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By Alec Leamus

Rita was furious. She had only stepped out of the changing room for a
moment and now her purse was gone. Half zipped into a black evening
dress she stormed out of the changing room to the counter and began
yelling at the young salesgirl.

"Someone just stole my purse out of my changing room! I demand to
speak to the manager!"
Rita continued with her tirade explaining that she had just stepped
out to see if there was a smaller size and when she returned her
purse was gone. All of her credit cards, ID, cell phone and her car
"Someone could be breaking into my house right now!" Rita screamed.
Several other women turned and stared at the spectacle then slowly
returned their clothing choices to the nearest rack and moved away
from the tension filled area.
It was 8:50pm on a Thursday and Stephanie Collins was in no
mood to deal with the screaming irritation that faced her. Now age
twenty Stephanie had been working at Nelson's for three years and had
dealt with her share of upset customers.
After a full minute of abuse Stephanie spoke. " Ma'am please calm
down. You're upsetting our other customers. I'm sure no one is
breaking into your house. How long ago did it happen?"
"What difference does that make? Just call your manager!" Rita fumed.
Rita was twenty- four and used to dealing with staff and tradesmen.
She had lead what most would describe as a privileged life. So
dealing with a common department store clerk was almost beneath her.
"I already called security. My manager is gone for the day."
Stephanie quietly answered knowing her calm manner would only further
infuriate Rita.
"You're a bitch!" Rita spewed. "I make more money in a week than you
make all month. I don't know why they hire such incompetent little
fools like you. All you have to do is ring up the sales, hang up some
clothes and help the customers. But you're too busy talking to your
friends and goofing off to notice a thief sneak into a changing room
right by your register and steal my purse." Rita shouted.
Stephanie took a moment before speaking and drew a long
"Ma'am, I am sorry, but I can direct you to the security office and
you can fill out the proper forms there and if you like you can leave
a note or a message for my manager about my lack of service."
Stephanie smiled.
"Right!" Rita stormed back into the changing room.
Moments later a short scream emitted from inside. "Miss! Could you
come back here a moment!" Rita shouted.
Stephanie removed her register keys and reluctantly walked
back into the dressing room area. Outside dressing room three Rita
stood with her arms folded. "My clothes are gone." Rita stated
"Oh, just now? But there's no one here, the store is practically
empty and the mall is about to close. Who could've taken them?"
Stephanie was genuinely perplexed.
"I don't know but I don't have anything to wear now." Rita said.
"Ma'am the store is closing I have to lock up my register and do my
reports. Did you buy anything that you could wear?" Stephanie asked.
"NO. And if I did I am sure that would have been stolen too. I guess
I will just wear this then bring it back." Rita said.
"Uh, ma'am that's a eight hundred dollar Donna Karan. I just can't
let you walk out with that." Stephanie shyly replied.
"Well, go find me something else then, this is your fault." Rita
"Well, ma'am we have a very strict notice that we aren't responsible
lost or unattended personal items" Stephanie quoted.
Rita glared at her.
"However, I might be able to find something in our lost and found. It
won't be Donna Karan but it will…"Stephanie's voice trailed off.
"Fine, just do it. My goodness your lame" Rita said.
Stephanie stood silently for a moment.
"There's just one thing. I have to go upstairs to get to lost and
found, but I have to lock everything up before I do."

"Sooo?" Rita said mockingly.

Stephanie spoke slowly "Because we carry such high profile designer
names they just made it a new policy that we have to lock all of our
racks. So I have to secure everything before I leave or I could get

"What are you trying to say?"

"I have to have that dress." Stephanie said quietly.

"What?! Maybe you're not listening. All of my clothes are gone."

"I know and I'm sorry but it will just be for a moment while I go
upstairs and there's no one here. It's past nine. They already have
locked the front doors and I'll be right back."

"Fine" Rita huffed as she began to slip out of the black evening
dress. As she did she cursed herself for not wearing panties and
suddenly remembered that she had taken off her bra to try on the
stupid dress.

"You don't have anything tucked under the counter? Rita asked
suddenly polite. "Anything?"

"No, I'm sorry. We're very neat here." Stephanie suppressed a smile
knowing full well there probably was something pushed into the back
of a drawer. As Rita undressed she noticed that without her clothes
she was not as imposing as she first appeared. Rita's breasts seemed
smaller out of the dress. She looked to be about a 34B while
Stephanie was at least a 36C and quickly glanced down at her own
breasts for confirmation.

"What are you doing? Do you mind?" Rita asked as she slipped the
dress down past her hips. "Would a little privacy be too much to

"Ma'am, I have to…" Stephanie began only to be cut off by Rita.
"Whatever, please don't quote me any more policies, thank you. Here!"
Rita said as she roughly handed the dress in Stephanie's direction.

" I need the shoes too." Stephanie demanded as she moved closer to
Rita. As Stephanie took the dress from Rita she noticed that they met
approximately eye to eye. However, upon the removal of store's dress
heels Rita now found herself staring at Stephanie's chin. Stephanie
smiled quietly as she realized at five foot six and in her heels she
now towered over Rita.

Rita now stood in front of Stephanie completely nude and was
beginning to feel a little strange. Being nude and all alone in a big
department store and relying on a younger woman to help dress her
Rita was suddenly overcome with memories of childhood shopping trips
with her mother. These trips were often humiliating as Rita was
allowed no shame and was often paraded around in just panties to find
the right dress.

"We have to step out of here" Stephanie announced.

"What? Why can't I wait in here?" Rita pleaded.

