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18 year old twins Sarah and Peter Mills live in Broxburn a small town in Scotland about 10 miles from Edinburgh. When they were three year old there mam died in a car crash. There father looked after the twins single handed until four years ago he met a Russian woman called Helena. Two years ago there father was jailed for 10 years for fraud leaving Peter and Sarah in the custody of there 30 year old step mam Helena. Since her husband was jailed Helena realising she had to be both mother and father to Peter and Sarah.


Helena demanded good behaviour from her children, she loved them both as if they were her own children and they were rewarded for being well behaved. But any bad behaviour was not tolerated, and Peter and Sarah knew if they did anything wrong then they would have to face the consequences. Helena made sure that they both helped around the house and that it had to be done correctly. Sarah and Peter had a rota with the jobs they had to do and on which day they needed to be done on.


Helena would check what jobs had been done and done correctly, anyone who visited was always amazed at how clean and tidy the house was and at how polite and extremely well behaved Peter and Sarah were. When growing up Helena and her two sisters Anna and Natalya were brought up by very strict parents who used spanking as a deterrent to any wrong doing.


Helena firmly believed that you should suitably reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour. Sarah and Peter depending on how naughty they had been would either be made to sit on the naughty chair which was a plain wooden stool for up to an hour, or they would spend two full days in the spare bedroom which contained only a bed, carpet and curtains. Apart from going to colledge and at meal times they would spend all day in the spare room with nothing to do except think about why they had been sent there.


These two punishments were the most commonly used by Helena. On the odd occasion that Sarah or Peter did anything that Helena thought was seriously wrong, she would punish them by spanking there bottom’s with a slipper. Helena added to the punishment by making them strip to there underwear before being bent over her knee and spanked. When the spanking was over Helena would make Sarah or Peter stand in the corner of the lounge which Helena referred to as the naughty corner, with there hands on there head.


Helena would then pull there underwear down to there ankles leaving there sore bottom on display for up to an hour. Peter and Sarah soon realised that if they dared to complain about being spanked the spanking would be longer and harsher. Luckily for Sarah and Peter they were only subjected to this form of punishment on average eight times a year, as generally they were very well behaved teenagers. 


It was around 5pm on Friday the eleventh of January that a new form of punishment came into Peter’s life and one he wouldn’t forget. Peter had gone into Sarah’s bedroom and an argument started between them, it ended up where Peter had Sarah bent over her bed and he was pulling Sarah’s hair. During the argument Peter punched Sarah in the face causing a deep cut on Sarah’s bottom lip. Helena marched upstairs to find out what was going on and was extremely annoyed at what she witnessed.


What the hell are you doing you don’t ever hit a woman said Helena dragging Peter to his feet. Get in the spare bed room this minute. I will be back later to deal with you and believe me you won’t be sitting down for a week shouted Helena. Peter went to the spare bed room while Helena took Sarah to the local hospital; Sarah’s bottom lip needed five stitches. On the way home Sarah was still sobbing, look at my lip said Sarah. Believe me he will regret it when I am finished with him replied Helena. Look at the bruise on my leg I hate him, I wish I had a sister instead of a brother said Sarah.


Helena and Sarah arrived back home, Helena made Sarah a cup of tea before sitting down next to her. Helena was deep in thought for about ten minutes. Suddenly she stood up, Sarah you know what you said about wishing you had a sister; well you may partially get your wish as I feel drastic action is needed to make sure Peter never hits a woman ever again.


Helena started to tell Sarah of an experience she had when she was around 12 year old living in Russia. There was a boy who lived in the same street as me. He must have been around my age, I was walking up the street with my mam, and brother we were approaching his house and I watched in disbelief as his mam dragged him by his arm into the front garden slapping his bottom as she walked. My mam stopped to talk to his mam; I still remember looking at him dressed in a white cotton dress and white knee high socks. I asked my mam later why he was dressed this way and was told he had kicked his mam so she dressed him as a girl as punishment for kicking her.


I think Peter deserves this type of punishment said Helena as she gave Sarah a cuddle. A look of shock appeared on Sarah’s face when it suddenly dawned on her what her mam was planning. Yes Peter was her brother but she hated him. He was always nasty to her and she had lost count of the number of times she had been punished for something Peter had done. Come with me said Helena, Sarah followed Helena upstairs to the spare bedroom. Right Peter I want you to strip to your underwear and wait for us shouted Helena. Peter did as he was told and began removing his clothes.


Helena and Sarah then went into Sarah’s bedroom, Helena sat down on Sarah’s bed right Sarah do you have any old underwear I could borrow said Helena. Sarah looked at her mam and smiled this was beginning to sound fun Sarah thought to herself. Sarah searched through her drawers there’s these that I used to wear a couple of years ago said Sarah handing her mam a white bra and pair of pink nylon panties with blue lace edging round the legs and waist. Thank you follow me lets deal with Peter once and for all said Helena as they both went into the spare bedroom.


Right you are about to learn that hitting a woman is not acceptable in this house or anywhere else. So I have thought of a way to remind you, until Monday morning you will be dressed as a girl so get these on said Helena handing Peter Sarah’s underwear.


Peter stared at what he was been handed he looked at his mam in disbelief you’re not serious, no please anything but this please I will never hit Sarah again said Peter. Helena stood up and slapped Peter across his face your dead right you won’t get them on now shouted Helena. Peter did as he was told and stood there head bowed in his white bra and pink panties much to Sarah’s delight.


Right get over my knee ordered Helena, Peter bent over Helena’s knee where he received 25 slaps to his panty clad bottom from Helena’s slipper. When she had finished Peter was made to follow Helena and Sarah downstairs and stand in the corner of the lounge with his hands on his head, Helena then pulled his panties down to his ankles before sitting on the sofa next to Sarah.


Sarah sat looking at Peter’s sore bottom whilst listening to her mam informing her of what they would be doing tomorrow. Right Sarah we will go out shopping for Peter’s girl clothes which he will wear tomorrow and Sunday. After the weekend I will store his clothes in my wardrobe in case I feel he need’s to wear them again. Peter don’t for one minute think that because you are dressed as a girl that it is the end of the punishment, as you will also be spanked at least twice a day and even more if you’re naughty. Do I make myself clear Peter asked Helena?


Peter nodded his head, right pull your panties up and get to bed I don’t want to see your face until in the morning, and don’t you dare take your bra and panties off as I will check on you later. Helena then made it clear to Sarah that under no circumstances was she to embarrass Peter when they went shopping.


After Sarah went to bed Helena did some research on the internet, one particular item gave Helena food for thought.


Introduction to Petticoat Discipline.


When petticoat discipline was first employed we will never know. A study of social history shows that it was widely in use in Europe up until the 1950’s for children under the age of 18.


The ploy worked by humiliating the boy so much he was careful not to engage in any kind of activity that would draw attention to himself, making him easier to control. The degree of modification in clothing depended on how naughty there son had behaved. For some parents, only a bow in his hair, short pants, or lace fabric was sufficient.

In instances of serious misbehaviour some parents would make there son grow his hair long and wear girl’s dresses, girl's underwear and even have his legs shaved. Petticoat discipline for keeping boys in line is a broad term, which encompasses more than the wearing of girls' clothing.


In the vast majority of cases there son’s feelings would not be spared either. The parent would humiliate there son by taking him out dressed in girls clothing normally it would be just in front of friends and family. But in some cases there son would be taken out in public dressed as a girl in front of total strangers. Making a boy dress as a girl guaranteed a more subdued and respectful attitude from the boy.


