I can feel it vibrating the plug."

I smiled and stood up, pulling her to her feet with me. I spun her around to face me, running my hands down the slick skin of her curves, laying claim to her body in the most intimate of ways. She shuddered under the attention as my lips closed on hers, opening her mouth to mine. My hands roamed, caressing her everywhere before moving one behind her and placing it on the plug, pushing on it firmly, then twisting and pulling slightly. The other hand found a supple breast and firmly gripped it, running fingers over her nipple and teasing the sensitive skin around it.

Her hands latched onto my shoulder and back, holding on tightly as she moaned into my mouth. When I broke the kiss off, she was breathless and as she regained her wits I reached behind her and unsnapped the latch that kept the table up. As it fell, I grabbed her roughly by the hair and turned her around, bending her forcefully over the table. Grabbing my manhood, I aimed it at her entrance and pushed in roughly, making her cry out.

I didn't give her time to adjust, my lust couldn't let me. I needed to cum, and I knew where and how was going to.

Jessica reached out to the sides and gripped the edges of the table as I viciously fucked her pussy. "Oh god yes. Fuck me, cum in my pussy. Use me like a dirty slut. Its so goooood!"

I reached over to the bullet remote and switched it from low to high. The pleasant buzzing of the bullet on my cock transformed into a humming piece of ecstasy urging me to let go of my self control, but its effects were far more dramatic for Jessica, who was instantly on the verge of cumming, "Fuck me!" she groaned, her voice stuttering in time with my hard thrusts, "Please let me cum. Please, Sir. I'll do anything, just please let me cum."

"Not yet," I gasped, my breath ragged form exertion, "Not yet." I could feel my balls start to tighten up. At the last second I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Cum for me, slut."

Jessica's body went into convulsions, her pussy tightening around my cock like a vise and pushing me over the edge. My orgasm was almost painful as my balls seemed to cramp up from shooting wave after wave of my hot cum into her starving pussy. My body went ridged as I came for what must have been a full minute of spraying into her, filling her pussy to its maximum with my seed. As my orgasm passed, I could feel the after effects of Jessica's as her pussy randomly convulsed on my cock.

Slowly recovering, I reached over to the remote and flicked off the bullet, then slowly pulled my cock out of her. With a satisfying pop I withdrew the head of my cock and my cum started to leak from her well fucked lovebox almost immediately.

Jessica continued to lay on the table, exhausted. Moving my hands slowly up her body, I put one under an arm and the other up by her shoulder and neck, then gently helped her to her feet and turned her around. her eyes were rather dreamy as she regarded me, then she leaned in and lightly kissed me, barely more than a peck. "Best. Sex. Ever." she said tiredly.

I smiled and pulled her close into me and leaned down to lightly bite her neck, making her shiver, then worked my way up to her ear. "So far," I corrected her. "And now that I helped get us so dirty, how about we focus on getting clean?"

She smiled, "Absolutely, Sir, but can we do me first? I'm gonna need a minute to recover."

I laughed, "Sure thing, Babe." Then grabbed the soap and bent to the tedious task of hand washing a gorgeous woman before she returned the favor.
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Buy DVD for as low as $8!!

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nice story. i would pay for that site
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Honey I'm Home

Buy DVD for as low as $8!!

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You and me both.
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