"I have to lock it up."

As they stepped back out into the store Stephanie turned and locked
the dressing room's main door.

"This just gets better and better." Rita said.

Stephanie suddenly wheeled around and stared down her nose at Rita.

"Look, I have had just about enough of you. I am trying my hardest to
keep my temper and here I am helping you and all you can do is gripe
and moan. I'm sorry that you were careless and didn't keep an eye on
your belongings but that is not my fault. So keep your snide comments
to yourself and wait right here quietly until I get back." Stephanie

Rita stunned by the sudden out burst merely nodded. The words "wait
right here quietly"
struck several memory chords in Rita negating a response.

Stephanie turned and walked away briskly and laughingly shouted over
her shoulder
"I can see now why you were looking for a smaller size."

Rita had always been comfortable with her shape and size but to be
completely nude in an unfamiliar setting then scolded like a child
made her feel small. Rita turned and looked in the mirror. She was
small on top but she had always worn the right clothes to improve her
figure. Her eyes wandered further down her slim frame to her clean
shaven pubic area. She always kept herself shaved, which now she
realized only enhanced her nudity and made her appear even more
Rita quickly dismissed these thoughts as she gazed at her
face. Her makeup was impeccable and definitely womanly. However, as
she peered more closely she saw that she had smeared her eyeliner. A
large dark brown mark began at her eye then moved to her cheek. This
must have happened when she took off the dress Rita thought.
Realizing that the spiteful store clerk Stephanie would take
her sweet time in returning she glanced around the now dimly lit
store. Security had already closed the store and some areas of the
huge department store were positively dark. Peering around through
the clothes racks she spied a cosmetics counter and moved to the
display samples. Finding a cleanser and cotton balls Rita decided to
begin with a clean slate.
"I'll be damned if I'm going to wait quietly for that little bitch. I
can do what I want. Hell I'm the customer!" Rita thought.

Unfortunately there was no mirror and the only good reflection in the
dimly lit store was in the slightly reflective countertop. Finding a
makeup stool Rita dragged it over to the counter then climbed up and
sat on her knees. She then leaned over to begin. Frustrated Rita
straightened back up and pushed her hair out of the way. Again she
leaned over only to have her hair fall back around her face.
With a sigh Rita climbed off of the stool and glanced around the
counter. On the far end were some hair clips, barrettes. Rita had not
worn those since she was about ten years old. She smiled as she chose
two pink and white clips off of the rack. She clipped them into her
hair quickly on either side of her face and went back to her work.
After she had removed all of her makeup she used several bottles of
the sample cleansers. She knew these were probably expensive but
didn't care. After cleansing she searched for a toner but found none.
Then tucked behind some perfumes she found a small orange bottle of
toner. Rita liberally applied the toner then wiped it off. As she
peered into the countertop again she noticed small markings on her
face. They were mainly across her cheeks and nose.

"Shit!" She said out loud. "They look like freckles!"

She quickly climbed down off of the stool and grabbed the orange
bottle. Unable to read the small print in the low lighting she could
only ascertain that she had inadvertently used a bronzer not a skin
toner. Unfortunately for Rita certain bronzers did not react well
with her lighter skin tone.
But Rita's thoughts of repair were suddenly interrupted by
the appearance of a flashlight beam and a deep voice.

"Put your hands where I can see them" the voice commanded.

"I'm just waiting for a salesgirl to…" Rita voice trailed off as she
remembered her nudity and tried to move behind a nearby rack of

"Just stay where you are. We've been looking for you." The voice
continued. "Don't you run either, I'm in no mood to chase you."

"Look I think you're mistaking me…" Rita reasoned

"Put your hands back where I can see them. Put them over your head;
now interlock your finger, that's right. Now put them on your head
and don't move a muscle." The voice
commanded. "If you move I'll mace you."

Shaken and scared Rita cooperated as the tall figure of a
security guard emerged from the shadows. As he approached his
flashlight beam began to shake as he began to chuckle. He then pulled
out his walkie-talkie.

"Yeah, Hal? I found her. She was in cosmetics. Don't know what she
was up to, but you were right. I don't know how you saw that on the
cameras but she's as naked as a jaybird. I guess all that Playboy
channel stuff you watch really paid off."

"Yep, I can spot `em. Well Joe, secure the area and bring her back to
the office. I'll make some calls. Hey and check door seven on your
way back." Hal said.

"Ten-four, over and out" Joe signed off.

Throughout this exchange Rita stood completely still grateful for the
dim lighting. However, inside, her surprise had now been replaced
with anger and as Joe pocketed his walkie-talkie she let loose.

"You're a security guard! You're in so much trouble you have no idea
who you are dealing with! I hope you have saved up some money Joe,
because you are going to be unemployed for a long time! I'm a
customer here. You have…"


Rita's speech was suddenly interrupted by a sharp pop on her face
causing Rita to quickly unlocked her fingers and rub her cheek.

"Shut up." Joe demanded. "You're trespassing. You're (chuckling) nude
in a store that's been closed for almost twenty minutes. I don't want
to hear any threats from you. And you know what? If you are somebody
important, I am sure your country club set would love to hear about
this incident." Joe stopped and smiled.
"Now are you going to give me any more trouble? Or do I have to cuff
you too?" Joe asked. "Now suppose you tell me what you're doing in

Rita still stunned from the little slap huffed and quickly explained.
Rita was grateful that Joe kept his flashlight trained on her face.

After her explanation Joe took Rita's upper arm roughly and began
dragging her out of the cosmetics department.