Helena realised that for Peter’s “petticoat punishment” to be effective it would mean humiliating Peter and to do this she would need to take him out dressed in public. As they lived in Scotland Helena decided that Peter’s outdoor uniform would include a kilt, this would allow Peter to be taken outside dressed in the male equivalent of a skirt without anyone asking too many questions.


Saturday morning after breakfast Helena, Sarah and Peter went upstairs to get ready. Peter was told to sit on the bed in the spare room and wait for her, Peter did as he was told and sat waiting for Helena and Sarah to get ready. Helena shut the spare bedroom door and informed Sarah that she thought they should dress up for the occasion. Helena decided to wear a black knee length dress; Sarah chose a yellow halter neck top and denim mini skirt.


Helena walked into Peter’s room told him to get his bra off and put his white nylon school football shorts on, Helena handed him his shorts and Peter put them on. Peter complained to Helena that you can faintly see the colour of his pink underwear through his shorts, Helena told Peter to turn round so she could check. You will just have to make sure you walk in front of either me or Sarah wont you said Helena. On the way out to the car Peter was still complaining about what he was wearing, just as he was about to get into the car Helena slapped the top of his legs and told him to shut up.


Helena parked the car in the centre of Edinburgh and they headed for a small clothes shop called Donna’s Tartan Fabrics. Peter felt so embarrassed dressed in just his shorts, panties and trainers. They entered the shop and were attended to by the owner of the shop a slim mid twenty year old brunette called Donna Dodsworth who couldn’t help but smile at Peter’s appearance.


Hello I am after a kilt for my son said Helena, Certainly is he not cold wearing just shorts asked Donna as she took a tape measure out of a drawer and walked round from the counter and knelt down to measure Peter’s waist. Peter stood there terrified that the assistant would be able to see his pink panties through his white nylon shorts. Donna then took Helena to a rail full of men’s kilts. These are very nice but the cheapest is £65.00 and I didn’t really want to spend that much on a naughty boy said Helena. Donna somewhat was shocked that Helena had referred to her teenage son as naughty boy.


Okay but kilts aren’t popular these days said Donna. Mam what about these shouted Sarah pointing to a rail near the window. Helena and Donna walked over to look at what Sarah was pointing to. Sorry these are ladies skirts replied Donna. Helena stood there looking at the skirts, okay ignoring the fact they are skirts would you have one that would fit Peter asked Helena. Donna stood silent for a few moments then replied with a puzzled look on her face, well I have never been asked that before but I would imagine so, from his waist size he is a size ten said Donna as she started looking for a skirt in his size.


Right there are these replied Donna handing Helena three skirts. Helena looked at the skirts and picked an A line red tartan skirt what do you think Sarah asked Helena. Sarah looked at Peter and pulled a funny face as she said “yes I love it and he will look so sexy in it” Helena handed the skirt to Peter. Mam please I am sorry said Peter. Well if you hadn’t hit your sister you wouldn’t be in this situation now get into the changing room and try it on replied Helena. But mam please pleaded Peter look get dressed now or I will undress you here and I am sure you don’t want Donna to see your panties said Helena.


Donna was both shocked and intrigued as to why a teenage male would be trying on a girl’s mini skirt and why his underwear would be referred to as panties. Peter turned round and headed to the changing room whilst Peter was getting changed Donna decided to ask some questions as to why he was being bought a girls skirt. So is he going to a fancy dress party asked Donna? No he’s definitely not said Helena. Sorry I don’t mean to be nosey but I have never had anyone buy a girls skirt for a teenage male before replied Donna.


He’s going to be dressed as a girl for hitting me said Sarah giggling. What did I tell you before we left home said Helena shaking her head? Sorry Donna I might as well explain yes its true he hit Sarah and I had to take her to hospital, so as a punishment until Monday morning he is going to be dressed as a girl. Donna herself had recently divorced her husband due to being subjected to physical violence and so was also disgusted at what Peter had done. So you mean he’s actually going to wearing the skirt all weekend said Donna. Not just the tartan skirt listen I know it sounds really strange but he is going to be bought other girls clothes as well replied Helena. No I am not judging you and can I just say I really hope it works and it’s a shame my ex husbands mam hadn’t tried it otherwise I might still be married today replied Donna.


A few minutes later and out walks Peter head bowed dressed in the skirt which was a good three inches above his knees Very nice turn round so we can see what the skirt looks like from the back said Helena, Peter did as he was told he was dying of embarrassment but little did he know what was to follow. What do you think Donna he really suits it doesn’t he asked Helena.


Donna looked at Sarah who was stood there giggling, and couldn’t help herself from smiling. Yes he looks very nice but given the circumstances I may have something more suitable out the back said Donna. I hope you don’t mind but I will just lock the front door first so where not disturbed said Donna who firstly locked the door then went out to the store room at the back of the shop. Whilst Donna was out the back Helena and Sarah stood discussing where they were going after here.


I think this may be what you’re looking for it was part of a bankrupt stock range I bought two years ago but it never sold due to the length and the fact it doesn’t have a lining in it. If you want it you can have it for £1.00 said Donna handing Helena a beige tartan mini skirt. Thank you Donna it could be just what he needs said Helena handing the skirt to Peter. Right go and try it on said Helena.


Mam no way am I wearing that it’s far too short shouted Peter. Right that’s it you have had enough warnings said Helena grabbing hold of Peter’s arm, I have had enough of your behaviour said Helena before un-buttoning his skirt and pulling the zip down at the back allowing it to fall to the floor leaving Peter stood there in Sarah’s old pink nylon panties. This time both Sarah and Donna looking at Peter dressed in his pink panties broke into fits of uncontrollable laughter.


Right Peter as soon as we get home your going straight over my knee and your going to be spanked so hard you wont be sitting down tomorrow said Helena before smacking his panty clad bottom six times with her hand. Sarah was smiling as Peter was getting spanked, Donna on the other hand had stopped laughing and stood there open mouthed it was the first time she had witnessed anyone getting punished in this way.


Helena then dressed Peter in his beige mini skirt, that’s much better said Helena looking at Peter dressed in a skirt that came a good four inches above his knees Donna thank you we will take it. Now all we need is a frilly blouse to go with it said Helena. Do you actually mean a blouse or a shirt asked Donna giggling? No I think it will have to be a shirt for outside said Helena.


Donna showed Helena the various styles of shirts the shop stocked. Helena chose a white one that had lots of lace detailing down the front and round the sleeves. Peter went back into the changing rooms to try his shirt on and came out fully dressed. Perfect you look very smart said Helena, yeah very sexy said Sarah in a sarcastic tone of voice. Okay finally we just need some socks asked Helena. Donna brought out a range of socks and Helena eventually chose a pair of white socks with tartan a trim and handed them to Peter to try on. Is it okay if Peter keeps these on now asked Helena yes its fine replied Donna.


Peter and Sarah stood next to there mam at the cash desk whilst Helena went into her purse to pay for them. Donna was busy getting Helena’s change when Helena added to the embarrassment Peter was already suffering by saying to Sarah; right we just need to buy Peter a skirt and top for in the house and some new panties. Donna looked straight at Peter and smiled as she replied “Can I suggest you try Top Girl they do a great range of clothes and there underwear is really girly”.


