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   Posted 12/2/2004 2:01 AM (GMT -8)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.

Laura Charlton was 22 years old; and lived alone in her apartment. Laura had been brought up by her strict parents; both Laura and her 19 year old sister Leanne had been spanked many times by mam and dad. The last spanking had happened 5 years ago and strange as it may seem Laura missed the warm glow her bottom would get.


Saturday morning arrived, Laura was woken up by Zoe, wakey wakey said Zoe time to get up its Saturday and we have things to do. Laura opened her eyes to see Zoe picking the vibrator up off the floor. I see you made good use of this last night said Zoe. Laura just blushed and nodded her head, come on have a shower we’ve got shopping to do.


Laura had a shower and walked into the lounge with a towel wrapped around her. Jack and Zoe were seated having breakfast. Get the towel off said Jack you’ve got nothing under there I haven seen before. Laura removed the towel and asked where her suitcase she had brought with her was. I will get it in a minute sit and have some breakfast first.


If you had told Laura two years ago that she would have been sitting in a complete strangers house, naked and totally hairless sitting having breakfast with a 27 year old man dressed in his boxer shorts, and his 24 year old girlfriend dressed in a pink bra and pink thong. She would have said you were mad.


Laura we’ve been into the spanking scene for over two years, and about 6 months ago we joined a spanking club. It is held every Saturday night in the Sahara club we would love you to come with us. What you mean go to a club were other people interested in spanking are said a startled Laura. Laura its not as bad as you may think there are a group of about thirty couple’s there some old, some young but they are really nice people when you get to know them said Zoe.


Go on say yes pleeeeeeeeze said Zoe pleading with Laura. Laura thought for a while well I have come this far so okay I will come with you’s, but don’t leave me on my own. Great said Jack come on ladies get ready were going shopping. Zoe got Laura’s case from her bedroom and the three of them got dressed.


They had been out for three hours shopping and arrived home at 2 o’clock. I am really looking forward to tonight said Zoe, Laura just nodded still not knowing what to expect when they got there. Jack Zoe and Laura had dinner and the two girls who were now in there underwear were busy washing up, when Jack shouts come on girls hurry up you both need your bottom’s warming up otherwise tonight could be very painful. Laura looked at Zoe in horror what does he mean tonight could be very painful said Laura. Relax said Zoe every thing is going to be okay.


Zoe walks over to Jack and bends over his knee her bra and panties are removed and Jack proceeds to spank her bottom.


One thank you, Two thank you, said Zoe out loud as Jacks hand bounced off her pert little bottom, this went on for a good fifteen minutes. A bright red bottomed Zoe is then allowed to stand up. Right Laura it’s your turn get your bra and panties off, Laura did as she was told and she also was spanked for a good fifteen minutes. Okay Laura go and stand in the corner and don’t move until we return. Zoe get into the bedroom it’s pleasure time. Laura was stood in the corner whilst she listened to the moans and groans coming from Jack and Zoe’s bedroom.


Jack returns ten minute’s later minus his boxer shorts, Laura Zoe is having an hour’s sleep can make me a cup of tea please. I need to get my energy levels back. Zoe is such a dirty girl in bed she wears me out. A bright red faced Laura made Jack his cup of tea. Jack was walking around the lounge totally naked something that Laura couldn’t help but get turned on by.


What’s the matter Laura have you never seen a shaved penis before said Jack on noticing Laura staring at his manhood. Actually Laura had never seen a penis so big in her life never mind shaved. Jack was starting to get turned on knowing Laura was looking at him and it gradually started to become erect. You really are a naught girl said Jack turning me on like this.


Right get back in the corner I am going to have to pleasure Zoe again. She is going to be so pleased with you getting it twice in the space of an hour. Groan after groan again came from the bedroom, Laura this time couldn’t help herself and sat on the sofa where her fingers started playing with her fanny. Laura managed to cum before Jack and Zoe came back into the lounge.


Zoe walked up to Laura who was back in the corner and hugged her. Thank you for turning Jack on that was the best shag I have ever had said Zoe.


Right come on we need to get ready for the club said Jack.


Laura’s heart was racing she was both nervous and excited. What a weekend she was having.

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