"Where are we going?" Rita exclaimed. "Let go of me!"

"Listen missy, that was a great story and you can tell them all about
it later. Come on." Joe said taking her more firmly by the arm.

"Missy? I'm twenty-four. Who are you calling missy?" Rita shouted.

Joe stopped although he did not let go of his grip on Rita. He moved
his flashlight from the floor and up and over Rita's body and then to
her face.

"Yeah, in about eight years." Joe said flatly.
Rita's embarrassment increased as the giant guard continued
to drag her out of the store then through a metal door and into a
brightly lit corridor toward the security office. At least in the
dark she was not as exposed; however here in the light she felt on
display. Once or twice as they turned corner after corner she caught
the security guard glancing at her bottom. In one hallway they passed
a row of windows that were very reflective and Rita caught herself in
full view next to the security guard. He seemed to almost dwarf her
and in her naked state with no makeup and her hair pulled back she
looked like a little girl. She couldn't shake the image from her head
and all sorts of scenarios began to play out of what he might do to
her when they reached the office. His stride was larger than hers so
every so often he would yank her arm like a child scolding her to
keep up.
So Rita was grateful when they reached the office and the
guard roughly manhandled her into a chair and tossed her a security
"Here! Quit whining and don't move from that chair if you know what's
for good for you." Joe said as he disappeared into the back office.
As Rita's bottom hit the cold chair she yelped a little.
She strained to hear the voices and struggled with the coat. The coat
did little to offer cover as it only came to her waist. Her privates
and bottom were completely exposed so she decided to sit.
Suddenly Joe emerged from the back office with another
security guard she assumed was Hal.
"So what were you up to down there?" Hal asked.
Rita again went into her explanation of her stolen clothes and
Stephanie the store clerk who never returned. Hal and Joe smiled.
"Look we already called your school." Hal explained.

Meanwhile, Stephanie smiled broadly as she found the exact outfit
for her nude customer. She had remembered it from earlier in the day.
It was a complete Harrington school uniform complete with school ID.

Part Two

A small giggle escaped from Stephanie as she imagined the
nude irate woman dressed in the childish uniform. She packed the
entire uniform into a discarded blue zippered bag and started down
the passageway towards her unwilling prey. She clicked down the empty
hallway as she prepared a more commanding demeanor. She fully
anticipated a conflict at her offering. She smiled again. Occupied
with her fantasy she walked directly into Joe's chest as she turned
the corner.

Rita's bare cheeks felt stuck to the molded plastic chair
where Joe had planted her. She adjusted her tiny bottom and observed
the dismal security office. The main office was cramped and furnished
with a single distressed metal desk. Opposite the desk and to her
left was a short hallway. Hal crossed in front of Rita and sat behind
the tarnished metal desk.

"My school?" Rita trembled slightly.

Rapidly she mentally paged through her contacts. Her parents
were in Italy with her family's attorney. Her few friends would be
helpful but would eventually close her social circles. She knew she
was alone. She decided on a new strategy and edged calmly forward as
her bare bottom peeled away from the plastic chair.

"Look! My name is Rita Donovan. I am not in school, I am twenty-four
years old and I live in Long View and your (pointing) man, security
guard, whatever, has made a huge mistake. I am not accustomed to be
handled in such a..."

Frustration swelled as her voice rose. As she began to
reiterate her entire story Hal slowly pressed the air with his palm
and smiled. Hal had been in charge of the Security department at
Nelson's for almost six years. He knew the dance. Rita's fresh face,
small body and smooth privates did little to counter his earlier
first impressions. Hal paused. Then, without acknowledging Rita's
comments he opened the folder on his desk and began a methodical
series of routine questions. He only paused twice to sip his lukewarm
coffee and after several minutes Rita took note that he wasn't
writing. She stopped talking.

"So, one more time. What's your real name?" Hal leaned forward.

Joe grinned and clomped into the back office. He returned with a big
black camera with two lenses.

"Okay picture time." Joe sang as he loomed over Rita and snapped a

"Stop it!" Rita cried out as she rubbed her eyes and tugged at the
hem of the coat. The large shadow of Joe menacing above her instantly
transported her to a distant playground. Years of confidence seemed
to melt away as Joe comically snorted at the sight of her childish
protest. He set the big black camera in front of Hal and disappeared
through the doorway.

"Relax, he was focused on your face. It's standard. It's for the
insurance." Hal ceremoniously tossed his pen onto the newly created
folder and leaned back.

"Look miss, we're not stupid. We keep a close eye on the floor when
you kids come in here. We saw you come in with your three friends
around seven. And guess what?" Hal continued sarcastically. "We only
spotted three of you leaving. And 'bout thirty minutes ago we got
call from Harrington's. So imagine our shock when we see you poking
around down there." Hal pointed to the security monitor against the
Rita's stomach tightened. They had been watching her. They
had seen her moving around naked on the makeup counter. She
subconsciously tugged again at the hem of the security coat. As the
words "kids", "miss" and "school" tumbled against Rita's mind she
shifted back into her seat. Hal smiled at her smooth bare legs.
Slowly an idea formed and Rita seductively smiled back. It
was the sort of smile that got men into trouble. She then carefully
straightened her back and repositioned her legs. Hal casually covered
his wide grinning mouth and swiveled away in his chair. He
desperately attempted to replace the image of the freckled face teen
vamping before him.

The room remained silent for a several moments.

"So, what was it? A bet, a game?" Hal asked innocently turning back
to face her. "I really just wanna know where are your clothes?"