Helena thanked Donna for all her help and the three of them left the shop and walked the short distance to Top Girl a fashion shop specializing in women’s and girl’s clothing. Even though it only took a couple of minutes to reach the shop it seem like an eternity for Peter who was aware that everyone was looking at him dressed in his tartan mini skirt.


Once inside they headed straight for the underwear department, right Peter choose what bra and panties you want whispered Helena, Peter was horrified and didn’t know where to start. After about two minutes he was again asked what type he wanted by Helena. Sarah held up a matching pink with red hearts bra and panty set, do you fancy something like this asked Sarah. Peter just stood there head bowed looking at the floor.


What size is it asked Helena, 34b replied Sarah? That will do and as he refuses to choose his underwear you can choose his panties for him. Sarah was really enjoying herself; she spent a good ten minutes picking out various styles and colours and showing them to Peter. Eventually Sarah decided on a black nylon thong, a red cotton thong and pink nylon lace bikini panties I think these will do just fine said Sarah grinning. Sarah then asked her mam if she could buy a new bra and panties to replace the ones Peter had been given, Helena agreed and Sarah picked her underwear.


Right Peter that’s your underwear sorted now for your bed time clothes, Sarah walked over to the night time section of the store and noticed a pink nylon baby doll nightie with matching pink nylon panties. Mam this is perfect it’s so girly said Sarah to her Mam. Okay put it in the basket. They then walked over to the clothing section where Sarah spent around ten minutes looking around, she eventually decided on a pink top and a denim mini skirt.


Right Sarah he will need something on his legs said Helena as they walked over to the hosiery section. Helena decided that black hold up stockings would not only look okay with the denim mini skirt but it would mean she could smack his bare bottom easier. Helena put two pairs of black stockings in the basket. Helena, Sarah and Peter then walked over to the cash desk to pay for the clothes Peter couldn’t help but notice the looks he was getting from the other customers and staff as they approached the cash desk.


Can I help you asked the teenage assistant who was called Emma yes please can we pay for these said Helena handing the items to her. Whilst Emma was busy scanning the items Peter couldn’t help but notice that the girl was smiling whilst staring at him. Emma was just about to scan the black bra and matching thong panties Sarah had picked for herself when she noticed they were a different size to the other clothes she had scanned. You do realise these are a size eight and the rest are a size ten said Emma pointing to the black thong panties.


Thanks for pointing that out to me but its fine said Helena smiling. Whilst Emma carried on putting the clothes in the carrier bag Helena turned to Peter and asked him if he was happy with the clothes Sarah had picked for him. Emma overheard what Helena had asked Peter and with a startled look on her face finished putting the clothes in the bag before putting the bag on the counter. Peter was stood there his face bright red with embarrassment whilst Helena went into her handbag to get her credit card.


Well hopefully after you have spent the weekend dressed as a girl you won’t ever hit your sister ever again said Helena. Whilst they waited for the payment to be authorised Sarah added to Peter’s embarrassment by saying, “mam when we get home will you put the pink panties Peter’s wearing in the bin. Emma stood there shocked at what both Helena and Sarah had just said. Sorry for putting you in this situation Emma but it’s the only way Peter will learn a lesson not to hit women said Helena.


Emma smiled nervously as she handed Helena her card and receipt, right Peter you can carry the bag said Helena. Emma handed Peter the carrier bag and they left the shop and headed back to the car, as they walked to the car park Peter was again aware that everyone was looking at him dressed in such a short kilt. How he wished he could turn the clock back and not hit Sarah.


They arrived home and Helena instructed Peter to go upstairs to his bedroom with the clothes he had been bought, and to remove his outdoor clothes and neatly fold them and wait for her. Peter did as he was told and was sat on the bed in his pink panties. Helena informed Sarah that she would deal with her later for embarrassing Peter in the shop, but first Sarah was made to prepare some sandwiches for them to eat whilst Helena went up stairs to help Peter get dressed.


Sarah sat at the kitchen table waiting for them to return today she had really enjoyed herself getting her own back on her nasty brother. Peter was sat on the bed when Helena walked into his room; right Peter lets get you dressed said Helena as she picked up the carrier bag off the floor. Helena emptied the clothes onto the bed and told Peter to stand up, Helena handed Peter his pink bra and red thong panties and instructed Peter to get dressed.


About fifteen minutes later Helena and Peter entered the kitchen, Sarah burst out into laughter as she looked at Peter stood there wearing his pink top and denim mini skirt. Helena and Peter sat down at the table to eat there sandwiches. Okay Peter I think you now realise that what you did to Sarah was wrong and you are now paying for your actions.


When they had finished eating Peter was told to wash and dry the dishes, when he had finished he was then made to vacuum the whole house and clean the bathroom. Helena and Sarah meanwhile were sitting watching the television. Peter finished his jobs and asked Helena if he could get changed into his normal clothes. No as you were told previously you will wear your girl’s clothes until Monday morning. Right sit down and watch the television with us said Helena. Peter sat down on the sofa and started watching the television.


Sarah looked at the way Peter was sitting and commented that he wasn’t sitting properly as his stocking tops were on show. Peter you cannot sit like that stop slouching get your back straight straighten your skirt and cross your legs remember your wearing female clothes so act the part said Helena. Peter did as he was told fearful of getting a spanking if he didn’t; it felt so strange sitting watching television wearing a mini skirt.


At eight o’clock Helena informed them as it’s your bed times in an hour Sarah will you go upstairs and get the slipper for me. Sarah returned with the slipper and handed it to her mam. Right both of you strip to your underwear said Helena. Peter stood up and did as he was told whilst Sarah asked why me I have done nothing wrong. Just do it young lady have you forgotten what you said to Donna what was it ah yes I remember “He’s going to be dressed as a girl for hitting me”.


A few minutes later and both Peter and Sarah were stood in there underwear Peter in his Pink bra, and red thong panties and stockings. Sarah stood next to Peter in a white bra, and black nylon bikini panties. Right I will start with you Sarah the reason you’re going to get spanked is because today was traumatic enough for your brother without your nasty comment in the shop. Peter traumatic as it was for you I will not allow any son of mine to hit anyone let alone a woman said Helena.


Right Sarah get over my knee shouted Helena, Sarah bent over her mum’s knee and Peter watched as Helena spanked Sarah’s panty clad bottom ten times with her slipper. Right get up and stand next to Peter and no rubbing your bottom. Okay Peter it’s your turn get over my knee, Peter bent over Helena’s knee and he too was spanked ten times.


Spanking finished Helena ordered Peter to stand next to Sarah. Right Sarah go and stand in the naughty corner, Peter you can stand facing the wall. Sarah stood with her hands on her head in the corner, whilst Peter did the same facing the wall. Helena then pulled both Sarah and Peter’s panties down to there ankles. They both stood there with there naked bottoms on display for nearly twenty minutes, right both of you pull your panties up and get to bed.


And don’t forget we are invited to my sister Anna’s for dinner tomorrow as it’s her daughter Zoe’s 18th birthday. Sarah was happy that they were going to Auntie Anna’s as she got on really well with 19 year old Zara and 18 year old Zoe. Even though they would only visit three or four times a year Peter hated going there as he would much prefer to stay at home and play with his friends.


More than ever before Peter was dreading visiting his Auntie Anna’s and he pleaded with him mam to allow him to wear his normal clothes tomorrow, but Helena was having none of it. You will be going to Auntie Anna’s and you will be wearing your tartan skirt. I will promise you that only Auntie Anna, Zoe and Zara will be there. I bet you wish you hadn’t hit Sarah now don’t you said Helena as she walked out of the spare room.


Helena woke both Sarah and Peter up at 7:30am, both Helena and Sarah sat in the kitchen dressed in there pyjamas whilst Peter made breakfast for the three of them. Sarah sat there smiling at the sight of her brother dressed in the pink nylon baby doll nightie she had chosen. After breakfast Helena and Sarah went upstairs to get dressed whilst Peter washed and dried the breakfast dishes. Helena had told Peter he would remain in his nightie until it was time to leave.


Right we will be leaving at 9:30 so make sure you have done your jobs said Helena. Peter and Sarah did there household tasks and at 9am Helena told Peter to go upstairs to the spare room and wait for her. Peter sat on the bed he was hoping his mam would change her mind on what he was to wear.


Helena entered the room dressed in a blue top and jeans carrying his out door clothes and placed them on the bed, right get dressed said Helena. Mam please I am sorry don’t make me wear them please pleaded Peter. Get dressed now otherwise I will spank you so hard you won’t be sitting down at Auntie Anna’s. Peter took his nightie and panties off and started getting dressed. A couple of minutes later and Peter was fully dressed in his black nylon thong panties white shirt socks and tartan mini skirt.


Helena Sarah and Peter got in the car and about an hour later they arrived at Anna’s house. Helena had to take hold of Peter’s arm and drag him out of the car. Helena rang the door bell and moments later 19 year old Zara opened the door. Hi Auntie Helena come in said Zara, Helena Sarah and Peter walked into the house immediately Zara looked at what Peter was wearing and burst into fits of giggles; birthday girl Zoe came out to see what Zara was giggling at and immediately Zoe burst into uncontrollable laughter.


Zoe, Zara, Sarah and a very embarrassed Peter went into the lounge, whilst Helena went through to the kitchen to see Anna. Peter sat down on one sofa whilst Sarah Zoe and Zara sat down on the other sofa. Neither Zoe nor Zara said anything initially instead they just sat staring at Peter with bemused grins on there faces. Sarah was really enjoying Peter’s humiliation and whispered to Zara.


No way, your joking said both Zoe and Zara with looks of dis-belief on her faces. No honestly it’s a girls mini skirt and not just the skirt he’s also wearing thong panties said Sarah. Zara started singing Peter’s wearing a mini skirt in a childish manner whilst Zoe and Sarah sat there in fits of laughter. Peter ran into the kitchen sobbing, what’s the matter with you asked Helena. Peter eventually managed to tell Helena what Sarah had said and what Zara had been singing.


Okay I am sorry Peter dressing you in girl’s clothes was meant to teach you a lesson not to make you an object to make fun of whenever Sarah feels like it she has so over stepped the mark said Helena. Helena and Anna stood for a few minutes talking quietly, Peter couldn’t hear everything they were saying but he did hear Anna say to Helena “yes I totally agree and I think Zara needs the same treatment”. Right come on dry your eyes we need to have words with the girls said Helena.


Helena Peter and Anna walked back into the lounge. Immediately the girls realised they were in trouble and stopped laughing. Peter was told to sit on the sofa whilst Anna sat down on a leather arm chair. Who gave you the right to humiliate Peter shouted Helena as she pulled a dining room chair into the centre of the lounge. Sarah knowing what her mam was about to do pleaded “no please mam not here I am sorry”.


To late far too late young lady get you clothes off ordered Helena, but mam replied Sarah. Do as you’re told I want you stripped to your underwear now young lady shouted Helena. And that goes for you as well Zara shouted Anna. Zara stood there stunned at what her mam had ordered her to do, Sarah meanwhile was busy removing her white top and jeans  and moments later was stood there in just her underwear. Come on get your clothes off shouted Anna, but mam I didn’t do anything said Zara. Don’t argue do it otherwise I will strip you naked and I am sure you don’t want Peter to see you naked replied Anna.


Zara still unsure as to why she had to remove her clothes reluctantly did as she was told and much to Peter’s delight she removed her knee length black dress and stood next to Sarah dressed in just her underwear. Right Zoe sit down next to Peter and think yourself lucky your not getting the same as your sister said Anna. Peter and Zoe sat there looking at Sarah dressed in her blue bra and white nylon lace trimmed bikini panties, and Zara in her black bra and black nylon thong panties. Right Sarah get over my knee shouted Helena, Zara stood there with a look of total shock when she realised what was about to happen.


Sarah walked over to her mam and bent over her knee, Helena pulled Sarah’s panties down and hand spanked Sarah’s bottom twenty times, spanking finished Helena pushed Sarah off her knee and told her to pull her panties up and join Zara in the centre of the lounge.


Right Zara your next get over here said Anna as she swapped places with Helena. Zara still pleading her innocence walked over to where her mam was seated and Anna pulled Zara over her knee. Peter watched as Anna spanked Zara’s black nylon thong clad bottom. Anna delivered about twenty hard smacks to Zara’s bottom. Zara obviously wasn’t used to being smacked as each blow to Zara’s bottom was followed by Zara screaming. Spanking finished and Zara was ordered to get up and stand next to Sarah.


Right I hope you have learned your lesson too shouted Anna, Zara tears rolling down her face nodded as she mumbled yes mam. Helena stood up and walked over to where Sarah was stood. You know what I don’t think your spanking has had the desired effect said Helena staring at Sarah. Come here ordered Helena taking hold of Sarah’s arm, Helena sat back down and dragged Sarah back over her knee before pulling her panties back down and subjecting her daughter’s bottom to another ten smacks. This time each smack delivered to Sarah’s bottom was also followed by loud sobbing from Sarah just like Zara had done previously.


Helena then told her get up dry your eyes and go and stand over there facing the wall said Helena pointing to a wall were a large mirror hung, Sarah pulled her panties back up and walked over to where her mam had pointed and stood facing the mirror with her hands on her head. Right you as well stand next to Sarah with your hands on your head ordered Anna, Zara did as she was told and stood next to Sarah with her hands on her head.


Anna put the dining room chair back and sat down on the other arm chair, Zoe you can make me and your aunty Helena a cup of coffee. Zoe went into the kitchen to make the coffee, Helena then stood up and walked over to where Sarah was stood “I bet you thought I had forgotten” said Helena as she pulled Sarah’s white nylon panties down to her ankles revealing her sore red bottom.

Moments after Helena had sat back down Anna stood up and walked over to where Zara was stood and pulled her black thong panties down to her ankles before sitting back down. About five minutes later and Zoe entered the lounge with two cups of coffee. Zoe handed Helena and Anna there coffee’s and couldn’t help but stare at Sarah and her sisters sore bare bottoms.


Right Zoe would you like to take Peter outside in the back garden until lunch is prepared asked Anna, Zoe and Peter went into the back garden and sat down on a bench at the back of the garden. Zoe sat talking to Peter about how she couldn’t believe what had just happened to Zara and Sarah, it had been a good four or five years since either 18 year old Zoe or her 19 year old sister Zara last had there bottoms smacked and even then it was nothing like what she had just witnessed.


Peter explained that it was normal for both he and Sarah to be punished like that at home. After a few minutes talking Zoe’s questions turned to what Peter was wearing. Peter explained why he was wearing the clothes before Zoe asked the one question he was dreading. “So are you actually wearing girl’s panties” Peter just sat there and nodded his head.