"Here they are." Joe announced from the doorway presenting a blue
zippered bag.

"Oh thank God! Finally!" Rita's exclaimed.

"Here!" Joe dropped the bag into Rita's lap as he pointed to the back
office "Get dressed."

"Thank you." Rita snapped. "And I want your names and a copy of that
report when I return." She carefully stood and tugged at the back of
the coat. Cautiously she shuffled into the back office. At the sight
of her bare cheeks peeking out from under the coat Joe snickered.

"How did you find them so quickly?" Hal asked in low voice.

Joe cocked his head and thumbed into the hallway. "I ran into Steph.
She was bringing her clothes. Oh and seven's okay."

Hal nodded and stepped into the hall and greeted Stephanie.

"You know who she is?" Hal inquired in a low whisper.

"Just one of those girls that comes in here all the time. They're
always causing trouble. She practically lost it with me downstairs."
Stephanie lied.
She was pleased with her good fortune. The nude woman had
been further humiliated by being dragged to security. Normally she
would be clocking out at this time but the prospect of seeing her
dressed in the uniform was too compelling.

Hal grimaced and shrugged his shoulders. "Better stay out here then.
We don't want to set off her again."

"Sure" Stephanie answered hiding her disappointment.

Suddenly a loud gasp of exasperation emitted from the back office.

"Ooohhh! These are not my clothes! I'm not wearing this!" Rita

Hal appeared in the doorway of the back office as Rita stood
strategically clutching the security coat to her nude form.

"Then go around like that, doesn't bother me." Hal said flatly.

"This is a school uniform. I'm not dressing in this. I keep telling
you I am not a student! I was downstairs. I went out of the changing
rooms..." Rita's voiced diminished as Hal slowly approached and stood
over her. Next to Hal's hulking form she felt herself shrink. He
paused then spoke in a very controlled manner.

"This is all you've got. So unless you want to be hauled off with the
police in your birthday suit I suggest you comply." Hal finished.

"What? Does this turn you on? Having me play dress up? I'm sure my
attorney would love..." Rita was immediately cut off as Hal grabbed
her left arm and spun her around revealing her tiny pale bottom. His
meaty right hand swiftly landed two well-placed swats on each cheek
in quick succession.

Thwack! Thwack!

"Put it on!" Hal released her.

Infuriated Hal stepped away. Rita sniffled. Slowly she
lowered the security coat. Her pale skin and small breasts again met
the chilled office air. She reached and rubbed both bottom cheeks
with her hands. Alone she stood completely nude and pondered her

"Some clothes are better than nothing at all. When I'm dressed
they'll deal with me more
Seriously." Rita thought.
She stepped into the plain white cotton panties and pulled
them up and over her hips. They were not as snug as she hoped and
slipped a little. The white socks were long. Rita frowned as she
pulled them up to her knees.
She dug into the blue bag and found a soft bra that contained
no under wire or padding. It more closely resembled a sport's bra or
even a training bra. Unlike Rita's bras that enhanced this bra relied
strictly on the shape of the girl. On a well-endowed woman it would
not matter but on Rita it flattened her small chest.
As she adjusted the garment into place she turned and drew in
a large breath. She stared at her distorted reflection in the metal
cabinet. Standing motionless in her stocking feet her mouth hung
open. The freckles and barrettes, her small pale frame and her
deceivingly small chest gave her the appearance of a skinny twelve
year old. Shaken from the spanks Rita quickly dismissed the image
from her mind and continued dressing.
She slipped on the white short-sleeved blouse with its
ridiculous Peter Pan style collar. Desperately she searched through
the bag but found only the plaid blue jumper. The jumper was
basically a pleated short skirt with two large straps of material
that went over each shoulder. She reluctantly continued dressing.
Attached to the blouse's collar was a secretary's tie. It was a small
flat ribbon of material that matched the jumper. Unfortunately it was
sewn into the blouse's collar so Rita was forced to button it in the
center. She bent down and pushed her feet into the two plain black
shoes. Although made for a larger girl they were decidedly childish
in appearance. They did nothing to add height to Rita's diminutive
stature and were a little loose. She hesitated before turning to the
metal cabinet. Its distorted reflection mocked her and she slipped
back through time.
Hours earlier she had stride confidently into Nelson's
dressed in her crisp business attire. Now her nylons had been
replaced with cheap white knee socks. Her tailored tan suit was now a
polyester school uniform. Even her impeccably styled hair was tangled
and childishly adorned with barrettes. Rita shivered at the

"All done?" Hal interrupted. "Hurry up they'll be here soon to take
you back."

"Back?" Rita questioned. "Back to what?"

"Your school. Where did you think you were going? We're not going to
file charges. You're underage and it's really not worth our efforts.
Besides, I know what kind of school Harrington's is."
Hal answered casually.

Panic exploded in Rita. Her mind dashed over the evening's
sequence of events. She appeared to be nothing more than a defiant
child and now she was dressed the part and had willingly
participated. She realized that without her ID or purse or cell phone
she was stuck as a schoolgirl.

Purse... keys... car!

"My car is downstairs!" Rita said excitedly. "It has all my
information, registration, uh, I can prove I'm not a student."

Rita studied Hal's dubious expression.

Rita reasoned. "Now I want you to think about this really carefully.
If I am who I say I am; and it turns out I am Rita Donovan twenty
four years old..."

Hal advanced his mind and conceded the obvious outcome of such a

"Joe, go check it out." Hal ordered.

"It's a silver BMW. I parked close to the entrance." Rita shouted
after Joe. He rolled his eyes and started out of the office.