Whilst Zoe and Peter were in the garden Helena and Anna had ordered Zara and Sarah to remain facing the wall whilst they prepared dinner. Thirty minutes later and Anna shouted for Zoe and Peter to come inside as dinner was ready, Zoe and Peter walked back inside the house and into the lounge. Zara and Sarah were still stood facing the wall even though it had been nearly an hour since they were both spanked there bottoms were still bright red.


Zoe and Peter sat at the table right you two get dressed said Helena. Sarah and Zara quickly put there clothes on and sat down at the table. After they had finished there meal Anna told Zoe, Zara Sarah and Peter to go back into the lounge and watch television whilst Helena and Anna went out into the back garden and sat talking. Zoe, Zara and Sarah sat next to each other on one sofa whilst Peter again sat on the other by himself.


Sarah realising that her mam and Anna were outside started whispering to Zara, Peter couldn’t hear what they were saying but did hear Zara say yeah definitely after what I got. The three girls were whispering and giggling to each other for about five minutes when suddenly Zara nipped Zoe’s arm leaving a bright red mark. Peter didn’t have a clue what was going on and just sat there watching the television.


Zara stood up and ran out into the back garden, Mam Peter has been nasty to Zoe and he has hurt her arm said Zara, Helena stood up and marched into the lounge closely followed by Anna and Zara. Right get up shouted Helena I didn’t do anything honestly mam it was Zara said Peter as he slowly rose to his feet. How many times do I have to tell you not to hit women said Helena shaking her head? Zara sat back down and smiled at Zoe and Sarah.


Anna can I borrow a slipper asked Helena, mam no please I didn’t do anything honestly it was Zara trying to get me into trouble said Peter. Anna bent down and removed her pink slipper and handed it to Helena. Right get your skirt off and get over my knee shouted Helena as she pulled a chair into the centre of the room, but mam please it wasn’t me said Peter as he slowly started to remove his skirt allowing it to fall to the floor leaving him stood there in just his black nylon thong panties much to the amusement of Zara Zoe and Sarah.


Right get that picked up, go and put it on the table then get back over here ordered Helena. Peter did as he was told Zara, Zoe and Sarah were sat giggling as they watched Peter walk across and put the skirt on the table. Peter then walked back to where his mam was seated; you know what I honestly thought having you dressed in a girls skirt would guarantee you would behave your self said Helena. But mam it wasn’t me said Peter. Be quiet I don’t want to hear another word from you your getting a spanking and then due to your behaviour we are going home get over my knee now ordered Helena.


Peter slowly bent over his mum’s knee you will do as you’re told shouted Helena as she started spanking Peter’s thong clad bottom. The spanking lasted for a good five minutes and Helena had delivered over twenty hard smacks to Peter’s bottom. Right get up and get over there with your hands on your head ordered Helena. Peter walked over to where Sarah and Zara had been stood earlier. Helena handed the slipper back to Anna then walked over to Peter and delivered two further slaps to his bright red bottom before she pulled his thong panties down to his ankles.


Helena sat down next to Anna and began apologising to Zoe for Peter hurting her arm, I honestly don’t know what to do with him he obviously hasn’t learned his lesson not to hit women. Anna told Zara, Zoe and Sarah to go back out in the garden whilst Helena and Anna sat talking. Peter had stood facing the wall for over forty minutes whilst Helena and Anna sat talking. Helena then stood up and pulled his black thong panties back up and ordered him to put his skirt back on. Right come on its one o’clock and were going home. Helena Sarah and Peter said there goodbyes and got back into the car. Sarah asked her mam why they had to leave so early, you will find out said Helena as she drove back home.


Helena didn’t drive straight home instead much to Peter’s dismay she drove to Edinburgh and parked in a multi story car park near to Donna’s Tartan Fabrics shop. Right Sarah if you want you can stay in the car said Helena but your coming with me shouted Helena to Peter. Sarah decided to go with her mam and Peter. Helena grabbed hold of Peter’s arm and they made there way to the tartan shop. Just as they walked into the shop they were met by Donna.


Hello again I was just about to close for the day it has been very quiet said Donna, sorry if your closing we will leave replied Helena. No its okay actually I was thinking about you last night wondering if he had learned his lesson. Donna to be honest no he hasn’t which is why I am here said Helena.


So you mean he has still been naughty asked Donna, yes it seems Peter cannot keep his hands to himself replied Helena. I am sorry to hear that what can I do for you asked Donna. Do you have any more of these skirts in stock said Helena pointing to Peter’s beige mini skirt, I am not sure why is it to short said Donna. No actually I was hoping you would have a shorter one said Helena. Donna looked at Peter and shook her head I am sure I can find something suitable for a women beater but I just need to lock the door and drop the shutters then we will see what I can find that is suitable said Donna as she locked the front door and pressed the button to lower the front shutters. Right lets see what I can find said Donna.


I hope we are not keeping you from going home said Helena, no it’s fine I have been wondering how you got on with his punishment said Donna smiling. Donna went out the back and minutes later returned with five tartan skirts right there are these they were delivered yesterday they are meant for girls younger than him but they should fit him said Donna handing Helena the skirts. Helena put the skirts on the counter top and picked up one after the other before choosing the shortest of the five tartan mini skirts. I think we will have this one said Helena.


Okay that one is £8.99 but I will sell you it for £7.00 if that’s okay said Donna, thank you can he try it on said Helena. Of course he can try it on here if you want as we wont be disturbed said Donna smiling. Right get your skirt off said Helena. Peter stood there his face was beetroot colour with embarrassment well come on don’t just stand there get undressed said Helena.


Peter un-buttoned his skirt and pulled the zip down at the back letting his skirt fall to the floor leaving him stood there in his black nylon thong panties. Helena grabbed hold of his arm how dare you let your skirt fall to the floor said Helena as she sun him round and planted four hard smacks to his bottom. Right get that picked up and fold it neatly shouted Helena.


So what did he do to you asked Donna, no it wasn’t me he hit my friend Zoe on the arm replied Sarah. You liar I didn’t do a thing shouted Peter whilst stamping his feet. How dare you call your sister a liar if your not careful you wont be able to sit down at college tomorrow now get your skirt on now shouted Helena. Peter un-buttoned the skirt put it on and stood there head bowed.


You know what Donna that is perfect said Helena looking at Peter stood wearing a skirt that was twice as short as the beige skirt the length was at least eight inches above the tops of his knees. Right walk to the door and back said Helena, Peter did as he was told as he walked to the door Helena watched to make sure his bottom wasn’t visible, Peter turned round and walked back to his mam he couldn’t help but notice both Sarah and Donna smiling at him.


He stood there whilst Helena went into her bag to pay for the skirt, Sarah went and stood next to him and when neither Helena or Donna were watching she whispered “what’s it like being my sister” Peter pushed Sarah away from him though he hadn’t pushed Sarah hard she made it look like he had by falling to the floor. Helena turned round and was shocked at what she thought Peter had done.


My god what the hell have you done? Mam it wasn’t me pleaded Peter don’t say a word shouted Helena. Any sympathy I had for you has gone now you deserve everything you get said Donna who was equally shocked at what she thought Peter had done. Sarah stood up and Donna gave her a cuddle whilst asking if she was okay. Donna do you mind if I punish Peter here asked Helena, no problem do what you feel is needed you have my full support said Donna.