"You better not be lying 'cause if you are, I'm gonna punish you
myself." Hal stated sternly.

Tingles moved across Rita's panty-clad bottom. She swallowed
as she realized he could quite easily make good on his threat. Rita
pushed to expel the image of her schoolgirl form flung across Hal's
expansive lap as she kicked and squealed.

"Would he? Would he pull down her panties and expose her bare butt as
Joe watched? Would Joe see her privates as she kicked?" If Joe
returned unable to find any evidence of her adult status would Hal
really do it? Would Hal spank her?" Rita felt her heart pound.

If Joe found nothing there would be no reprieve until her
situation was resolved. Obviously the school would be aware that she
was not a student but her treatment until that time would be
unbearable and most of all embarrassing.

A loud buzzer broke the tension. Hal went to his desk and pressed the
intercom button on the phone. Rita followed.

"Yes?" Hal asked.

"Hello, I'm here from Harrington's." a woman's voice crackled through
the speaker.

"Wait there. I will be right down." Hal said. Hal swung around and
roughly grabbed Rita's upper arm.

"Please don't spank me again!" Rita cried out as her free hand
instinctively covered her backside.

Rita struggled as Hal dragged her down the short office
hallway. They stopped at a door with a reinforced glass window.
Skillfully he keyed opened the door and guided her in approximately
two feet then released her. Immediately he walked out and shut the
door. Confused Rita stared at Hal through the glass. She ran to the
door but found no doorknob. Rita's mind began to crumble as she felt
her adulthood slip away.
"Keep an eye on her. She can't get out but watch her" Hal
said as he passed Stephanie standing outside the door of the office.
He dropped a small set of keys into her hand and hurried down
the hallway. Stephanie had purposely and patiently waited outside the
office door. Now that Joe and Hal had both departed on separate
errands she knew her moment had come. It took at least ten to fifteen
minutes to escort a guest from the back security door. She also knew
that Joe was a straggler and often took longer on his rounds than
necessary. Originally she had only intended to humiliate the woman.
She had planned to force her to dress in the uniform. Then perhaps
tease her and send her on her way. This was so much better.
Stephanie stepped inside the security office and shut the
door. Cautiously she approached the reinforced security window and
savored the image before her. Oblivious to her presence Rita stood in
the middle of the tiny empty holding room. She was no longer a
portrait of a sophisticated businesswoman. She had been completely
transformed into a fresh-faced schoolgirl. She even appeared smaller
and younger than Stephanie had remembered. However, she attributed
that to her current attire. When Stephanie noticed the freckles
dotted across Rita's cheeks and nose she laughed out loud. This
instantly drew Rita's attention.

"You! You did this. You know these aren't my clothes. You gave them
these clothes! They think I'm some (pause) escaped reform school
crazy girl. You have to tell them the truth!" Rita pleaded through
the glass. Stephanie smirked.

"The truth? But you make such a cute little girl." Stephanie mocked
as she folded her arms.

"I am not a little girl! Why won't anyone believe me? I am not a
little girl!" Rita screamed as she stomped her foot repeatedly. Aware
of her outburst and its implications she stopped and stood trembling
as a small tear formed and rolled down her right cheek.

"Well you're certainly acting like one." Stephanie cooed. "Aww, are
you crying?"

Rita pressed against the window as Stephanie instinctively
stepped back. Rita's eyes caressed Stephanie's outfit. She gazed
longingly at her high heels and nylons. Stephanie's shapely skirt and
blouse only served as a distant reminder of her now reduced status.
She calmly tried a new tactic.

"Look, you have to let me out of here. I, I have to go to the
bathroom. I do. I really do. Please?"

Rita pressed her upper legs together twisting her feet inward and
pulled down at the hem of the jumper. The illusion of the contrite
schoolgirl made Stephanie laugh again. She knew she was being duped.

"Why should I? You were really rude to me earlier and now you are
getting a little back. I think it's great!" Stephanie said snidely.

"You don't understand. They really think I'm some other schoolgirl.
They're coming to get me right now and take me away. Please I have to
go, at least let me out to go to the bathroom. I'm sorry I was rude
earlier. I'll do anything you ask. Please you have to help me!" Rita
pleaded tearfully.

Stephanie contemplated the situation. She knew the game was
ending. Reluctantly she placed her hand on the doorknob of the
holding room. Then adopting a clinical tone of authority she spoke.

"I'm just letting you out to go to the bathroom. Then we'll
straighten this all out when Hal returns."

"Thank you. Finally, thank you." Rita gratefully nodded.

Stephanie opened the holding room door and in a flash of
movement Rita shoved her into the doorjamb. She scrambled towards the
office door and with sweaty palms twisted furiously at the doorknob.
In Rita's mind one twist of the main office door and she would be
restored to her adulthood. Downstairs contained an entire department
store of salvation.

"Nooo." Rita cried as the sound of jangling keys caused her to

"Locked?" Stephanie stood grinning. "I thought you might try that.
I'm not going to get fired over a little girl like you."

"Stop calling me that and open this God damn door!" Rita lunged
towards Stephanie.

Prepared Stephanie masterfully wrenched Rita's arm up her
back. She spied the nearby plastic chair, sat down and heaved Rita
across her lap. This swift action caused Stephanie's skirt to ride up
and expose the top of her stockings. Rita continued her verbal
assaults even as she felt her pleated skirt flipped up. Rita writhed
across Stephanie's nylon encased thighs until the first swat landed
on her panties. The sound of flesh being slapped echoed in the small
cement block office.