Right get your skirt off now my god are you going to learn a lesson said Helena as she walked over and carried a wooden chair back to where Peter was stood crying as he un-buttoned his skirt. Never mind crying wait until I give you something to cry for shouted Helena. Right get over my knee shouted Helena, Peter bent over his mam’s knee and Helena delivered ten hard smacks to his thong clad bottom each smack was followed by a groan from Peter.


Right get up shouted Helena, Peter stood up whilst Helena asked Donna if she stocked slippers. No I am afraid I don’t but I do have something that might be of use said Donna as she walked out to the back of the store and returned with a 12 inch leather strap. Will this be any good I use this to kill any flies or wasps we sometimes get in the stockroom asked Donna. Perfect right bend forward with your hands on the seat of the chair I want that naughty bottom of yours sticking out shouted Helena.


Peter did as he was told and received another six hard stinging slaps to his bottom, Sarah stood there open mouthed Sarah had never seen her mam so angry and she was even feeling guilty for getting Peter into trouble. Right stay there shouted Helena as she handed Donna the leather strap, thank you Donna I will have to finish his punishment off at home said Helena.


Are you sure I am in no hurry said Donna, no its okay you know what I must be the only parent in Britain who still spanks her eighteen year old step children. Honestly this is the third spanking I have done today. I would have put him back over my knee and given his bottom another hand spanking but my arm needs a rest said Helena. You mean he has already been smacked twice before said Donna. No first it was Sarah then Peter and now again Peter honestly my wrist is hurting.


Sarah started blushing at the thought of Donna knowing she had been spanked today. I hope your not offended but do you want me to do it asked Donna, what you spank him replied Helena. Sorry no your right it would be wrong of me replied Donna nervously. No that’s fine I just didn’t think you would want to by all means go ahead said Helena.


Donna picked up the strap and told Peter to bend forward like he had done previously and started smacking Peter’s already sore bottom. Even though Donna was only seven years older than him she delivered ten hard slaps of the belt to Peter’s bottom. Then suddenly asked Helena if Peter could put his skirt back on, yes that’s okay thank you for your help replied Helena.


Peter put his skirt on thinking the punishment was over when Donna told him to stand still before giving the backs of his legs eight slaps with the belt. I hope when your on your way home people look at your legs and realise you have been spanked you disgust me said Donna.


Helena paid for the skirt and said goodbye, on the way back to the car Peter was made to carry his beige mini skirt and walk at the side of Helena allowing people in the street to view not only his very short skirt but also his bright red legs. They arrived home and Peter was sent to the spare room.


Helena hoped that this was the end of the story and that he had finally learned his lesson. If he hasn’t be sure you will find out


The following Tuesday night Helena was sitting watching the television when she overheard Sarah and Peter arguing upstairs. Sarah was busy getting ready as it was her last week off before going back to college she was having a sleep over at her best friend Jade Price’s house. Helena opened the lounge door and was about to walk up stairs to tell them to behave when she heard Sarah shouting at Peter. “I don’t care, if you don’t do it I will tell mum you have hit me” said Sarah who was trying to get Peter to iron her jeans, “your such a liar” said Peter. “Yes you know I am but I am a very good liar remember I fooled mum and Aunty Anna into thinking you had hit me” said Sarah.


Helena couldn’t believe what she had heard but slowly it began to sink in that Peter had been telling the truth when he said he hadn’t done anything and that Helena had made a big mistake in punishing him the way she had. Helena shouted Peter to come down stairs; Helena took Peter in the lounge whilst she had a long chat with him. Helena finally heard the truth of what happened last weekend as Peter informed her that firstly it was Zara who had nipped Zoe’s arm and secondly in the shop he had barely touched Sarah but she made it look worse by falling over on purpose.


Helena stood up and marched upstairs to find Sarah busy putting her makeup on, you wont be needing makeup where your going shouted Helena as she grabbed hold of Sarah’s arm and dragged her down stairs to the lounge and threw her onto the sofa. So you have fooled me and Aunty Anna have you well we will see about that young lady shouted Helena. Mam what do you mean I haven’t done anything said Sarah. Don’t you lie to me any more I overheard what you said to Peter and now I know the truth my god you’re going to suffer for what you have done.


But mam I didn’t do anything said Sarah, no what you really mean is Peter didn’t do anything. Believe me your bottom will pay for your nasty lies and I think after I have had a long chat with Anna I am sure Zara and Zoe will pay for there lies also. But first I need to deal with you get undressed now shouted Helena, but what about my sleep over said Sarah as she stood up. You’re not going anywhere except over my knee now get undressed shouted Helena.


Sarah removed her blue top and jeans and was stood there in her blue bra and blue thong panties; you can get them off as well shouted Helena as she took her slipper off and sat there waiting for Sarah to undress. Peter sat there all times he and Sarah had been spanked by Helena she had never made either of them strip naked, Sarah removed her bra and panties and walked over to her mam with her hands covering her pussy. Helena dragged Sarah over her knee and spanked Sarah’s naked bottom for a good ten minutes by the time she had finished Sarah was crying like a baby.


Right stand up and go and face the wall with your hands on your head, Sarah stood up mascara running down her face and went and stood facing the wall with her hands on her head. Okay Peter you can go back upstairs I need to have a chat with Aunty Anna said Helena as she picked the phone up and dialled Anna’s number. Sarah stood there listening to her mam explain to Anna what had happened, most of the conversation was about what Sarah, Zara and Zoe had done and then the conversation turned to how they would be punished.


“Well she’s just had her first spanking but it won’t be the last, I cannot believe that I publicly humiliated Peter because of her lies said Helena. She is in for a big shock tomorrow I just need to figure out a way to humiliate her in public like what Peter suffered said Helena. Okay I will let you go we will call over tomorrow night said Helena as she put the phone down. Helena sat watching television when an advertisement came on about Nivea sun cream. Helena watched the advert which had a young woman dressed in a white bikini walking along a beach. It then suddenly dawned on Helena how she could humiliate Sarah in public.


Helena went upstairs into Sarah’s bedroom and searched through her wardrobe looking for a bikini. Eventually she found a white bikini Sarah had worn just over two years ago when they were on holiday in Spain. Helena walked down stairs and sat down with the bikini on her lap, right come here and try this on said Helena. Sarah walked over to her mam again with her hands covering her pussy and with one hand picked the bikini off her mum’s lap and turned her back on her mam and started to put the bikini on.


Sarah eventually stood there in her bikini which being two years old both the top and bottoms were a tight on her. Okay that will do take it back off said Helena, Sarah did as she was told and stood there naked in front of her mam with her hands again covering her pussy. Over at Anna’s house Zoe had just received her first spanking of the night and was being dragged upstairs to her bedroom to stay there for the night. Zara was at her boyfriend’s house and was due in about half past ten little did Zara know what was in store for her on her return.


Right get upstairs in the spare room and I don’t want to see your lying face anymore tonight said Helena. Sarah lay on the bed regretting that she had shouted at Peter and still wondering what the bikini was for, unknown to Sarah tomorrow was going to be the worst day of her entire life. Next morning Helena woke Sarah and Peter up at 9:30 right get up and get dressed said Helena handing Sarah her white bikini, Sarah put the bikini on and went down stairs into the kitchen. Peter was sat at the table eating his breakfast mam why is Sarah wearing a bikini asked Peter smiling.