"Owww!" Rita screamed. "Stop. What the hell are you doing? You bitch.
Let me go!"

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

"I'm gonna sue you! Just wait till..." Whack!

"You going to what little girl?" Whack! Whack! Whack! Stephanie
continued spanking Rita.

"I'm not a..." Whack! "Ooow! Little girl!" Rita tried to answer.
Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Have you looked a mirror lately" Stephanie mocked. Whack! Whack!

"Let me up! God damn it!" Rita shot.

"Such language. I think these need to come down." Stephanie
chastised. She effortlessly whisked down Rita's panties. Rita felt
the cool air cascade across her heated bare cheeks.

"Noooo. Please don't!" Rita shouted as she attempted to cover her
bottom with her free hand.

Stephanie observed a slight impression of a large handprint. "Oooh
such a pink butt. Looks like somebody's been naughty. Have you been

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Have you?" Stephanie demanded. Whack! Whack!

"Yes." Rita answered meekly.

Whack! Whack!

"Yes what?!" Stephanie prodded.

"Yes, I have been naughty." Rita choked out. Whack! Whack! Whack!

"What are you?" Stephanie barked.

"What?" Rita stammered. Whack! Whack! Whack!

"What are you?" Stephanie pushed. Whack! Whack!

"I'm a naughty little girl!" Rita sobbed. The remnants of her adult
mind faded. Dressed as a schoolgirl draped over the lap of a younger
woman she was being spanked. She was no longer the haughty heiress
teasing men in nightclubs. She was a bare bottomed little girl being
punished. Images from her past collided in her mind.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Rita kicked her legs and cried aloud "Stop it! It hurts! It hurts!
Please let me up! Wait, wait, please let me up! Let me up! Let me
up!" Rita panicked. She struggled against Stephanie's powerful hold.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Suddenly Rita squeezed her legs together tightly. Stephanie
stopped mid swat. She sensed a growing warmth spread across her lap.
Dramatically she threw Rita off. Rita grimaced. She pressed her upper
thighs together while a small stream of urine trickled down her legs
and soaked her panties. Rita stood motionless quietly sobbing.
Stephanie's lips curled in suppression. She wanted to laugh.

"My, my, my and I thought you were a big girl." Stephanie mocked.

The smell began to permeate the stale office air. Stephanie looked
down at her wet lap and blouse.

"Dammit! Come on. Let's get cleaned up. Step out those wet panties."
She commanded. Rita complied.
Stephanie gathered a small collection of paper towels from
Hal's desk. In one quick motion she wiped up the small pool and
panties and deposited them all into the wastebasket. She unlocked the
door, wrapped her hand around Rita's wrist and led her out into the
hallway. Rita followed numbly. Childhood memories of her mother
and "talks" in the bathroom swam in her already flooded psyche.
After a short walk they entered the women's employee locker
room. Stephanie threatened Rita into a low stool next to the
washbasins and tossed her a warm wet face cloth.

She commanded, "Clean yourself up!"

Stephanie studied her own clothing in the mirror. There was a
distinctive circular stain that encompassed her mid section.
Frustrated she removed her skirt and blouse and placed them in a sink
full of soapy water. Stephanie looked down again and groaned. She
removed her heels and her black silk underwear and stockings joined
her ensemble. Nude from the waist down and clad only in her bra
Stephanie crossed the locker room. Rita's eyes followed her more
distinctive womanly form as she swiped a towel and fashioned a skirt.
Stephanie turned and placed her hands on her hips. Stephanie smiled a
wicked grin as she stared at Rita. Rita lowered her eyes.

Part Three

Joe lit his second cigarette and leaned against his usual spot on the
textured wall. He often used this time to reflect on his choice to
leave the army. A slight breeze scuttled a few leaves across the empty
parking lot waking him to reality. Joe shook his head in
disappointment. There was no silver salvation parked near the
entrance. He took a long slow drag then dropped the cigarette and
ground it into the asphalt. Joe clenched his fists and stretched his
massive arms straight out. He twisted his back to one side then
another. Then tilted his head back and abruptly ended his movement.
Slowly, he relaxed his body and hurried back through the outer metal
door, down the long passageway that ran the length of the store to the
surveillance room.

Rita was mortified and continued to study the tiled floor.
Involuntarily her buttocks and legs occasionally flexed. She was
grateful that her shoes were dry but her socks felt damp. The cool
white sterile environment of the women's locker room breezed over her
legs and privates and only enhanced the wet sensation. Adorned with
barrettes in a short pleated school jumper Rita fought to find her
Stephanie maintained her cool veneer but inwardly knew she had acted
impulsively. Stephanie closely appraised Rita. She knew her only
protection was that there were no witnesses. She could deny
everything. She also knew that Rita would not be quick to acknowledge
her infantile reaction to her chastisement. Responsibly her next
action should be to immediately deposit Rita back into the holding
room before Hal or Joe returned. However, she knew a unique
opportunity had been placed in her hands.
Stephanie rewound the last few minutes in her mind and pondered their
origin. She couldn't believe she had spanked this woman. The spanking
had been a catalyst. It had focused all her repressed aggression from
every previous subordinate moment. Now that feeling had been replaced
by an intoxicating addictive power. Stephanie yearned for one more
turn of the screw and knew her next move would be a gamble. She turned
to the mirror and positioned her sightline on Rita. She removed the
large tortoise shell clip allowing her hair to fall about her

"You really shouldn't be too mad. I mean, it's easy to see why they
thought you were a schoolgirl."
Stephanie lectured.

She watched Rita's reaction closely. Cautiously she continued her
taunt as she adjusted her bra. She pulled slightly at the white fabric
and slipped her right hand inside the cup. Her rounded breast quickly
absorbed the warmth from the spanking and Stephanie was briefly lost.
She sighed and then continued.

"I mean, you're so small and pale. And, let's be honest, your figure
is not...well, you're not very curvy." Stephanie completed.

Rita was motionless and a smile crept across Stephanie's face. She
turned away from the mirror and stood over her. Rita slowly lifted her
eyes from the floor. In her bare feet and towel Stephanie still
presented an intimidating figure. Stephanie's full rounded cleavage
mocked Rita's reduced stature and she subconsciously crossed her

"Oh, you've ruined your socks. You should have spoken up. Let's take
care of that." Stephanie maternally toned.

Stephanie wrapped her hand around Rita's wrist and pulled her from
the stool. The humiliation of her spanking and the shame of her
accident still lingered. Rita obediently followed. She hoped that
cooperation would lead to an early explanation and dismissal. Rita
longed to end the charade and as they shuffled down the hall Rita's
mind drifted forward.
She imagined herself as she soaked in her whirlpool tub in her
marbled candlelit bathroom. Lovingly the bubbles would tingle across
her bare body and dissipate the evening's events in a fragrant mist.
Softly she would guide her Egyptian cotton towel across the smooth
clean plains and the inviting inner valleys of her body. Perhaps she
would pause for a moment of pleasure. Next she would generously apply
her makeup and set her hair in a sophisticated style. Then grandly she
would fling open the double doors of her closet and gaze upon her
expansive wardrobe. Decisively she would chose the most expensive and
elegant ensemble she could...
Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted as she was pushed through a
door into a small shadowy light blue room illuminated only by a bright
desk lamp.

"Sit down." Stephanie said with emphasis. "Not there. There!" She
pointed to the padded table.

Rita backed to the table and placed her hands behind her on the
table's surface. In her weakened state Rita struggled to conquer the
waist high exam table. Frustrated Stephanie pinched Rita's hips and
lifted her the additional four inches onto the salmon colored pad.
Rita instinctively recoiled in fear, but relaxed as Stephanie shifted
her attention towards the cabinets. The parental action of lifting her
combined with the height of the table and the buttery sensation on her
bare heated bottom made her feel childish. Rita pushed down the front
of her skirt. She began to swing her legs but stopped and mentally
rebuked her adult abandonment.
For several minutes Stephanie bustled through the various cabinets
beneath the narrow counter. Finally she emerged with a small bundle
wrapped in a towel.

"Take off your shoes" Stephanie said flatly.

Rita bent her right leg up and onto the table. As she unbuckled her
shoe she noticed a broad grin spread across Stephanie's face.

"My, my, my, that's a pretty close shave down there. You're smooth.
How old are you?" Stephanie prodded.

Rita ignored her, turned slightly and tugged at the hem of her skirt.
She pulled off her second shoe and placed it with the other one near
her. Stephanie then instructed her to dispose of her damp knee socks.
Stephanie refused to touch the wet garments and held a plastic
wastebasket in front of Rita. She then produced a small bottle of
powder and caressed Rita's bare leg. She slowly rubbed the powder onto
each of her calves. The uncharacteristic tenderness and the sweet
familiar smell of the powder caused Rita to slip into sensuality.

"Why don't you lie back so I can get this better? You don't want to
smell." Stephanie eased.

Rita nodded. She pondered Stephanie's orientation as she
apprehensively laid back into the soft cushion. Her clouded mind
imagined that Stephanie was apologizing. Rita closed her eyes.
Stephanie continued to slowly massage the powder into her lower legs.
Twice her hand migrated above her knee which caused Rita to breathe in
Rita suddenly snapped from her dream. Her eyes shot open as she felt
her legs thrust into the air. In one full motion Stephanie had locked
her left arm under Rita's knees and forced her legs upward. Rita's
pleated skirt fell to her waist. She was completely exposed.

"What the hell are doing?" Rita shouted.

"Did you think I was a lesbian?" Stephanie laughed. Her quiet
attentiveness shattered.

"Let me go! Please put my legs down." Rita implored.

"Well not before we're done. Don't want you to get a rash. Oh my gosh
you're so smooth. You might say baby smooth." Stephanie punctuated her
last remark with an over generous amount of powder. The powder
cascaded down covering Rita's upturned wriggling bottom. Stephanie
wrapped her arm completely around Rita's kicking legs.

"Quit it!" Rita cried. Stephanie dropped the bottle of powder and
swatted Rita's small behind sending a white cloud airborne.


"Haven't we been down this road before? Be still or I'm going to use a
hairbrush on your ass!" Stephanie barked.

The pain of Stephanie's hand had previously brought her to tears. She
shuddered at the thought of Stephanie's hairbrush repeatedly
assaulting her bare butt. Rita stopped moving. She hoped her
inactivity would calm her tormentor. Stephanie applied additional
pressure to the back of Rita's knees lifting her tiny bottom higher
into the air and away from the padded table. Rita heard the crinkle of
plastic and sensed material against the small of her back. She felt
her legs fall back onto the table and in one swift movement the
plastic encased her bare smooth privates. Rita lifted her head and
stared at the diaper.

"There, that's much better." Stephanie said sweetly.

Hesitantly Rita reached down and touched the plastic diaper.
"Why...why did you do that?" she choked out.