I have just made a phone call to Donna from the clothes shop to explain that you didn’t do what I thought you had and she would like to have words with your lying sister. Then later on we are going to your Aunty Anna’s. Suddenly it dawned on Sarah “your joking there is no way I am going out dressed like this” said Sarah. Firstly shut your lying mouth and secondly mark my words you are going out dressed like that. Mam please what if I see anyone I know listen what if Peter had seen anyone he knew after all you took great pleasure out of embarrassing him didn’t you. So one more word out of you young lady and you will be spanked hard said Helena.


Breakfast finished Helena made Sarah wash and dry the dishes whilst Helena and Peter went upstairs to get ready. Helena and Peter got dressed and came back down stairs it was now 10:30 and Helena took hold of Sarah’s arm and dragged her into the lounge for another over the knee spanking. Sarah was made to stand facing the wall whilst Helena made herself a cup of coffee. At just after 11 o’clock Helena shouted of Sarah right get these on were going out now. With a look of horror on her face Sarah looked at the shoes her mam was expecting her to wear, no way I refuse I cannot go out wearing them cried Sarah. Helena delivered four hard smacks to Sarah’s sore bikini clad bottom and instructed Sarah to get her shoes on. Sarah eventually did as she was told and put her mum’s white five inch stiletto heeled shoes on.


On there way out Peter stood next to the front door smiling as he watched his sister walk to the car. Because they were slightly too big for her a clip clop sound could be heard with each step Sarah took, and because apart from her eighteenth birthday Sarah had never worn stiletto heeled shoes before she was finding it difficult not to fall over. It took about an hour to drive to Edinburgh Sarah was sat in the back of the car she didn’t utter a word. Peter was sat in the front he kept looking back at Sarah and smiling. They arrived in Edinburgh just before noon, and Helena again parked in a multi story car park near to Donna’s Tartan Fabrics.  


Helena Peter and a very embarrassed Sarah got out of the car and made there way to the shop which was two streets away. Sarah had never been so embarrassed every one was looking at her. Men would whistle at her and women would laugh and point at her. After all it’s not every day you see a young girl wearing a bikini and stiletto heeled shoes in the middle of a city.


They entered the shop and Donna introduced Helena to her assistant Alicia Jane before she took them through the back, after a discussion with Helena Donna looked at Sarah, you know what with your mum’s approval I think you should be punished the same as Peter was. But first I think you should do some work for me until 2pm when because it’s Wednesday we close early.

Donna then turned to Sarah and said then hopefully I can show you what I think of girls who lie about being hit. Believe me no woman should ever suffer being hit by a man and to pretend it has happened is so bad.


Right I will leave her with you whilst we go and do some shopping and get something to eat said Helena, okay see you about two said Donna as she let Helena and Peter out of the back door. Right as you’re going to do some work for me but much as I love the bikini you’re wearing said Donna smirking I need to find you something to wear as we don’t want the customers being put off shopping here.


Right I am popping out the back door is locked don’t even think of trying to run out of the shop as my assistant Alicia Jane is looking after the shop floor. About five minutes later and Donna returned with a white blouse and black mini skirt. Right get these on said Donna, Sarah put the blouse and skirt on but Donna wasn’t happy that you could tell she was wearing a bikini top through her blouse so Donna made her take the bikini top off. Fully dressed Donna took Sarah onto the shop floor to introduce her to Alicia Jane. Alicia was an attractive woman in her early forties; she was a divorced mum who unknown to both Donna and Sarah at this stage, Alicia believed that spanking was an acceptable form of punishment.


Right what can we get you to do said Donna. Alicia mentioned that the insides of the shop window could do with cleaning. Good idea said Donna as she handed Sarah a cloth and window spray, follow me said Donna who opened a small hatch allowing Sarah to climb inside the window display. Right you have thirty minutes to clean the window make sure you do it properly and don’t knock over the displays said Donna. And finally remember be careful when you bend over as I don’t want you flashing your bum in my shop unless of course its over my knee said Donna giggling.


Sarah started cleaning the large glass almost immediately she became aware that men walking past the shop would stop and look at Sarah obviously enjoying the view of Sarah dressed in a tight fitting white blouse and a mid thigh length mini skirt. One man who looked in his late twenties stood there for about five minutes smiling at the sight of Sarah’s breasts bouncing up and down and the view he had of her long slim legs. Sarah eventually finished cleaning the window and climbed out of the hatch and back onto the shop floor.


Have you finished asked Donna, yes replied Sarah. Okay come with me said Donna as she led Sarah out of the shop to check the window had been cleaned properly. Donna was pleased with the job Sarah had done but didn’t utter a single word of praise; okay it will do said Donna as they walked back into the shop. Right for the next hour or so I want you to clean the counters then you can put some of the stock that came yesterday on hangers for me said Donna. Sarah did as she was told whilst Donna informed Alicia of why Sarah was here in between serving customers.


Sarah was busy putting some skirts on hangers when she overheard Donna informing Alicia that she needed to stay back after closing time. Well if you want I don’t mind staying back to help you said Alicia. Thanks Alicia but you don’t want to witness what I have in store for her said Donna. Okay if you don’t want my help fine but I am very experienced at what you would call traditional punishments said Alicia smiling. Are you sure asked Donna?


Sarah looked over in horror at Donna and Alicia as she heard Alicia reply “she obviously deserves it so that’s fine by me I am more than happy to should we say lend a hand” both Donna and Alicia burst out into laughter at Alicia’s last remark. Sarah asked Donna if she could go to the toilet. Okay Alicia will you show her where the toilet is and wait for her asked Donna. Alicia took Sarah upstairs to the toilet and insisted the door remained open whilst Sarah had a wee, so you have been naughty have you asked Alicia. Sarah head bowed nodded in reply, well I hope I can play a part in making you regret what you have done said Alicia.


Alicia then escorted Sarah back down onto the shop floor just as Helena and Peter were entering the shop Sarah ran to her mam and hugged her pleading not to be punished. Helena was having none of Sarah’s cries for help, “after what you subjected Peter to through your lies you want me to let you off, no way” said Helena. Donna checked it was 2 o’clock and asked Alicia to pull the shutters down. I hope you don’t mind Alicia staying asked Donna, does she know what is going to happen asked Helena. Yes and she is willing to help if it’s okay with you.


That’s fine by me actually I think I may just watch so as to save my hand for when we go to my sister’s later today. Helena then explained again to both Donna and Alicia exactly what Sarah had done and what Peter had suffered due to Sarah’s lying. Right Sarah get your clothes off said Helena Sarah did as she was told and was stood dressed in just her white bikini bottoms and white high heeled shoes.


Donna looked at Sarah and shook her head as she pulled a seat into the middle of the floor and sat down on it Helena you will tell us if you think she has suffered enough wont you said Donna. Helena nodded her head in approval. Peter realised when he first met Donna that she was an attractive slim mid twenty year old brunette but today as he wasn’t being punished he was able to stand there and admire how beautiful she looked. Donna hair in a pony tail and wearing a white low cut blouse and a black just above the knee length skirt ordered Sarah to bend over her knee.


Sarah bent over Donna’s knee and she delivered about fifteen hard smacks to her bikini clad bottom each smack was followed by a sob from Sarah. Donna then told Sarah to get up whilst she changed places with Alicia. Sarah then bent over Alicia’s knee and was subjected to another ten or fifteen hand spanks, Alicia was obviously more experienced at spanking than Donna and Sarah was now screaming as each smack hit her already sore bottom. Alicia pushed Sarah off her knee and ordered her to stand up. Alicia can you do me a favour make four cups of coffee and on your way back bring the leather strap from out of the stock room please asked Donna.