"Well, when I first met you, you seemed so grown up but I think you
were just pretending. Plus we don't want any more accidents like
before." Stephanie answered casually.

She sat up on the table. "But I don't need a diaper." Rita sniffled.

"Oh, really?" Stephanie gestured to her bra and towel.

"That was just an accident. I'm not wearing this." Rita stated

Rita started to peel back the adhesive tab but felt her hand twisted
painfully away from the diaper. For a brief second Rita locked eyes
with Stephanie but then lowered her head. She feared another
confrontation. Stephanie slightly relaxed her grip and eased Rita off
of the table. A small gasp emitted from Rita as her bare feet
connected with the cold vinyl floor. Cautiously she shifted her gaze
upward again. Sullenly she realized that without her shoes Stephanie's
cleavage was now eye level.

"Can we...can we just go back?" Rita stammered. A single tear rolled
down her left cheek. "I want to go home."

Stephanie beamed. This was the moment she had worked towards. She
had realized a fantasy. She had taken an uptight, snotty woman and
reduced her to a whimpering diapered child. Stephanie was beside
herself with glee. Demanding customers and inconsiderate colleagues
would now be on notice. She was proud. She wished the moment would
last. However, she knew that Joe or Hal would soon return. Anxious to
get dressed Stephanie tossed a worn flimsy pair of frilly ankle socks
at Rita.
The hallway was silent except for the rustle of Rita's diaper. It was
a very noticeable sound and as they moved toward the security office
embarrassment welled up and washed over Rita and she began to cry.

In the surveillance room Joe replaced the parking lot security tape
with a fresh one. He quickly labeled the old one and pushed it into
the machine they used for viewing. He rewound until he saw it; silver
BMW parked at the entrance. He fast forwarded the tape and watched a
young woman in a smart business suit climb into the car and speed
away. He moved back and forth through the moment attempting to
ascertain any identity or relative information. Unfortunately the
position of the camera prevented a clear facial image. He rewound the
tape again and played a few minutes. Then repeated the process again
and again and again. He stopped the tape at various points but was
always greeted by the still image of the BMW. After approximately
fifteen minutes, he stopped and played the tape again. This time there
was no BMW. Excited he fast-forwarded and discovered the moment of
Amazed he watched as Rita stepped out of the silver BMW. He played it
over and over utilizing their limited enhancement features to read
Rita's face. Confused he shifted to the final image of the woman
leaving the parking lot. Several more minutes ticked away as Joe
became convinced that Rita had entered the store but someone else clad
in her clothes or an identical outfit had departed with her vehicle.
Upon close examination there were slight but obvious differences in
the two women. Most notably the woman departing was slightly larger
than Rita and had longer hair. Joe immediately reached for his

Hal disengaged the alarm bar of the solid metal security door and
pushed it open. He was greeted by two large figures of a man and a

"Sorry about this, thanks for coming. I'm Hal, head of security." Hal
imparted casually.

"Thank you. I'm Ms. Murgess. This is Stan." She gestured backwards as
she stepped through the door and into the hallway. Apprehensively, Hal
continued to hold open the door.

"Are you coming in?" Stan remained motionless.

"Stan will wait here." Ms. Murgess interjected. Hal cocked his head to
one side and made a face and hoped Ms. Murgess did not see. He allowed
the heavy door to slam shut. He quickly inserted his key into the bar
and waited for the audible beep that indicated the door was set. Hal
smiled at Ms. Murgess then motioned down the hallway.

To Be Continued...

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I would so love to represent this young woman in her lawsuit. I've always thought it would be fun to own a department store.
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Oh yes I think I can see where this is going. And I hope it does. Please give more soon!
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Interesting... I'm not one for diapers, but I found most of this interesting.

I assume she's being set up - possible by others that she has been rude to?

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The problem with these stories for me is, that in order to even begin to suspend disbelief, we HAVE to believe that the innocent victim will somehow collude with her captors in order for them to escape a jail sentence and the lifelong stigma of being sex offenders.

What was Hal doing spanking a naked (supposedly) underage girl on her bare bottom? Why were the police not called immediately? Stephanie must not have liked her job very much, if she thought she could leave someone naked in a closed mall...then spanking and diapering?? Lesbian or not, she had better learn to like that treatment in her cell...

Now obviously the reform school people, who should know better and should obviously know their charges will cart the innocent woman off? Spank her themselves?

The only way this ends well, if Rita doesn't suddenly decide she likes all this, is if they kill her, and dispose of the body well enough never to be found out! Oh, and they'll have to erase the tape as well...not to mention needing to somehow silence or implicate the girl who stole the clothes and car.

*sigh* Unless of course the game is up, Hal begs forgiveness, and everyone knows it's Steph. who's caused all this...and Rita, forgiving all others, gives Steph. the ultimatum of having "turn about" be fair play...

Oh if only the world worked like that...
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Or it could be some very corrupt people who are being paid to handle things this way... Which is probably why the heiress bit was included...

But yes, it does strange plausibility a bit. More than some of the other stories? Who knows?

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I like to read part 2
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Wow you people take your internet spanking fiction very very seriously. Part two is coming but it may a bit.

The above is actually parts one - three which I combined to make a Part One.

Glad you liked it.

Some of your comments above are very humorous!

Hey at least you are reading.

-Alec Leamus
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This was a classic!!!!
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Great story Alex!! Love to see additional parts. I love stories like this and this is just a ?, but are you the same alex who i have read in the archives as Alexherd. I love the stories he/she wrote as well. Thanks
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Great! Would love to see Rita get it otk from Joe
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