Donna sat back down and ordered Sarah to bend over her knee again, Donna then started smacking Sarah’s sore bottom again whilst Peter watched with glee at his sister being punished. As if to further add to Peter’s joy Sarah obviously in pain was now moving around so much on Donna’s lap that Donna’s skirt was starting to ride up. By the time Donna delivered the last smack to Sarah’s bottom Donna’s skirt was a good eight inches above her knees revealing that she was wearing black lace topped hold up stockings. Peter stood there open mouthed staring at Donna’s stocking clad legs, spanking finished Donna ordered Sarah to get up then Donna looked down at her legs and realising she was showing her stocking tops quickly pulled her skirt back down.


Alicia returned with the cups of coffee and strap and placed them on the counter top, Helena told Sarah to go and stand facing the wall with her hands on her head, Sarah was stood facing the wall when Helena walked over and pulled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles leaving her sore red bottom on display. Helena then joined Alicia, Donna and Peter whilst they stood drinking there cups of coffees. When they had finished there drinks Donna sat back down; right I am ready said Donna. Helena walked over to where Sarah was stood pulled her bikini bottoms up grabbed hold of her arm and took her over to where Donna was seated.


Donna smiled at Sarah as she bent over Donna’s lap where she received another ten more hand spanks to her naked bottom before being told to stand up. Sarah stood up whilst Alicia swapped places with Donna before pulling Sarah back over her knee. Smack smack smack went Alicia’s hand on Sarah’s sore bottom, Sarah was sobbing loudly with each smack from Alicia’s hand. Alicia ordered Sarah to stand back up. Sarah stood up tears rolling down her face.


Okay I think she has just about learned her lesson said Helena. I think five or six with the strap should be enough for now and then we will have to make our way to my sisters said Helena. Helena ordered Sarah to bend forward with her hands on the seat of the chair right stay there and don’t you dare move shouted Helena. Sarah did as she was told as Donna picked the strap off the counter. Donna and Alicia took it in turns to deliver ten smacks to Sarah’s bottom each blow brought loud screams from Sarah.


Spanking finished a sobbing Sarah was then made to stand up whilst Helena said her goodbyes and thanked Donna and Alicia as they left to go back to the car. On there way out of the back door Alicia gave Helena her mobile telephone number in case she ever needed some assistance.


On there way to Anna’s house Sarah sat in the back of the car this was the worst day of her entire life but it wasn’t over yet. Unknown to Sarah, apart from Anna, Zara and Zoe, Anna’s boyfriend Seegee was also there.


On there way to Anna’s house Helena dropped Peter off at his friend’s house meaning they didn’t arrive at Anna’s until 6pm they got out of the car and made there way down the drive, as they were approaching the front door you could clearly hear raised voices coming from inside the house. Helena rang the doorbell and Anna opened the door and let them in. Are you having problems asked Helena as they stepped into the hall way. You know what I would have thought after the spanking Zara got last night and again this morning she would have been remorseful but no not Zara she hasn’t even said sorry said Anna shaking her head.


They entered the lounge were both Zara and Zoe were sitting on the sofa still dressed in there bed clothes. Sarah sat down next to Zara and Zoe, Helena sat on the other sofa next to Anna. Right Zara go and make me and your aunty a cup of tea, Zara stood up gave her mam a look of disgust and went into the kitchen whilst Anna and Helena sat talking.


Zara returned with the cups of tea and handed them to Helena and her mam, Right you’s three get up and stand over there facing the wall with your hands on your head ordered Anna, Zara, Zoe and Sarah did as they were told.


Zara was stood wearing a pink cotton top and matching shorts, whilst Zoe was wearing a black knee length nightie, Sarah was stood facing the wall in her white bikini. When Helena and Anna had finished there cups of tea Anna told Zoe to take the cups into the kitchen whilst she pulled a dining chair into the centre of the lounge.


Right Zara get over here said Anna as she sat down on the chair. Zara walked over to where her mam was sat and stood staring defiantly at her mam, Anna grabbed hold of Zara’s arm and dragged her over her lap. Helena watched as Anna took her slipper off and spanked Zara’s bottom. Anna delivered about fifteen hard smacks to Zara’s bottom. Zara was screaming as each smack landed on her bottom. Right get up and stand next to Sarah and I am warning you know one more piece of defiance and next time I spank your bottom it will be naked shouted Anna.


Helena swapped places with Anna and ordered Sarah to bend over her lap, Sarah walked over to where her mam was seated and pleaded for her mam not to spank her. Helena ignored her and was just about to pull Sarah over her lap when the doorbell rang. Anna stood up and went to answer the door, about five minutes later after a brief discussion in walked Anna and her boyfriend Seegee.


Don’t let me stop you said Seegee with a broad grin on his face, Sarah looked in horror as Seegee a man in his late thirties sat down on the sofa. Helena grabbed hold of Sarah’s arm and pulled her over her lap. Helena spanked Sarah with Anna’s slipper for a good five minutes, by the time Helena had finished Sarah was crying like a baby. Right get up and stand next to Zoe ordered Helena.


There was then a few minutes break whilst Anna explained to her boyfriend why the three girls were being punished. Anna then sat down on the chair and ordered Zoe to bend over her lap, Zoe walked over to where her mam was sat her face bright red with embarrassment at the thought of being spanked in front of her mum’s boyfriend. Anna lifted Zoe’s nightie up and spanked Zoe’s thong clad bottom ten times with her slipper before telling Zoe who like Sarah before her was crying like a baby to get up and stand next to her sister.


Anna Helena and Seegee went into the kitchen. Tell Helena about the shop where you were born said Anna, Helena was amazed at what Seegee told her about a shop that existed in Clarkstown where children and adults were sent to be punished.


When they had finished chatting they went back into the lounge just as they entered the lounge Anna caught sight of the three girls rubbing there bottoms. What are you’s doing you were told to stand there with your hands on your heads no one gave you permission to rub your bottoms said Anna. Obviously they haven’t learnt there lesson said Helena.


Right Zara over here now shouted Anna, Zara walked over to where her mam was seated and stood there head bowed. Get them off shouted Anna, no please oh my god your not serious said Zara, I am get them off now shouted Anna. Both Zoe and Sarah were stood facing the wall dreading there turn in case they were ordered to strip naked in front of Seegee.


Zara stood there pleading with her mam not to make her strip naked but Anna was having non of it and was losing her patience so she stood up and literally dragged the clothes off Zara before bending her over her lap. Anna gave Zara the hardest spanking ever by the time she had finished Zara was sobbing. Anna ordered Zara to go and stand in the corner next to kitchen door.


Right Zoe it’s your turn said Anna, Zoe bent over her mum’s lap and she received ten smacks to her sore bottom also. Anna stood up and sat back down on the sofa, Helena ordered Sarah to bend over her lap where she was spanked more than twenty times on her bottom, spanking finished Sarah returned and stood facing the wall.


Seegee sat there enjoying the view he had of Zara, Zoe and Sarah’s sore bottoms, he even joked that they could all do with a visit to Clarkstown some day. Actually we are going to America next year and if she doesn’t behave herself between now and then I may actually pay the shop a visit laughed Helena.  


It was about half past nine before they arrived home, Sarah was immediately sent to the spare room where she cried herself to sleep.

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great story. thanks
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